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Author Topic: -Discontinued- Surfside Jam ~ ch. 17. (ft. Sho Sakurai, Arashi and others too!)  (Read 15390 times)
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CHAPTER 9: Opening Night

Taguchi Tiramisu (Junno Style)

5 fresh eggs
5 tablespoons sugar substitute
500 grams marscarpone cheese
1 tablespoon strawberry jam
1 package ladyfingers
2 light shots of rum (must have parental consent if you're a minor)
2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
2 shots orange liqueur
1 cup brewed coffee
Ground Cinnamon and Nutmeg (for a little "zing")
Bayside Cinnamon juice (optional but it gives good balance on the sweetness and the bitterness)

**Junno prefers 100% Arabica beans ground coffee from Colombia for the coffee portion and he also prefers you buy your ingredients in a local Farmer's Market.  If you live in Bayside Shores, stop by his grandmother's herb and spice shop, the Taguchi Herbs and Spices Shop**

Separate the 5 egg whites and yolks into 2 different bowls. Mix the 5 egg yolks and sugar substitute in the yolk bowl until the egg yolks are pale yellow. Then add the marscarpone cheese. Mix well. In a separate bowl, whip 5 egg whites until the texture turns thick (almost like shaving cream). Add whipped egg whites to mascarpone/egg yolk mix. Add the desired amount of Bayside Cinnamon juice in to the batter.  Mix gently but well.

Soak 4 lady fingers in coffee for about 10 seconds then break them in chunks. In a martini glass, put coffee soaked ladyfingers in the bottom then pour third bowl of the mascarpone mixture over. Chill this for about 1 hour. Before serving, using a tea strainer, sprinkle cocoa powder on top evenly.

optional: Top your Tiramisu with fresh fruit.  Junno recommends strawberries or Manadarin orange wedges.

warning: A compliment of Chai Tea in ANY form is recommended required.  Please do not blame on Junno if there's *any* possible "side-effects" after consuming this extraordinarily delicious dessert.  You're the one who made this after all.

KeiFu decided to come inside the spot rather than wasting his time waiting for the Elite B's and the rest of their B-Cube clique to arrive.  As usual, they're late on the first night of summer at Kippy's, just like the first nights they had on the past summers.  He would rather be inside and groove on to The Rays' catchy, beach/surf-bound tunes than wait for those "elites" and eventually get picked on by the likes of Yuya Tegoshi and Keiichirou Koyama.  He leaned against the wall next to the door while Toma gets up on stage, taking a microphone already hooked up to the speaker.

Toma whistled so the crowd can fall in silence as he takes advantage of his opening speech:

"Hey hey, good evening and what's up, Bayside Shores?!"  Toma spoke through the microphone while everyone applauded at Toma's hello.  "Well then, I'm seeing A LOT of familiar faces here as well as NEW ones..." Toma made a hand gesture towards Sharkie's direction, where Sharkie just smiled.  "So, you all excited for yet another brand-new summer here at Kippy's Spot?!"

"YEAH!!" the crowd cheered their response as the applause continued.  Toma lowered his hand down gently to signal everyone to be silent.

"As you know, this particular summer is going to be VERY different from all the summers that we've spent time together every night in our very own young generation of Bayside Shores... why?  Because as you can see..." He rose his arm up, showing off the brand-new renovated two-story interior to everyone, "... Kippy's Spot has ELEVATED to a HIGHER LEVEL!!  Say hello to all your fellow Kippy peepstas hanging out at the upper level tables up there!!"

Everyone who sat at the second level tables waved below their fellow guests, as the ones below did the same.  Toma hushed everyone again so he can continue on.

"After the end of last summer's ugly incident---"

"Boooo..." the crowd reacted as Toma hushed them again.

"--- Kippy had a greater vision on how to make this place better and bigger than ever so that EVERYONE who never had a chance to get  a table can finally HAVE one!!  And guess what, as you can see, we still got empty tables for those who come in late to sit and enjoy the night life here at Kippy's!  PLUS, this open space here between the stage and the dining tables where you all are sitting now?  Welp--- this is the DANCE SPOT for all you dancers out there!!  The more room, the more people can dance, the more people can interact with each other as well as the crew of Kippy's Spot..."

"DANSU DANSU!!" Shorty cheered happily and started shaking her shoulders in a certain beat.

"Shorty... shhh..." Ayu hushed her younger sister and whispered "Save it for later!"

"Fuu..." Shorty pouted and kept silent.

Toma went on with his opening speech: "And as you can see, Kippy's has a BRAND-NEW menu for all of you all--- daymn tasty gourmet dishes with the price of your standard hotdog or burger!  It's all because of our totally talented Kitchen Crew, who finally honed their cookin' skills to prepare all these different dishes for all of you, we're gonna have a different menu every single night--- along with your usual Kippy's Whopperburgers and Chili Dogs, ya know?  AND DON'T FORGET--- STOP BY THE JUICE BAR, for we've got MORE choices of your favorite drinks--- you can see the lovely sisters Fran and Kyoko Yanehiro over there, who also did their own skill-honing by whippin' up the newest, tastiest, and most affordable refreshments that you'll ever need! ..."

Toma went on and on with his speech while KeiFu was already sitting on a stool, looking very relaxed while leaning against the wall next to the entrance.  He felt way too relaxed that he could feel the drowsy cloud filling up his mind.  Though Toma's explosive enthusiasm could really keep everyone else awake, KeiFu himself was so used to Toma's speeches that he even found them rather repetitive, redundant in some ways, and boring.  He found his eyes tempted to close in to a deep sleep while he even struggled his own mind to keep himself awake that something else finally got him to keep his eyes open.

"AAAAAHHH~~!!! KIPPY'S IS SOOO BIG!!!"  The loud shriek of B-Cube Bunny Maki Goto's happy cheer even sent KeiFu down the ground from his seat.

Maki freely dragged her "date" for the night, the incredibly handsome, attractive, and sexy Sho Sakurai, right inside Kippy's.  Behind them are the rest of the Elite B's, which includes the over-enthusiastic leader Nichi, the two attractive "ready for some action" boys, and of course, Maki's own girl crew.  Even the beach couple Maru and Mel also appeared with them.  All stepped inside Kippy's in their suitable casual clothing, with the girls dressed in tight, short skirts and dresses, looking like they were ready to have some fun.  The boys, because this is one blazing summer, wore various casuals that were comfortable for them.  Most of the boys only showed up in sleeveless tank tops, since summer nights at Bayside Shores were still hot with a bit of the night breeze blowing in occasionally.

The whole Elite B's stood at the entrance, wondering what was going on, while KeiFu slowly got himself up from the ground after Maki startled him from his personal battle against drowsiness.  KeiFu glared at the whole clique when Yuya caught the glimpse of the younger Kippy Crew member first.  He then grinned evilly and suddenly embraced the young entrance boy tight.

"FURUYA-KUN.... IT'S BEEN A LOOOONG TIME!!!" Yuya laughed while gripping his arms around the young KeiFu.

"GET THE HELL OFF OF ME, TEGOSHI!" KeiFu shrieked out in disgust and freed himself from the taller boy.

"Heeey.... why you gotta be like that, Furuya-kun?  You know you're my favorite Kippy Crew member, ya know?"

"What the hell do you want?!" KeiFu demanded.  Nichi took over the situation and even told Yuya to leave KeiFu alone (for the time being anyhow).

"Keita Furuya, right?" Nichi said, rubbing his chin gently.  "You're still here as a busboy?"

"Screw you!" KeiFu gave a glare towards the leader, but Nichi ignored his reaction.

"Well, erm... just show us to our usual table."

"There ain't any... place is full."

"What?  You can't be serious!  The center table near the stage is ALWAYS our table..." Nichi complained with a worried look on his face.

"Not anymore," KeiFu grinned evilly, yawning in boredom at the same time.

"Then who's sitting at our table then?!" Jin's voice called out towards KeiFu.

"That ain't my problem," KeiFu went on with his little "tough boy attitude" towards the elite beach clique.  "You wanna find out?  You go to that table then you deal with that problem."

"Gah..." Nichi frowned while the girls scanned around the dining area to look for their usual table.  Right then, Maki gasped in shock to find their usual table.

"Oh no... no... no..." Maki gritted her teeth in disappointment.  "Shooo~ that surf girl bitch and those two noobies HAVE our table!"

Emi struggled through the crowd while dragging Aiba's arm along with her, also saw the spot and gasped in shock.  "Waaaah... that GIRL and her croonies have OUR table..."  She glared right towards KeiFu and demanded "WHY DON'T YOU KICK THOSE GIRLS OUT AND HAVE THEM SIT AT ANOTHER TABLE?!"

"Do I look like a bouncer, woman?!" KeiFu shook his head, again, trying to show his "tough boy" act.  "You wanna whine about that table, you can head out and whine out there!"

The "elite" Bunnies went on with the argument with the young KeiFu while the Bums scanned around the whole place again for a possible perfect spot.  In the meantime, young Kazapon was just putting some folded menus on the empty tables when he spotted Sho looking directly right towards him.  Kazapon looked curious at first as Sho and Keita walked right to him.

"May I help you...?" Kazapon wondered.

"Can you get us a table?" Sho asked politely with a small shy smile.  "That KeiFu boy is arguing with our girls..."

Kazapon turned his head slightly over Sho's broad shoulder and saw poor little KeiFu getting ganged up by the impatient Bunnies.  Soon later, Yuya tried to "turn the mood" around by picking on the young lad once more.  Kazapon frowned and shook his head in embarrassment.  "Well... I'm actually more of a janitor than a---"

Keita interrupted and softly whispered shyly: "Um... excuse me... Sir... but... this is my first time here and I've never been here before... and I was wondering... where is the juice bar...?"

Kazapon gave a curious look at the tall, handsome, slightly bronze-tanned young man and turned around towards the juice bar area.  At that point, Fran was by herself at the moment.  Where was the younger Yanehiro Girl whom Keita had been looking forward to meet again since the end of their school year?

"Yep... there's the one on the left."  Kazapon pointed to Sho another huge circular table not too far away from the stage area and clearly close to where Sharkie and the rest of the more "normal" Bunnies were currently sitting.

"I see it," Sho smiled after spotting the same table that Kazapon was referring to.  "Thanks a lot..."

"No problem," Kazapon replied in courteous return.  "Hope you enjoy your stay!"

"Thank you again..." 

Kazapon went on with what he was doing while Sho whistled softly to Nichi and the rest of the clique.  He used his lips to point towards the empty table right close to the juice bar, the stage area, and just right next to Sharkie's table.

"But that's on the side, Sho!!" Maki continued to whine again.  "I want the center table... why can't we just switch tables with those loser girls???"

"We're going to sit at that empty table whether you chicks like it or not!"  Nichi made the comment, which made the whiny Bunnies fall silent.  "Come on, we're missing all the intro... come on!"  The rest of the clique followed Nichi, Sho, and Keita towards the empty table where Kazapon pointed at.  In the meantime, KeiFu continued to give a hostile stare towards practically the whole "elite" beach clique.  He even swore to himself that he'll get back at Yuya one day and that he will have the last laugh.

The whole clique snuck through the crowd on the side, concentrating more on getting towards that table rather than being noticed by everyone else that they arrived late, the Bums got to the chairs first.  The Bunnies were about to reach the table but noticed that the table wasn't enough for the whole "elite" clique.  Maru stood up from his seat, offering his to his girlfriend, but Melanie just shook her head.  "There's another table all the way to the right side, next to Sharkie's and the gals' table."

"You don't wanna sit here...?" Maru whispered, trying to lower his voice as to not disturb Toma's opening speech.

"It's okay.... thank you for giving it up for me..." Melanie gave him a small kiss.  In the meantime, the other girls were about to whine against the guys but Nichi warned them about disturbing Toma the MC's enthusiastic words.  The girls eventually gave in to them and decided to sit at the other empty table.  Melanie followed the girls from behind, only to have a last-minute decision to sit at Sharkie's table, where her close friend, the young "surf caller" Aya Ueto, was sitting with.  She sat next to Ami, while Keiko winked at Melanie as her way of saying hello.

Toma is nearing to conclude his opening speech.  This particular speech sure took a long while; so long that even certain band members were beginning to be impatient, waiting for Toma to leave the stage so they can perform.  The drummer Shinya leaned against the wall impatiently while waiting for Toma to finish.

We should've had KeiFu be the MC for tonight... Shinya took a glimpse on Nino and gave him his not-too-good signal.

Nino saw Shinya signaling to him and gave him a simple signal: Toma is the more experienced one...

He's the cheesy one!  At least with KeiFu, he don't say much... he could just stand there, make a fool of himself till he realizes that he ain't doin' a good job, then he can leave the stage so we can play, you know?  Nino just laughed silently as his reaction.

The audience applauded after Toma said a few inspirational words (or rather the fact that Toma had just said that he's almost finished).  "And before I let you all go, I have a poem to share with you..."

"What the hey?!" KeiFu said to himself, looking completely bored at the moment all the way next to the entrance  "Poem?!  Hurry it up, Toma, we ain't got all night!"

Toma cleared his throat as he recited his poem:

"I call this.... 'My Ode to da Man'..."  He gave an adoring grin, which made everyone else return his smile, despite that many were getting impatient.

K is for Kippy... the man we all love a lot!
I.... I know so... I never forgot!
P.... is for people... you sweet, fun-loving people who makes this place so damn hot!
P.... it's our power--- our power to be free and do whatever we want--- the power of freedom is what we got!
And Y.... Y...? Well......... why not?

"And now, we put them all together... and what do we got...?  KIPPY... he's da man.... he's my man!  Peace!"

Everyone applauded at Toma's "KIPPY" poem, as Toma changes the subject and in to the introductions.  "NOW, EVERYONE LOOK BACK UP HERE... WE GOT NO TIME TO WASTE, AND SO HERE, THEY ARE--- KIPPY'S SUPER-HOT SURF BAND--- LET'S ALL GIVE IT UP TO--- THE RAYS!!"

"YEAAAAAH---- WOOO~~~!!!"  There were loud cheers, loud claps, and even some rapid foot-tapping sounds being made as Toma steps away to the side, giving the band the thumbs up, saying his best wishes to them.

Satoshi, the leader of the group, not only is a vocal, but he also plays both the piano and the sax, depending on what type of song that the band would play.  This time, he had the neckband around him, with the hook attached to the holed key located somewhere in his sax.  He came up on the mic and made a countdown:


Shinya beat his drums at a very fast-paced, adrenaline-rushing beat for the first sixteen beats, followed by Ryuichi, strumming his bass guitar to match the rushing beat of Shinya's drums.  Then finally, both Satoshi and his sax and Nino's lead guitar take over the main notes of the melody. 

Shorty quickly caught the beat and couldn't help herself but to just get up and do her thing on the dance floor.  She jumped up from her seat (with Ayu and the rest of her buddies just grooved along with the fast-paced beat) and skipped her way towards the dance floor.  Somehow her unique "dansu-dansuing" attracted everyone that many followed her towards the dance floor to dance as well.  She twisted, shook her body from all sides, and somehow her flawless yet rapid movement really attracted a lot who had been watching her.

Maki and her batch across from where their dream boys of the beach were sitting (and the more "conservative" Bunnies being on the way) got up and walked right towards the other table, passing by and ignoring Sharkie and her new batch of friends.  Also to a surprise, they also ignored young Aya Ueto as well.  They made their way to the Bums' table, while Ami, Keiko, and Aya looked over.  Sharkie, on the other hand, was not even paying attention.  She was too immersed in to the very heavy-sounding tune of The Rays' music, slightly swaying along with the beat.

"No......." Keiko sighed sadly when she spotted Maki making her usual flirtation moves towards top surfer dawg Sho Sakurai on the other table.  "Why does SHE have to have Sho's attention?  I wish Sho would even just turn away from her and those girls and look at our table instead..."

Aya turned her head and saw the scene.  Then quickly she turned back to Keiko and asked "Do you like Sho, Keiko?"

Keiko remained silent, lowered her head, and gave a very red blush on her cheeks.  Ami slightly turned to Keiko, then replied for her: "She's had a crush on him since she first laid her eyes on him... way before she and I even got in to this clique..."

Aya chuckled softly and said "I figured."

"You knew?"

"Well, as far as I know that a lot of girls like him a lot... sometimes back in school, they would often come to me and ask me for some information about him.  To be honest, I don't really like observing Sho's every single move... I mean..." Aya lowered her voice and kept silent.

"Keiko, no way Sho is going to look at you.. no offense, of course... I mean... don't you think he's a little too old for you?"

Keiko pouted sadly and said "He was so nice to me..... I've liked him ever since elementary school... he was my tutor when he used to come to our school every afternoon, just to tutor little kids like me..."

Aya chuckled and said "Unfortunately, Sho has grown up now... and he's in to this beach life and stuff... the sweet Sho from the past had vanished..."

Keiko then noticed Sharkie, who was not even paying attention to their conversation, decided to have her included in the circle: "What do you think of Sho Sakurai, Sharkie?"

Sharkie did not respond right away.  She was too busy enjoying the performance of the boys at Kippy's Spot too much.  Keiko snapped her fingers in front of her to get Sharkie out of her trance.  Sharkie did not startle too much but she did get herself out of the musical mood.


"Sharkie... I know you're not much of a boy-crazy girl but... um..."

"I heard your question, Keiko," Sharkie said.  "You want to know what I think about that Sho dude?"

Ami nudged Sharkie slowly and whispered the whole reason why Keiko would complain and wonder about such a thing.  Sharkie nodded.  "You're better off with some other nice boy, Keiko."

Keiko sighed sadly and lowered her eyes.  "But he's nice... well.. he's really cute too...."

"Nice?"  Sharkie snorted, rolling her eyes at the same time.  "I don't call a dude who goes around flirtin' and sleepin' along with girls 'nice'... seriously, I'm not being rude, but I care about you, Keiko... you're still young and enjoy the youth.  He ain't bad lookin' and all, but his personality---" Before she could go on she immediately realized that Sho's adopted younger sister Aya was also sitting on the same table as them.  She halted herself before she could end up insulting someone.  "Ah... no offense, Aya, I know he's your..."

Aya just closed her eyes, gave a small smile, and just shook her head.  "None taken."  She opened her eyes and just sighed.  "I miss the old Sho too..."

"Old Sho...?" Sharkie wondered in curiousity.  "What do you mean...?"

"Before he got in to the beach clique..."

"I don't understand..."

"He was Nino's best friend..." Aya revealed a fact about her adoptive older brother.  "They were 'beach house' neighbors--- in case you didn't know, Nino's grandmother's house is right next door to Sho's family beach house!"

"Wow--- lucky Nino!" Keiko sighed.

Aya continued.  "Even if he was a year older than Nino, Nino actually taught him a lot of stuff... want to know why Sho is so good with surfing...?"

Sharkie remained silent and gazed right up at Nino, who was more concentrated towards his guitar playing than anything else.  Though she learned from Ryohei that Nino never speaks a word, she knew that there was a lot of mysterious things regarding this semi-mute young man.  If Top Surfer Sho Sakurai was best friends with the shy and silent Nino, then why was Sho in the B-Cube in the first place?

Something was not right.

Sharkie gazed towards the other table, and even if they were already in the middle of the song, what she and the other girls saw on the other table was not what they were expecting.  Keiko expected Maki and Sho would be out at the floor.  Instead, Sho remained on his seat, along with the "fresh-faced" surfer Keita, as well as Aiba and Matsujun, just chatting along together.  The girls also noticed Keita and Sho looking at the opposite direction.  They were not watching the dancers on the dance floor or even watch The Rays perform.  Instead...

"There she is..." Keita murmured softly.  His eyes had been directly towards the juice bar, where Fran was alone on the stands and no Kyoko present.  After fifteen minutes of waiting, Kyoko came out from the back door with a huge container of peeled mandarin oranges and placed it in a low icebox not visible from outside the counter.  "She's beautiful, isn't she?"

Sho leaned closer to take a look at the younger Yanehiro girl.  "Just as expected."


"She looks a bit more casual that her other sisters, but she has the Yanehiro look..."

"You know the other two sisters?"

"Of course."

"Then... why don't you introduce me to them...?"

"Why don't you go up to the juice bar and say hi to her?"

Keita blushed and gulped nervously.  He turned to Sho, looking a little nervous, and said "Sho, you get to approach girls more easily than anyone else I know of..."

"But you said that you and Kyoko know each other from school, right?"

"Sho... erm... yes, but... well..."  Keita lowered his head to hide his blushing.

"Keita, look up.  Be a man--- go up there and say hello!"

Keita slowly looked up from his blushing to meet Kyoko's eyes once more, only to find his viewing spot immediately blocked--- by another being on the second chair.  His eyes widened in shock while one of his fists was nearing to be clenched.  Blast you, Toma Ikuta... why don't you switch seats?  Now I can't see Kyoko from here now... Go move somewhere else!!

In the meantime, Toma gently tapped on Yuna's shoulder.  Yuna turned her head and almost jumped out from her seat to see the announcer boy sitting right next to her. 

"Hello!" Yuna greeted Toma in return.

"I've never seen you around here before.... are you new...?"

"Today is my first day here..."

"Here in Bayside Shores?"

"No, here in Kippy's..."

"Ohhh!" Toma chuckled softly.  He then caught a glimpse of Kyoko cleaning up the utensils that Fran used to make her beverages to the customers sitting on the counter.  He slammed the bar with the palm of his hand to get Kyoko's attention.  "YO, KYOKO!!"

Kyoko looked up and said "--- the hell do you want?!"

"Make us some Pina Colada, will ya?  One for me and one for---"  He pointed his thumb towards Yuna, trying to figure out what her name was.

"Her name is YUNA, stupid," Kyoko shook her head.  "She's new here... she's the new member of The Rays as a singer..."

Toma's eyes widened with surprise and glanced back at Yuna: "Wow!  So YOU'RE her!  Wow... I mean before you came, Satoshi and the rest of the band boys over there told me about you, but I never knew that the girl singer of The Rays would turn out to be..." He trailed off, observing the white long-dressed singer girl from bottom to the top.  "You are one stunning young lady, Yuna..."

Yuna chuckled softly at his reaction.  "I'm very flattered!"

"You should be," Kyoko grinned while taking her time to make two tall glasses of Pina Colada juices (non-alcoholic, of course) for both Toma and Yuna.  "Toma's a nice dude... everyone loves him... of course, he can be stupid at times---"

"HEY, BE NICE, KYOKO!" Toma interrupted.  Yuna continued giggling while Kyoko just stuck her tongue at him.

"This is KIPPY'S SPOT and I can be FREE to say whatever I want!" Kyoko went along with the small "playful" argument.  "At this point I don't recommend you drinkin' Pina Colada... you should drink Tamarind Juice---"


"Oh yes I can and I WILL make one... besides, what's wrong with Tamarind Juice?  I think it tastes---" Kyoko was about to reach out for a small bunch of Tamarind pods on a nearby basket when she caught a glimpse of Keita, trying to find an open space so he could continue watching the girl he was pining for since he first moved in to Bayside Shores.

She blushed in shock right away... and slowly started to back away from her spot and then used Fran as a shield to protect her from being gazed at by the boy she started to have secret crushes on since he and her were partnered up to be science lab partners back in school.

"Kyoko, why are you hiding behind my back?" Fran wondered while pouring her blended smoothie on a tall glass.

"Fran-neechan... he's here... Keita's here--- he's right there at the table behind Toma and Yuna!!"

"What?!" Fran gasped while Kyoko hushed.  "Well what's wrong, Kyoko...?"

"It's just that.. erm..." she continued to blush some more and looked down on herself.  "I'm not... properly dressed..."

"You work at a juice bar, not as a waitress, silly Kyoko!"

"Yeah... but it's KEITA TACHIBANA that we're talking about here... please, Fran.. uhh... stall or something, just in case he comes by---"

Too late, Fran thought.  She found Keita and Sho chatting on that particular table and now Keita stood up from his seat, with his eyes looking directly towards the juice bar.  Sho patted him on the shoulder and gave him an encouraging smile.  This looked like Sho may have said something to Keita that had the younger surfer boy feel more confident in approaching his old lab partner from science class last year.

"He's coming here, Kyoko..." Fran whispered.

"Fran-neechan... what am I gonna do...?" Kyoko continued to cry in nerviness.

"Be yourself, Kyoko..."

Keita sat at the empty seat right next to Toma after one customer finally stood up from that particular seat.  He then gazed right towards Fran (with Kyoko clinging behind her) and gave a small hand signal to her.

"How may I help you...?"  Fran asked, giving her best customer service skills as possible.

"Mmmm.... is Kyoko Yanehiro around, by any chance....?" Keita asked politely.

Kyoko heard his sweet boyish voice.  Right then, she slowly reveals herself from behind Fran and gave a little peek.  At that moment, Kyoko's and Keita's eyes finally met again after saying goodbye during their last day of school.

"Hello... Keita..." Kyoko murmured her hello to him.

"It's been awhile, Kyoko Yanehiro," Keita responded to Kyoko's respond.

Kyoko knew that this was going to be a long night.  It looked like there was no way Keita was going to stand up from the seat that he just took.  He didn't care much for the juice, whether they tasted good or tasted bad.  As long as there was Kyoko behind the counter, he was completely satisfied.

And now, Kyoko was stuck.  Fran just left her position to move to the other side where Toma and Yuna were just chatting.  Kyoko stood alone at the spot she was standing while she was hiding behind Fran's back.  And then, there was Keita's sparkling dark eyes, looking directly towards her...

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FLASHBACK STORY 2: Nino and The Beach Babe

BAYSIDE SHORES BEACH: Kippy's Spot Territory
(10 years ago...)

Twelve-year-old Kazunari "Nino" Ninomiya dashed along with his schoolbag and his school uniform towards the entrance to Kippy's Spot, where he met one of his childhood buddies, fifteen-year-old Satoshi Yanehiro.  He found Satoshi sitting at the juice bar counter, talking to one of the juice bartenders there, when Nino waved his hand to get his attention.

"Yo, Nino!  You made it!" Satoshi cheered happily.  Nino gave him a thumbs up.  "Heey, how was Student Council?  Sorry I couldn't make it..."

"It was cool!" Nino chuckled happily.  Among the younger kids at this period, Nino was especially the most expressive, despite of his shy, humble look.  "They got student council nominations already for next year!"

Satoshi jumped off from his high seat at the juice bar and said "So?  Why are you so excited about?  Who got nominated?"

"I GOT NOMINATED!!" Nino cheered happily.  "Oh boy oh boy, I ALWAYS wanted to be in the student council!  I have too many issues to bring up!"

"You always have the best ideas, Nino," Satoshi chuckled.  "So, what position?"

Nino grinned evilly and said "Student Council President..."

"WHOA!!!" Satoshi gasped in shock.  "Man, when I was back in middle school, I only landed as vice-president, you know?"

"Who cares, Satoshi, at least you got to be in the council..."

Satoshi decided to have a small picnic at the beach, now that Nino was here. He asked the kitchen crew at Kippy's Spot to make some sandwiches for him, Nino, and just in case, some of their beach-loving friends in case they see them there.  He even brought out a huge duffel bag (Satoshi thought that bringing a picnic basket is rather "sissy") to put in all what they needed for the picnic.  After the preparations were done, they were ready.

The two boys ran out from Kippy's Spot and crossed the road and dashed right down the beach area, where they saw the usual beach crowd doing their own thing from surfing to frisbee-throwing to wading to playing beach volleyball.  Satoshi and Nino stood still at one spot, soaking in the warmth of the golden afternoon sun shining down on them, stretching their arms as they felt the cool ocean breeze blowing through their hair.  They took a deep breath as if it was their daily ritual, and sighed in relaxation.  The two turned to each other and just laughed.

"The waves are still too low..." Satoshi murmured while staring out at the ocean.  "Not strong enough for surfing... no breakers."

"Yep," Nino nodded.  "So, what do you wanna do?"

"You have any assignments with you for today, Nino?"

"Nah... did them all at school today... no tutoring... so I'm cool!"

"Tight!"  The two boys gave each other hi-fives.

"Well... let's go back to Kippy's... maybe later in the late afternoon, the tides will go up."

"Hey, let's call the other guys!" Nino nudged Satoshi on the side.

"Good idea!"  The two were about to climb back up to the road when familiar voices called loudly from behind that made them halt.


The two boys turned slowly and then, they found three other boys wearing beach trunks, waving and jumping right at them.  Nino stood still and placed the side of his hand on his forehead to have a clearer vision.  He then turned to Satoshi, who was returning the wave at them.

"It's Sho, Aiba-chan, and Matsujun!" Satoshi grinned.

"AWRIGHT!!" Nino shouted.  The two boys ran down and gave their three beach-lovin' boys their usual hi-fives.  "Why you all in trunks now?  Tide's low!"

Thirteen-year-old (and diminutive) Sho Sakurai looked up to the slightly taller Nino and said "We've been waiting for you, you know?"

"Yeah!!  Surf lessons, yo!!!" Twelve-year-old Masaki "Aiba-chan" gave a thumbs-up to both Nino and Satoshi.  "Why aren't you guys prepared?"

"No breakers," Satoshi said.  "We can't surf."

Twelve-year-old (and also diminutive, but still a bit taller than young Sho) Jun "Matsujun" Matsumoto turned to the ocean and pouted.  "Yeah... the ocean looks kinda dead... darnit..."

"Later this afternoon," Satoshi said.  "We'll grab the surfboards at my uncle's place and we'll have another surfing lesson..."

The five boys searched the perfect spot for a small picnic.  Satoshi was prepared, knowing that eventually their other three buddies would be at the beach.  He took out a huge beach blanket and some "gourmet" sandwiches that the kitchen crew of Kippy's Spot quickly made for him and his friends from his huge duffel bag.  He even brought a small boombox so they can listen to some songs while they have their picnic.

"Man, Satoshi, you sure are prepared!" Aiba chuckled while nibbling on his ham sandwich.  "Mmm... this is good!"

Sho opened the aluminum foil that sealed the heat of his chili dog.  He glanced up at Nino and said "Hey, I heard you got nominated in school, Nino!"

"Yup!" Nino grinned with pride.  "If I win this election, I am gonna RULE the school!!"

Aiba and Matsujun suddenly bowed down towards Nino, chanting "We're not worthy of Future President Ninomiya..."  Satoshi and Sho just laughed.

"Congratulations, Nino," Sho went on, giving him a proud smile towards his friend.  "I wish I'd still be in the same school while you're president, Nino.... I think you'd be a good council president.  The whole school will look up to you..."

Nino just laughed and said "Well that is, if I win the election, you know?"

"Yeah I know," Sho nodded.  "But you know... this is my last year in Bayside Shores Middle School... I'm moving on to Bayside Shores Junior High next year!"

Satoshi gasped happily when he heard this piece of news.  "REALLY?!  THAT'S TOO COOL, SHO.... I thought you're gonna attend the snob junior high though?  I heard that your parents were planning to enroll you there..."

"That'll majorly suck if you start attending Skyline Academy next year, Sho..." Nino made a statement, sighing.  "When we heard you say that we all got freaked out..."

"Yeah..." Satoshi sighed sadly.  "We'll never see the so-cool but short Sho Sakurai in our group ever again 'cuz you're gonna end up like one of those snobs from that school..."

"Totally..." Nino nodded in agreement.

Sho lied down on the beach blanket in relaxed mode while nibbling on his chili dog.  "You know I won't be like those Skyline snobs if I did go there... you guys are still gonna be my boys, ya know?"

The other four nodded and just smiled.  Sho changed the subject and started another topic: "Oooh yeah... hey Satoshi, Nino, I know you guys are gonna think that we're becoming losers or something but... um...."

"We've been coming to this beach everyday now after school!" Aiba chuckled happily.

"I noticed," Nino wondered at the fact.  "And it's not even summer..."

"There is this REALLY hot chick... I think she's the same age as you, Satoshi!" Matsujun replied happily.

Satoshi's eyes widened in shock to hear this while Nino remained quiet, giving a shy smile.  "Same age as me...?"

"Yeah... REALLY curvaceous cutie... cute voice... long raven hair... exotic-colored skin....kinda like Nino's..." Aiba grinned happily.

"Eh?"  Nino stared at himself and his darkish skin color, then just shrugged.

"We met her before," Sho blushed slightly.  "She's really sweet... kinda flirtish though..."

Nino suddenly gave a shocking look and glanced right towards Satoshi.  Satoshi said to Sho: "She must know how beautiful she is, so she uses her look to get boys' attention... but I dunno... I've never seen or met her before..."

Nino just shrugged.  Sho was about to talk some more about this mysterious girl when from out of nowhere, a beach ball suddenly flew towards their direction and landed right on Nino's left cheek, forcing him to fall over his seat.

"Ah, Nino, you okay?!"  The four boys suddenly gasped in shock as Nino shook his head and slowly got up.  He glanced at the beach ball and picked it up.  Again, he just stared at it, as he was very familiar with the beach ball.

"Kazu-chan!!!  Heeey~!!!!"  Nino suddenly heard a cute, attractive female voice calling out to him.  He and the boys looked to their left and then saw a young petite girl in bathing suit, dashing towards the group.

Sho, Aiba, and Jun slightly rose from their spot with smiles.  They definitely recognized this girl who was running right towards them.  Satoshi took a closer look a bit and got nervous.  Nino gazed at the girl and suddenly turned his face away.

"Ah... there's the beach beauty..." Sho murmured romantically.  "So sweet.. so petite... so...."

"Man, what a babe..." Aiba and Matsujun murmured as they were about to drool at the same time.

Satoshi blinked in shock and then tapped Nino on the shoulder.  "Hey Nino... isn't that your sister?!"

Sho, Aiba, and Matsujun were immediately startled when Satoshi heard him that.  Nino slowly looked up from his face hiding and nodded slowly.  "I DIDN'T KNOW YOU HAD A SISTER, NINO!!!" Matsujun exclaimed. "Whoa, you didn't tell us!!!"

"That babe... is your SISTER, Nino?!" Aiba blinked in shock.

The girl finally reached their spot and blushed when she noticed Sho, Aiba, and Nino gazing at her.  "Hey guys... I didn't know you're here too!"

"Mina-chan..." Sho murmured her name in a cute romantic tone.  "We've been looking all over for you... can't wait to play beach volleyball with you again..."

"WHAT?!" Satoshi gasped in shock.  "YOU GUYS BEEN PLAYING VOLLEYBALL... WITH HER?!"  He then nudged Nino and said "Did you know about this??"

Nino just shook his head and gave the beautiful beach belle, fifteen-year-old Mina Ninomiya, a confused stare.  "Kazu-chan, you know Sho-chan, Masaki-chan, and Jun-chan...?"

"They're my classmates from school..." Nino responded in a slightly furious tone.  He couldn't believe his own eyes that his own sister actually befriended his schoolmates without him (or Satoshi for the matter) knowing.

Sho got up and said "Yeah... we're Nino's-- I mean--- Kazunari's buddies from school..."

Mina suddenly invited herself at the picnic spot and giggled.  She said to Sho "I didn't know you guys go to the same school as my little brother Kazu-chan!  He hardly talks to me about his friends..."

Nino interrupted and said "You never tell me about your friends either, Mina..."

"Well, now that I've met your buddies from school... I think we should all be friends!"  Slowly she scooted herself closer to the short young boy Sho, who was too distracted by her exotic beauty.  "Sho-chan, how are you...?"

"You look nothing like Nino, Mina-chan..." Sho murmured his friend's sister's name softly on to her ear, which evidently bothered Nino.

Nino got up with a slight fury on his face and suddenly took Mina's forearm gently.  "Can I talk to you alone... please?"

"Aaah... what, Kazu-chan?  What is it now...?"

Matsujun complained when he saw Nino's reaction.  "Aw come on, Nino, don't you want your sister to hang out with us now?"

"Butt out, Matsujun, this is family talk!" Nino gave a huge glare towards Matsujun as he lead Mina away from the spot.

"Talk to you later, Sho-chan... Aiba-chan... Jun-chan!" Mina nervously gave a smile to them and waved.  The two Ninomiya Siblings went to a much emptier spot so the two siblings could talk alone.

"What is it, Kazu-chan?" Mina asked with a small smile on her face.

Nino just shook his head and turned away.  "Stop it already, Mina..."

"Kazu-chan, it's 'Neechan... don't forget the honorific title, mind you!"


This really surprised Mina when Nino gave her his reaction.  Knowing and being close to him, she always knew that Nino was the helpless one who was always dependent on her.  She had been Nino's guardian, mother, and father all at once ever since they were orphaned.  They both had to move in with their grandparents and since their grandparents were not too fit enough to take care of the two of them, she had become the one who did all the household chores and anything else needed in the house.  Nino was always submissive and was always dependent to her.  He hardly ever shouted, argued, and especially never rebelled against her.

At age twelve, it seems that Nino had hit the independent stage early.  It was a huge shock to her.  "Kazu-chan... watch your tone!"


"Kazu-chan, what's wrong with you?!  I thought that you were always excited to meet other boys, you know?  I mean, you don't have that much friends yourself either---"


"Now YOU listen here, Kazunari, and you'd better listen good---"


"What?!" Mina shrieked, almost a whine.  "What's wrong with ME making friends with YOUR friends?"

"Look, I don't mind you being friends with them, but I can tell by the way you looked at them... YOU'RE FLIRTING WITH THEM... NOW THEY CAN'T EVEN STOP TALKING ABOUT YOU AND IT'S MAKING ME SICK!!!"



Nino expressed out all his feelings towards his older sister as much as he can.  He felt so hurt and angry all at once that he just ran away from Mina.  Mina ran after him and called out "KAZU-CHAN!!!  WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!  COME BACK HERE!!!!"

He ran away as fast as he could until he found a good spot to hide.  After he lost Mina out of sight, he found himself shedding tears while slowly sliding himself down to the ground.  He covered himself, trying not tho show his tears of frustration to anyone else in case some may pass by.  At the same time he also could not believe that he actually said those things against Mina.  Deep inside he always loved her.  She played three roles to him--- a mother, a father, and a guardian.  He didn't mind her having a boyfriend someday, but he was truly upset to learn that she had been flirting around and bringing certain boys in the house, whether if he and his grandparents were there or not.  He didn't know what exactly Mina was doing with whoever boy she brought in and he didn't want to know either.  But he knew deep within that it wasn't very pleasing to his own innocent ears.

This particular day was the first time that Nino finally spoke out his own words from his own mind and from his own heart.  His sister happened to be the first whom he rebelled against.  He had an ugly feeling too that his sister was not going to stop her constant flirting with boys in general, particularly three of his best friends Sho, Aiba, and Matsujun.

He remained at his spot, crying, until Satoshi, Sho, Aiba, and Matsujun finally found his weeping spot...[/i]
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Eri!!!! i read all the chapters from IRO.  lol

it took me 24 hours. i was up til 5 am but i had to sleep, woke up at 12, since i had nothing to do, read again until 12 at night. hahahahhahaha! it was sooooooooo addicting. you have to finish that girl!

i'll re-read everything here again. but the original one it was still good. it was very long though. hahahahha. but i'm not complaining. thanks again.
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Thanks so much Eria~! ^^; I feel kinda underrated here LOL  lol

Well, w/ the 'rough draft' I noticed how I'm kinda drifting away from the original plot and kept changing plots which is why I'm editing the whole thing now so it would flow altogether. ^^
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CHAPTER 10: And the Party Begins

"You Say It, We Make It!"


smoothies menu
Strawberry Banana Smoothie
Lemon Tart Smoothie
Creme de Menthe Smoothie
Berry Blast Smoothie
Mocha Smoothie
Peppermint Mocha Smoothie
Citrus Lovers' Smoothie
Virgin Pina Colada Smoothie
Papaya Peach Smoothie
Apple Cinnamon Smoothie
Kippy's Night Special (served every Fridays)

juice menu
(customize your own juice with any fruit(s) you desire!  please ask your juice bartender for more details)
Freshly-squeezed Orange Juice
Golden Delicious Apple juice
Tropical Blend
Berry Blend
Tomato Juice
Vegetable Juice
Wheatgrass Juice (please inquire)

boba-cha tapioca iced teas & juices
(coming VERY soon!)

espresso menu
(add your favorite flavored syrup with your espresso drink!)
Fresh-brewed Coffee (type of coffee blends vary - always available in decaf)
Caffe Latte
Caffe Mocha
White Mocha
Espresso Shots
Caffe Macchiato
Hot Chocolate
Chai Tea Latte

Fresh Milk (whole milk, skim milk, homogenized, lowfat, nonfat)
Dry Milk
Soybean Milk
Tea (types of tea vary - iced tea available)
soda can (Coke, Pepsi, 7-Up, Sprite, Dr Pepper)
soda bottle (Coke, Pepsi, 7-Up, Sprite, Dr Pepper)
Sour Yogurt Drink
Bayside Springs Natural Spring Water

Customize your own drink if you can't find what you want in the menu.  Please ask your bartender for your special customized drink.  All drinks and refreshments free with dinner ordered at Kippy's.  Also free refills.

"Mm... lessee..."  Keita glanced at the menu board hanging against the wall right behind Kyoko.  While Keita takes his time ordering his drink, Kyoko stood still and just could not help herself but to gaze at Keita's angelic face and his sparking brown eyes.  She would look up whenever Keita makes a slight movement on his position, just so he would not notice that while he was gazing at the menu, the bar girl behind the counter was gazing at him at the same time.

"I'm sorry I'm taking so much time..." Keita spoke his voice with a slight concerned tone.

"No no... take your time!" Kyoko responded with a shy grin, standing still why gazing right at the gorgeous young man choosing through their menu.

"Ahh... all of them sound so good..."

"Fran is better making all those smoothies and juice... I'm still in a way on training..."

Keita gazed at the suddenly shy Kyoko's face.  He gave a small smile to her and said "I don't want your sister to make the drink for me... I want you to make it..."

Kyoko blushed and chuckled out: "I'm not that really good..."

"I don't care..."

She gulped nervously and light sweat started to trickle down the side of her forehead.  "Erm... okay... just tell me if it's really bad and I'll make you another one..."

Keita chuckled.  "It doesn't matter... as long as you're the one serving me..."

"Oooh.... I'll be glad to be of service!"

Keita laughed along with her and continued on with his menu scanning.  "Aaah.... what do you recommend, Kyoko?"


"You know... what do you think would be a perfect drink for me...?"

"Perfect drink...?"  Kyoko felt her feet completely stuck on the floor as if they were just frozen by the icy cold winds.

"What's your favorite drink?"

"My favorite drink...?"


Kyoko became startled again and almost lost her balance right then.  She chuckled a bit and said "Sorry, Keita!  Um... okay..."

Keita waited patiently while gazing at Kyoko, thinking to herself for any type of recommendation so she can finally server this tall, puppy-eyed cutie a perfect beverage to go with his dinner order.  "You're so cute when you look like there's nothing in your mind..."

"Uhhhh~?!"  Kyoko felt herself completely frozen rather than just her legs standing frozen.  Did he just say "she's cute...?"  "B-B-Berry Blast.... Smoothie..."

"Alright then," Keita gave her a grin.  Kyoko dashed immediately to get whatever she needed to make him a nice, tall glass of Berry Blast Smoothie.

Meanwhile, the song ended.  Everyone all around Kippy's applauded and cheered for such a very intense instrumental gig that The Rays had just performed.  Ryuichi took the mic and spoke for the band:

"Yo, welcome to Kippy's Spot--- that was called 'Surfside Jam'--- our jammin' drummer Shinya wrote that song, so let's give Shinya a hand!"  Ryuichi presented Shinya the drummer to everyone, with a huge applause for him.

Shinya stood up, bowed, and waved to the audience, then sat back down on his drummer's seat.  "Okay, okay... now we've got our instrumental, we got vocals on this next gig now... so all you gals, grab a dude, and get on the dance floor!!"

Satoshi made another countdown as all of them began yet another beach-type surf song.  More and more people who remained in their seats earlier stood up and grabbed their desired guy or girl to get up to the dance floor and just dance.  Melanie stood up and obviously took boyfriend Maru's hand.  Maki, once again, attempted to get Sho to dance with her, but despite of Sho's refusal, she dragged him down the floor anyway.

Meanwhile, Kyoko was happily making Keita his Berry Blast Smoothie when Ayaya, from out of nowhere, got up to the juice bar and flirtingly took Keita's hand.  "Let's dance, Keita!"

"Uh, actually, um..." Keita was pointing towards Kyoko and the juice bar, explaining to Ayaya that he was waiting for his Berry Blast Smoothie.

"Who cares, it's not done yet... come on!"  Ayaya did not even dared listen to Keita's words and just dragged him out of his seat to dance with her.

Kyoko stopped shaking her smoothie shaker and called out "HEY!!!!  YOU CAN'T JUST DRAG---- GAH!!!!"  She backed away from the counter and suddenly continued to shake her smoothie shaker violently and rapidly while glaring towards Ayaya, who just took her "future man" away from her.

While on the dance floor, Sho tried to back away once more but Maki's grip was too tight for him that he was forced to stay on the dance floor to dance with her.  "Maki, I don't think I want to---"

"Oh come on, you're the best dancer throughout the whole clique..."

Sho frowned at the comment and reluctantly danced with her.  Meanwhile, both Aiba, Matsujun, and Keita were also dragged along by (respectively) Emi, another Bunny girl named Miho, and Ayaya, also taking "no" for an answer.

"Aiba-chan, Matsujun--- Keita?  You guys too?"

"I'm too lazy to dance..." Aiba pouted.

"Don't be such a baby, Aiba-chan!" Emi giggled.

"I was enjoying my Hasegawa Mini-Eggrolls..." Matsujun pouted sadly.  "I'm hungry, you know!"

"Dance more--- eat less!" Miho giggled, sticking her tongue out at him.

"And what's your excuse, Keita?!" Ayaya immediately spoke before Keita was about to say his own excuse as to why he didn't want to dance (or rather, didn't want to dance WITH HER...).

"I... uhh... uhmm...." Keita gulped nervously, trying to look for a really good excuse so he may return to the juice bar and back to his Berry Blast Smoothie made by his "secret" love Kyoko.  Ayaya then started dancing around him and also did the other girls.  The boys had no choice but to go ahead and dance with them.

Meanwhile back at the juice bar, Kyoko didn't seem to be paying attention to her shaker, for at the moment, she had a very jealous rage on her face.  Fran was finished serving Toma and Yuna on the front corner and noticed her younger sister glaring towards the dance floor.  "Hm?  Where's Keita?"

"That little.... bitch..." Kyoko suddenly murmured.

"Um... Kyoko...?" Fran nudged her gently on the side and pointed to the shaker.  "I think you've been shaking that thing too long."

"OH!" Kyoko shrieked in surprise and suddenly stopped.  "Oh no... the smoothie would be too watery now..."  She dashed towards the sink area and started preparing Keita's Berry Blast Smoothie, despite that Keita was out there dancing with a Beach Bunny known as Ayaya.

Fran just shook her head and chuckled.  "Don't worry, Kyoko, it's only a dance... wait till the songs get slower... and a bit more romantic..."

Kyoko's face suddenly changed from jealous to happy.  "Hm.. you're right.. maybe Keita's waiting for The Rays to play a slow song!  HA!"

"You see?" Fran winked at Kyoko while the two sisters giggled with each other.  "When Keita asks you to slow dance with him, go take a break... and dance with him..."  Kyoko blushed heavily and continued on preparing her "secret" love's Berry Blast Smoothie.

Ryuichi got up close to his mic as Satoshi faded his opening sax solo.  After the sax solo, he and Ryuichi sang the words together with Shinya humming as background vocals.  Again as usual, Nino remains quiet, but gets himself ready to do his usual guitar-rippin' solo that everyone all over Kippy's just loved to listen to... :

Well, they all stand up as he rides on by
Gonna cheer him on for a record try
He's the best surfer through every town now
Everyone knows the competition's great now

Surfer's Run, Surfer's Run...

All the kids come here just to see
A whole new record of victory
The purpose just to watch him glide through waters
Everything else just doesn't even matter

Here he comes making that surfer's run
Here they come making their surfer's run...

In the meantime as the dance floor gets wilder, Toma and Yuna came over to the "regulars" table to introduce the new girl Yuna to everyone there.  "Yuna, these are our regular customers... every single night, rain or shine, they're always here!  Everybody, this is Yuna, our brand-new singer!"

They exchanged greetings and introductions as Nagase scooted over to the next seat so Yuna can sit.  "Hey, we were just talking about Nagase's new job!" Taichi exclaimed happily.

"Yeah!" Ayu exclaimed happily.  "Nagase here said he needed to talk to Kippy 'cuz Kippy's kinda involved too or something like that..."

"Wow, cool!  I wanna hear!" Toma exclaimed happily.

"Okay.. here goes..." Nagase huddled everyone as he spoke softly so no one else but those in the table can hear.  "I got a call from someone named 'TD'... said he's gonna hire Bayside Shores Skydiving and Hang Gliding lessons to do a special promotional stunt..."

"Promotional stunt?!" Toma gasped.  "Sounds heavy!"

"Sounds exciting!" Yuna chuckled happily.

"Well... see, there's this... idol singer... not sure if this is for real but my boss already met this TD guy before, but tomorrow sometime late morning, I'm gonna be flyin' all over Bayside Shores with a tail banner promoting this idol singer's album, and then the idol singer himself--- or herself--- is gonna jump off the plane and do some skydiving!!"

"WHOA!!!" Everyone exclaimed in shock.  Album promotion was one thing.  An idol singer jumping off for her life out of the plane at a very high elevation level to do skydiving was definitely something else.

"Man, who's crazy enough to do something daring like that?!" Taichi wondered.

"I admire that idol singer..." Ayu sighed.  "He.. or she... is not afraid to plunge down at a very high elevation..."

"This sounds exciting!" Shigeru said with a smile on his face.  "What time you say is this stunt gonna happen?"

"Erm... around ten in the morning," Tomoya said.  "Be there at the beach.  I'll be out up the sky flying the plane with the idol singer preparing himself--- or herself--- to jump off the plane and dive down to the water..."

"I need to check out the net to see who's gonna do something like that..." Toma gasped happily.  "It's gotta be someone famous!"

"Well, the manager said that the idol singer may make a guest appearance in public here at Bayside Shores," Nagase said, "so I was thinking that maybe she can perform for us right HERE at Kippy's Spot!  You think that'd be an awesome idea!!"

"I love the idea!!" Yuna exclaimed happily.  "Maybe we can sing duets together... me, singing up on stage with The Rays playing our song... and us duetting..."

"That'd definitely be something else!" Ayu chuckled.  "I can't wait!"

"Well then!" Nagase grinned.  "Tomorrow--- 10 am--- Bayside Beach--- BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!!"


+ + + + + +

Kippy's Spot: Kitchen
(around the same time...)

While all the fun was happening out at the main area of Kippy's Spot, meanwhile in the kitchen area, Junno was sprinkling small traces of cocoa powder on top of the tiny cube slices of his Taguchi Tiramisu.  Head cook Eri stood by Junno's side, watching him making the finishing touches to his sample platter of his Tiramisu while the other two boys were slightly behind them, looking a bit fearful for the Tiramisu Junno had just made.

"Tada!" Junno cheered after he was done sprinkling some dashes of cocoa powder on top of his Tiramisu cubes.  "And now... a taste AND a toast!"

Junno went to the refrigerator to take out a pitcher of iced Chai Tea Latte, brought out four glasses, and poured the Chai Tea Latte in them.  Like what cooks and professional chefs would always do before they were served, the cooks and chefs must taste what they just made themselves first.  This, of course, worried both Hisa and Hase even more.  Not only that Junno seemed to have "overdosed" the juiced Bayside Cinnamon in his batter, but also the fact that they and Eri will be the first to actuall taste them.

"Your Tiramisu looks delicious!" Eri exclaimed happily.  Slowly she removed her floral-designed apron and hung it on the hangers posted behind the entrance door towards the second floor, where all the employees' locker rooms were located.  "I can't wait!"

"Oh man... hear that...?" Hisa gulped nervously, practically shivering while clinging on to Hase.  "I almost forgot... always a chef's rule... we have to taste them first before we can actually serve them to the people outside..."

"Don't even remind me, Hisa..." Hase murmured nervously, "I can't even stop thinking of the fact that Junno poured all of that weird spice herb juice in his batter... 'use sparingly'... 'side effects'... we're gonna die soon..."

Eri overheard the boys' concerns and wondered "What's wrong?"

"Erm... well Junno kinda poured the whole juice thing in his mixture that's getting us worried..." Hisa told Eri what Junno just did while he was baking his dessert.

"Hey," Junno frowned, "are you saying I dunno what I'm doing?"

"No, I'm saying that with that 'rare' herb juice you just put in there, you're gonna kill all of us!" Hisa retorted back at Junno.

"Oh come on, it can't be that bad," Junno said, "I've had Bayside Cinnamon in my family dishes before and we're still alive and okay... come on, you think my grandmother's some kind of a natural drug dealer or something?  Come on now..."

"Well," Eri said, "the only way to find out if this is okay is to taste it ourselves..."

"MAN, THAT'S FORCED SUICIDE!!" Hase exclaimed in fear while Hisa tried to calm him down.  "ERI, ARE YOU GONNA LET HIM DO THIS TO US?!"

"Relax, Hasegawa," Junno frowned, "I'm tasting it along with you guys---"

"IT IS FORCED SUICIDE!!" Hase continued to cry while Eri shook her head.

"Now now... I'm sure Junno would never put something harmless in any of our foods now, you know?  I have faith in you, Junno."

Junno smiled humbly and said "I have been cooking all my life since childhood and I never fail!  Anyway..."  Junno sliced some small cube samples of his Tiramisu and placed them in four saucers.  "My grandmother kept telling me though that if I were to put Bayside Cinnamon in any one of my dishes, she said it's best to drink Chai Tea Latte--- no matter how it was made, as long as it's Chai Tea--- along with it.  It's the most perfect combination of a palate, she said, SO... I made some iced Chai Tea earlier while I was making my Tiramisu!"

"Ooooh... good idea!" Eri gave a humble smile.  After Junno served the Tiramisu on the saucers, he placed them neatly on the counter along with their glasses of iced Chai Tea Latte.

"Welp... let's all have a taste test to the Junno version of the Taguchi Tiramisu, shall we?" Junno grinned while Hisa and Hase continued to hesitate.

"Uhh... you go first!" Hisa grinned evilly.

"Yeah, Junno... YOU GO FIRST!!" Hase joined Hisa along.

Junno returned the grin towards them and said "Okay!"  Gently, Junno took a small piece of the Tiramisu with his fork, and fit enough to fill the fork, he went ahead and consumed the piece.  Eri, Hisa, and Hase waited as Junno chewed on the semi-sweet and tart Tiramisu in his mouth.  "Mmmmmm!!  It's good!!!  PERFECT!!"

The three remained quiet, waiting to see if there are any possible "side effects" that may occur as he swallowed that Tiramisu piece.  Junno reached for his glass of Chai Tea Latte and sipped.  Just by Junno's reaction to his own creation somehow made the boys become hungrier and tempted than they were before.  Even if they waited a few more minutes until Junno finished his whole piece and drank his whole Chai Tea, there were no signs of any possible "side effects" whatsoever on Junno at all.  Junno looked perfectly healthy, safe, and normal.  "You guys not gonna eat or not?" Junno pouted sadly.

"WE'RE GONNA EAT NOW!!!" Hisa and Hase exclaimed while Eri just chuckled.  The three took their first bite with their forks and ate the piece.  Not only that they were just tempted, but the perfectly-balanced taste of chocolate, coffee, and rum were visible in equal taste as if it just created its own brand-new taste and flavor, thanks to the Bayside Cinnamon juice that Junno added in his mixture.

"Heeeey~!" Hisa grinned while simply enjoying his Tiramisu piece.  "IT'S GOOD!!"

"Yeah, Junno... this is really good!!" Hase chuckled.

"Delicious, Junno," Eri smiled.  They reached for their glasses of chai tea latte and drank.  "The Chai Tea makes a perfect compliment to your Tiramisu, Junno... it even 'enhances' the taste!"

"It's sugar free--- well, sugar substitute was used--- very diabetic-free!" Junno described the benefits of his Tiramisu.  "Also, fresh ingredients used--- no substitutes accepted."

"Rock on!!" Hase grinned as he went ahead and finished his sample and drank all of his Chai Tea Latte.  "Let's serve!"

"YEAH!!" Junno cheered happily.  Hisa patted Junno on the shoulder for a great job.  Junno went to the other counter adjacent to where they are now and removed the plastic covering over his new sample tray of the Tiramisu.  "These needed to be passed out to everyone out there.  I cut them in very small squares, so if they want the real-deal, they gotta order!"

Hisa went to the phone at one of the corners of the kitchen and dialed a certain extension.  "Yo, it's Hisa from the kitchen... do we have any available waitresses to help us out...?  Awright... send them in!"  He hung up the phone and informed the rest of the kitchen crew.  "Summer and Tany were free, so they should be here in the kitchen."

"Great!" Junno exclaimed happily, clapping his hands at the same time.  "The song's almost done too, so this is the perfect opportunity!"

"Yep, can't wait to see how this Taguchi Tiramisu's going to sell out," Eri said with a positive mood on her face.  "And remember, let Summer and Tany know to tell our customers that it's BEST if they eat this type of Tiramisu with any FORM of Chai Tea!  Right, Junno?"

"Yep!  Grandma says 'Chai Tea' is a must or you won't be able to ENJOY the savory, distinctive taste of this family Tiramisu!"

In just a few seconds, Summer and Tany, both in their red and white short-skirted uniforms, arrived at the kitchen.

"Yeah?" Summer wondered.  "What do you need?"

Junno handed out two trays of small-squared Tiramisu to them: "All you gotta do is that after the song ends, pass some of these samples to the people... it's our brand-new dessert item in the menu, so if they took time to taste it, and they want to have the real-deal, they gotta order!"

"Gotcha!" Both Summer and Tany exclaimed with smiles on their faces.

"Oh yeah, while they're tasting the samples, be SURE to let them know that it's BEST to eat them WITH Chai Tea!"

"Chai Tea?" Tany wondered.  "Why Chai Tea?"

"I dunno, that's what my grandma says," Junno said, shrugging.  "But yeah, let them know--- Chai Tea Latte, iced Chai Tea Latte, regular Chai Tea, nonfat or lowfat Chai Tea, Chai Tea Smoothie, Chai Tea Boba-cha, doesn't matter, as long as there's CHAI TEA!"

"Gotcha!" Summer saluted with a smile on her face.  The two waitresses take the Tiramisu trays from Junno.  "TAGUCHI TIRAMISU WITH CHAI TEA!"

"There you go... have fun!" Junno gave a grin to both the waitresses as they head out to pass out the samples to the customers.  "Yup... gotta have chai tea...."

"Uh, question," Hisa gave Junno a curious look.  "Do you know how it'd taste like if you drink something else other than Chai Tea?"

"Oh, no difference."  Junno just gave a humble smile.

"Eh?  Then why did you tell them that it's best to eat with Chai Tea?" Hase asked another question.

"Oh no, actually, it's to milden the effects of the Bayside Cinnamon juice added in the Tiramisu."

"EH?!" Hisa, Hase, and Eri exclaimed in surprise when they heard Junno's response.

"Milden the effects...?" Eri's eyes were wide in nervousness.  "Why, Junno.... WHAT HAPPENS.... if you eat THAT... WITHOUT DRINKING CHAI TEA?!"

"Uhhh.... what's gonna happen...?" Junno gulped nervously, knowing that he had forgotten to write in his herb and spice notebook the actual effects of the Bayside Cinnamon if added to desserts and dishes, just like what he did with the Tiramisu.  "Oh shoot... I just talked to my grandma on the phone right now... umm..."

"Oh no.... oh no...." Hase shook nervously.  "Better change the word 'CHAI TEA RECOMMENDED' to 'CHAI TEA REQUIRED'..... JUNNO, WHAT THE HECK DID YOU DO??  YOU'RE GONNA KILL THE ENTIRE JOINT!!!"

"Relax, relax!" Junno hushed Hase in a soft voice.  "As long as they drink Chai Tea with the Tiramisu, everything will be JUUUUST fine..."

Eri, Hase, and Hisa glanced at each other with very fearful looks.  What's going to happen to all of the people in Kippy's Spot if they do end up eating Junno's Taguchi Tiramisu without drinking Chai Tea along with it....?
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I enjoyed reading your story, a bit long like a real novel...i'm not complaining in fact i love it. ! Ganbatte ne!  :saycheese: :saycheese: :saycheese:

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Glad you're able to keep up gemplee... I was beginning to worry that you'd be lost by now. LOL... ^^

+ + + + + +

CHAPTER 11: Here Come the Cats and Mice!

Old love, why did I have to see you again?
After we parted, we said we'd be no more than friends
But the moment I saw your face
I wish that we could erase
The past and start a love that would surely last...

Bayside Drive
(probably around the same time)

The (in)famous Cats and Mice Biker Gang ripped their motorcycles through the streets of Bayside Shores looking like they were the most feared gang of delinquents and low-down goons in all of the town.  Many of the bystanders and commuters on the road even gave way to the biker gangsters as if an ambulance, fire engine, or even the police were sounding off their sirens to get out of the way because of an emergency.  Just by the roaring sounds of the cycles' engines was siren enough for every townfolk here in Bayside Shores.  Unless if you were one of the B-Cubes, everyone immediately knew that messing with the Cats and Mice would be a very huge mistake... sort of.

The gang rode downhill with the no-brained yet flamboyant leader Mabo leading the way.  Just by the directions that they were taking, it was already obvious to everyone's eyes as to where they were actually heading.  Like Mabo warned the crew at Kippy's Spot earlier, they will return to be sure that their "mortal enemies" were not there to "get away with it all".  Thus, they sped their way through the streets and right in to Kippy's Spot for their first planned "mission" for this summer.

"WE'RE ALMOST THERE--- TO KIPPY'S SPOT, WE GO!!!!  AND WHEN WE GET THERE..... WHEN WE GET THERE..." Mabo pointed his finger forward to the road they were riding on, leading his gang to the direction where Kippy's Spot was located.

Though no one was actually paying attention, Ueda, Saku, and Ken "MiKen" Miyake rode alongside their leader (?), knowing that if Mabo was in front by himself, he would eventually lead them to the wrong direction.  Mabo went on and on with his babbling and said "WE ARE GOING TO GET THERE, AND YOU ALL KNOW WHAT WE'RE GONNA DO THERE?!" Mabo pointed his finger upward while he made his remark.

"We're gonna get rid of the B-Cubers?!" MiKen suddenly replied at Mabo's self-speech with a huge smile on his face.

Mabo rolled his eyes when he heard MiKen replied to him and said "NO, YOU STUPID!!  WE ALREADY MADE A DEAL WITH THE YAN-YAN BOY THAT THERE AIN'T GONNA BE NO BEACH BUMS THERE... WHY?  'CUZ THEY BUMS!!!"

The rest of the Cats and Mice glanced at one another, wondering what Mabo actually meant with the statement he just made.  Saku turned her head towards Mabo and asked "Um, so, what happens if those B-Cubers are actually there?!  Are we gonna start trouble again?!"

"What are ya talkin' about, stupid?!" Mabo, once again, rolled his eyes.  "We gonna HAVE FUN, yenno?  'Cuz very soon, WE SHALL BE RID OF THOSE BUMS AND BOONIES FOR GOOD!!!"

"BUNNIES!!!!" The C&M gang corrected their leader once more.

"SHADDUP, YOU STUPIDS!!!  YOU'RE LOSIN' MY CONCENTRATION.... SHEESH!!" Mabo yelled at them, which made the rest of the gang keep quiet.

The Cats and Mice finally reached Bayside Drive, which is the only road throughout the whole town that is located right at the coast itself.  They braked at the red stop sign and saw the huge sign across the street from them:

You have reached the coastline of Bayside Shores.
Please see the following:

- Bayside Shores Cliff House
- Bayside Shores Public Library

- Bayside Shores Recreational Beach
- Kippy's Public Beach
- Kippy's Spot

The Cats and Mice read the sign that was in front of them and saw that for them to go to Kippy's Spot, they must turn right of Bayside Drive.  Ueda nodded to the rest of the gang, and revved his pedal.  He was about to turn to the right when Mabo suddenly whistled him from behind.  Ueda braked immediately and turned his head towards his leader.

"WHERE ARE YOU GOING, UEDA?!" Mabo yelled at the blondish young man all clad in black leather.

"Uhh... Kippy's Spot...?"  Mabo drove his cycle next to Ueda and suddenly twisted his left ear quickly.  "OWWW... THAT HURTS!!!"


Ueda gently rubbed the pain off of his left ear and responded "You.... Boss....?"


"But the sign says that Kippy's Spot is---"


Ueda lowered his eyes and sighed: "You are... Boss..."

"NOW SHADDUP AND QUIT PLAYIN' SMART WITH ME, STUPID!!!" Mabo suddenly yelled at his face.  Then, Mabo rode his cycle on the other way and signaled the others to follow him, going the other way.

"Wait--- uhh... BOSS, WHERE ARE WE GOING?!" Ueda called out, knowing that where he was about to head off is the right path to Kippy's Spot.


"But Boss, Kippy's Spot is---" Ueda was about to respond while pointing to the direction where he was heading to, but Mabo just gave him a very intimidating glare.  "Okay.. okay.... it's the other way..."

"FROM NOW ON, YOU JUST KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT, UEDA!!!  I DON'T WANNA HEAR A SINGLE WORD FROM YOU!!!"  Ueda just shrugged off, turned his motorcycle towards the opposite direction, and followed the rest of the gang from behind.

+ + + + +

Kippy's Spot: Dance, Dining, and Stage Area
(the same time....)

Meanwhile back at Kippy's Spot, the song that The Rays just played ended with a bang.  Everyone on the dance floor applauded for their performance as they all faced the stage.  Ryuichi took the microphone and spoke, while taking a small face towel cloth from his pocket and wiped off the sweat from his forehead.

"Uh, that was 'Surfer's Run'.... uhh... Satoshi and Nino wrote that together, so give 'em a huuuuge round of applause!!!"  Cheers and claps followed after his words.  In the meantime, Sho, Aiba, and Matsujun glanced right towards the songwriters Satoshi and Nino, applauded loudly with smiles on their faces.

"Uh, hope you all enjoyed that one.... anyhow, the guys and I are gonna take a little break," Ryuichi continued, "so, all you all go back to your tables, eat your eats or somethin' or just take a rest, so...... don't nobody go nowhere, okay?  Thank you!!"  The band waved at them as everyone went back to their seats.

Toma and Yuna just ended their small talk at the juice bar.  Toma heard what Ryuichi said, knowing that it was his turn to take the stage for yet another announcement.  He jumped off his seat, dashed to the stage, and took the mic.  "Whew, let's give another round applause to our very own awesome surf band, The Rays!!!"  Cheers and applauses followed.  Toma went on with his role by announcing their special menu for the night.

Meanwhile while everyone else was still going to their seats, Keiko glanced her eyes towards her secret crush, Sho Sakurai.  Maki Goto had her arm around his and by the time they reached the tables, they split with Maki going to her table and Sho about to head to his table.  Right then, somehow he noticed young Keiko looking at him.  He met her eyes right then, which made Keiko blush slightly and wanted to just turn away from him.  Instead, Sho gave her a smile and went back to his seat.  Keiko's cheeks flushed red even more just by that sweet smile alone.

"Oh my gosh..." Keiko gulped nervously.  "I... I can't believe I just stared at him... and he smiled at me... Ami... what could that mean...?"

"Good sign..." Ami winked with a smile on her face.  "I think that Sho Sakurai is an overall nice guy after all... well, as Aya here always tells us."  Aya Ueto just shrugged her arms while Sharkie decided not to pay attention with the usual girl gossip by pretending that she was more concentrated on Toma's announcements than listening to their inner chats.

Maru escorted Melanie to the empty seat at Sharkie's table where she decided to originally sit when they first entered the spot.  Maru blew a kiss to Melanie while Melanie winked at him in return as he heads to the huge table where the Elite B's were sitting.  Melanie turned to Aya with a smile and said "How come you didn't dance with any of the cuties, Aya?"

Aya glanced at her adopted older brother's table, then turned back towards Mel: "I didn't feel like dancing."

"Aw, but you always danced with them... I mean you're so lucky you get to hang out with them by yourself without annoying them you know?"

"Melanie... I know you are a smart girl," Aya said.  "Maru still has some screws loose.  You need to teach him on what it really takes to be a man with a serious girlfriend."

Melanie just chuckled softly and said "I know, I know..."

In the meantime, we see Summer, Tany, and the other waitresses distributed some samples of Junno's Taguchi Tiramisu dessert on to every table.  Everyone was amazed at the presentation that anybody who is anybody just could not wait to indulge at the chocolate-coffee-cream-rich display of the Tiramisu.  Junno surely made a masterpiece out of an Italian dessert, and thanks to the taste testing made by the rest of the kitchen crew, it was a sure guarantee that his Tiramisu will definitely be one of the main bestselling desserts that was ever made in Kippy's Spot history.

Summer was lucky to be the server for the Elite B's table.  She was a bit hesitant at first, but seeing the rest of the tables were already served by the other waitresses, she decided to take up the courage and serve these handsome, dashing young men this special sample of the Tiramisu dessert to them.  She walked up to the table nervously and swallowed.  "Hello, welcome t-to..."

"Hi Summer... it's been awhile..." From out of nowhere (and unexpected as well), Aiba was the first to greet the shy waitress.

"He... hello... Masaki..." Summer murmured nervously.  She could feel her grip tighten on the tray of Tiramisu desserts, then suddenly snapped out back to reality.  "Ahem... our tonight's special dessert sample is--- Taguchi Tiramisu!  Please, have a sample..."

She proceeded in placing the saucers of the cake to everyone on the table.  Everyone gently took their share while Summer remained smiling to hide her nervousness in front of the boy whom she has had a crush ever since childhood.  "Um, this is the first time that we are serving Tiramisu and to be added in to our regular menu, so we do hope you enjoy, and if you would like to have some more, please let us know!"

"Wow, very creative," Sho responded kindly as he took his saucer from Summer's hand as he noticed the name tag on her uniform.  "Thank you.... Summer, right?"

Summer blushed a bit and said "Yes... that's me!"

Aiba looked up to Summer and said "You look really cute today, Summer..."

Summer gasped in shock as if Aiba's words somehow triggered her cheeks to blush like strawberries.  Again she found herself gripping tightly on the tray and slowly backed away from the table.  She said "Uhh... thank you... enjoy the dessert..."

Immediately, Summer ran off to meet with the other waitresses at the kitchen area where Eri and the cooks continued the refills.  The waitresses were just finishing their services to the customers.  When she met them, she tried to catch her breath after making a mad dash away from the Bums' table.

"What's wrong with you?" Tany asked, noticing Summer panting non-stop.

"Girls..." Summer gulped nervously.  "It's Aiba... he... he spoke to me... for the first time..."

The waitresses gazed at her with dazed looks.  Summer went on saying "For almost five years that he hasn't spoken to me... I feel that something good is going to happen this summer... something different..."

Eri peeked her head out to the kitchen door and giggled slightly.  "So... what did Aiba say...?"

"Well, he said..." Summer was about to respond when they heard the kitchen entrance doors swing open near them and out came the master behind the tasty Taguchi Tiramisu.  He removed his chef's hat and sighed in relief.  "Oh... hey Junno!"

Junno saw them right there and just grinned: "So, you passed out the samples alerady?"

"Yes, we did!" the waitresses replied in unison.

"Good!  So, did you gals also tell them that it's best eaten with Chai Tea?"

Right then, the waitresses fell silent.  Junno became curious and suspicious at the same time due to the sudden silence  "Well.... did you?"

Tany raised her hand slightly and said "I did... I told the gals at Sharkie's table to drink Chai Tea, since they're the first table that I served!  And.. um... I also told Nagase's and Ayu's table too... and then... erm... uhh... I can't remember if I did the same with the other tables..."

Junno gave a nervous look at Tany, then turned to Summer and the other waitresses, asking the same question.  The other girls gave mixed responses (and other excuses) to Junno.  Right then, Juno slapped his forehead and shook his head at once.  "Oh no..."

"Why?  What's wrong?" Tany wondered curiously.

"Yeah, what's wrong, Junno?" The other waitresses asked.

"Um... well..." Junno gulped nervously as he huddled the waitresses altogether.  He told them specifically what he did during the mixture as well as the reactions of his fellow kitchen crew.  After a moment of silence...

"EHHHH?!" the waitresses shrieked out with very surprised looks.  Their reaction even took attention of those who were sitting nearby them.

Junno just chuckled at them and said "Uhh.. Kippy's Business... do carry on!"  Those who were witnessing went ahead and mind their own businesses.

"Junno, what's that 'thing' going to do with a person if they don't drink Chai Tea along with it??" Tany suddenly panicked while pulling Junno down by his collar.

"Hey, uhh.. let go, Tany..."

"Yeah Junno... how could you be so stupid!!" Summer was about to scream her head off but was hushed by the other waitresses.

"Look.... only thing for you gals to do now is to let everyone know that the Tiramisu is 'BEST EATEN WITH CHAI TEA'!"

"Right now?!" Summer gulped nervously.

"What--- you want to tell them later after they get affected by that... whatever the heck would happen to them?"

"But I don't wanna go back to the Elite B's table..." Summer pouted.  "Aiba distracted me!"

"Oh quit with your Aiba excuses, Summer," Eri chuckled, "everyone knows you think of Aiba twenty-four-seven!"

"No I don't!" Summer pouted.

Junno hushed them all and said "It's not too late... they're just chewing their first bites right now... you can still tell them to head to the juice bar and order some Chai Tea."

"Uh-oh... um.. it's gonna be hard now because everyone's like walking around each other's tables now..." Tany's voice lowered when she witnessed that both the Bums and Bunnies' tables were half-empty.  It seems that everyone started to move around in each other's tables just to say hello or whatever they were doing. 

Toma just finished his speech and dashed right towards the juice bar where he met Yuna.  Yuna was about to take her first bite of the Tiramisu when Toma just spoke to her immediately "Yuna, Satoshi talked to me just now and he said that it's almost time for you to perform!"

Yuna placed her fork with her piece of the Tiramisu down her saucer and leaned a bit against the counter.  "Anytime, Toma."

"Erm, but first, go eat the Tiramisu... Junno's a really awesome cook... he makes all the regular everyday dishes seem so tasty!"

"Okay then!" Yuna chuckled.  Toma sat next to Yuna, already with a plate of Tiramisu ready for him.  "Hm.. what should I sing...?"

"Well, Satoshi said that whatever you feel like singing, you should tell Nino.  He's the love song expert!"

"Alright then!" Yuna grinned humbly.

Fran brought a tall glass of Chai Tea Smoothie for Yuna with a smile on her face.  "Here you go... Chai Tea Smoothie!"

Yuna took her glass and said "Thank you so much, Fran!  This is perfect!"

"You're welcome!  Just let me know if you need anything else!"

"No problem!"  Yuna went ahead and sipped some of her Chai Tea Smoothie and finally ate her first piece of the Tiramisu.  "Oooh... delicious!!  I've never tasted such fine Tiramisu as this...."

"Oooh... sounds good!!"  Toma giggled and devoured his first piece of the cake.

In the meantime, Junno sneaked inside the juice bar area and greeted both Fran and Kyoko, who were really busy making drinks for the customers.  He patted both Fran and Kyoko and said "You gals sure are getting busy here..."

"The night breeze is getting hot!" Fran chuckled while pouring some juices and dropping some sliced pieces of fruit here and there in the containers to be blended.  "Everyone wants some juice!"

"Yeah.. busy..." Kyoko said, shaking her smoothie shaker along.

"There will be a huge demand for Chai Tea, girls, just to let you know," Junno said.  "I instructed the waitresses to come to you, make some of those Chai tea, and then they'll serve them to the tables."

"Why Chai Tea?" Kyoko wondered.  "That's surprising...."

"Because.. erm.. it's best to eat my Tiramisu WITH Chai Tea!" Junno winked.  "Anyhow, I'll be hanging out here to assist you gals with making the Chai Tea."

"Wow, thanks, Junno!" Fran smiled happily.  "We could use some help here..."

Right then, Keita carried his saucer of Tiramisu to his spot at the juice bar.  He sat right in front of Kyoko once more, which also surprised the very busy bartender girl while shaking her shaker at the same time.  "Keita!" Kyoko shrieked in surprise.

"I'm sorry about that, Kyoko..." Keita sighed sadly.  He dug his fork on to the Tiramisu and scooped his first piece.  "That was unexpected."

Kyoko placed her shaker down and said "I understand... anyhow, I kept your Pina Colada here on the mini-freezer..."  She reached down the bottom where the bar's mini-freezer is located, and took out his Pina Colada.  "Fresh and served cold!"

"Thanks," Keita smiled sweetly at her.  Kyoko just blushed slightly and continued on making more drinks for other customers--- including Chai Tea.

Later in Sharkie's table, Sharkie, Ami, Aya, and Melanie took their glasses of iced Chai Tea and rose it up on the air.  Keiko just leaned in boredom, staring at the other girls with their Chai Tea.  "Let's make a toast---" Ami dictated out, "--- to this summer... may we have the best, memorable, and yet different summer season for this year..."

"Cheers!" The girls gently clashed their glasses together as they take their sips.  At the same time, they also take their bites of the Tiramisu cake.

"Keiko, not eating?" Sharkie asked.

"Oh, um... I'm just waiting till the juice bar is cleared 'cuz it's crowded..." Keiko sighed.

"Why not just go there now so you can finally have a chance to get your juice?" Ami asked.

Keiko felt a bit annoyed and stood up from her seat.  "Fine fine... you want anything...?"

"Nah, we're okay," Aya smiled.

Keiko got up from her seat and ended up rushing to get through the juice bar crowd.  Somehow, she dashed so fast that she even bumped in to the last person she hoped she would bumped in to.  "Whoa, watch out!"

She stepped back to see who she bumped in to and immediately covered her mouth in shock.  "Oh my gosh.. I'm sorry..."  But right at the moment she felt that her shoulders were being held in balance and the way they were held somehow gave her a shiver throughout her body.  She blushed deeply and murmured his name: "Sho..."

"In a rush, Keiko?" Sho spoke to Keiko with a small smile on his face.  "Be careful... you might get hurt."

"I'm sorry... I wasn't looking..." Keiko murmured nervously while Sho removed his hands from her shoulders.  "I was just going to..."

"The juice bar?" Sho finished her sentence for her.  "I'm about to go there too now... Keita's there so I'm gonna go sit there with him."

"Ah I see..." Keiko chuckled softly.

"Hey, we haven't spoken much since you got in to this clique, haven't we?  Would you like to sit with me at the juice bar?"

Suddenly Keiko's heart started to flutter and soar.  Never had she ever been invited by the elusive Sho Sakurai to sit at a certain spot alone with him.  Now that Sho had, this was her chance.  "Sure... I'd love to!"

She ran back to her table, took her Tiramisu saucer with her, told the girls on the table about the invitation, as they all cheered for her.  Keiko walked along with Sho towards the juice bar and took the empty seats between Keita and Toma.

Keita greeted Sho as well as Keiko.  Sho introduced Keiko to Keita as they both shook hands.  Junno was the first they get to see behind the juice bar.  "Hey, hello welcome to the juice bar!"

"Junnosuke Taguchi," Sho grinned as he and Junno gave each other hi-fives. "How you been?"

"Good, good," Junno gave the same greeting humbly.

"Your tiramisu looks really good!" Sho gave a compliment already, even if he hasn't taken a bite yet.  "You really outdid yourself this time!"

"Nah, it was nuthin'," Junno said.  "I'm here to help out Fran and Kyoko here for a bit..."

"I got my drink here..." Keita grinned.  "I'm all good!"

"I want a Strawberry Banana smoothie!" Keiko told Junno her order.

Junno was a bit shocked and said "Erm... well, with my Tiramisu, it's best if you eat it with---"

"Just GET ME... a Strawberry Banana smoothie!" Keiko frowned with her arms crossed.  "PRONTO!!"

Junno was a bit shocked at Keiko's impatient attitude and decided not to argue.  "Okay... Strawberry Banana coming up..." Junno went ahead and made Keiko's Strawberry Banana smoothie for her.

"Keiko, that was rather rude," Sho said with a concern.

"I'm sorry..." Keiko sighed.  "It's just that... it's really crowded and I thought..."

"That's okay," Sho just grinned.  "Next time, watch yourself."

Junno finally finished her Strawberry Banana and served her tall glass.  "Erm.. enjoy..."

"Thank you!" Keiko just gave a slight snooty grin and went ahead with her smoothie.

"What about you, Sho?  You want anything...?"

Sho was about to take a bite of his Tiramisu when from out of the blue, his eyes somehow turned towards Kyoko, who was on the other side of the bar, refilling some ingredients for the non-stop Chai Tea orders.  Then, just the sight of the younger Yanehiro girl suddenly gave him an idea.  "Junno... do me a favor?"

"Yeah, what's that?"

"Can you get Kyoko Yanehiro for me...?"

Junno gave Sho a perplexed look, then just shrugged.  He went to where Kyoko was standing and said "Hey.. Sho Sakurai's sitting on the juice bar with Keita..."

Kyoko's eyes widened with surprise as if she just got frozen.  She murmured softly and said "Sho...?  As in THE Sho Sakurai?!"

"Yeah, him.. you know... ultra-cool surfer boy?"

He hasn't spoken to me in five years... Kyoko's voice spoke within her mind.  I kinda miss him... despite of everything...  She finished what she was doing quickly so she could tend to Sho right after.

While finishing her task, she started to reminisce a bit of her childhood.  She was only eight-years-old when she started working at the juice bar along with her mysterious Uncle Kippy.  She was already in training during that time.  One unexpected moment, thirteen-year-old Sho Sakurai, who was one of her older brother Satoshi's buddies back then, went up to Kyoko with a little smirk on his face.  Kyoko gave a friendly smirk towards Sho, when Sho asked Kyoko to invent a really cool yummy drink for him.  With a first try, Kyoko decided to make a refreshing drink in which she called it "Swirly Cinnamon Nutmeg Chai."  It consisted of Chai Tea Smoothie with sprinkles of Cinnamon and Nutmeg on top, and somehow without knowing, she made her drink's top to look like a swirl of three colors--- the color of cinnamon brown, nutmeg reddish brown, and the foam of the milk she used.  It gave a very attractive effect on it and Kyoko was proud.  She presented it to Sho and he sipped through it.  Sho was amazed as he ended up liking this "special treat."  And from that point, Sho asked Kyoko a promise that no other person except him can ever have Kyoko's special invented drink.  It was always that way ever since.  After five years of silence, Kyoko now felt that Sho may want that same special drink that she invented for him.

Kyoko finally finished what she was doing and went to the counter where Sho was sitting.  He was just talking with Keiko when Kyoko cleared her throat.  That took Sho's attention.  "Hello... Sho-niichan," Kyoko greeted her in a slightly low monotone.

Sho turned to Kyoko and smiled "It's been awhile, Little Miss Kyo-chan..."  That gesture somehow got Keita's attention and gave Sho a curious look.

Kyoko gulped and hushed Sho immediately: "Gah, don't call me that... erm... Keita..."

"Sorry... you're still a little girl to me... I know I'm sounding like a grandfather right now..."

Kyoko bit her lower teeth in nervousness while Keita was just happily eating his Tiramisu and drinking his Pina Colada.  Keita just glanced at Kyoko and smiled.  Kyoko immediately turned away and faced Sho.  "Okay, okay.. um... what can I do for you?"

Sho whispered softly on Kyoko's ear and said "The 'special' drink that only Kyo-chan can make herself..."

Kyoko's eyes widened in shock and answered "I... haven't made that for five years... I must have forgotten it..."

"Take your time... please?  The 'special' Kyo-chan smoothie?"  Sho gave a small pouty look while Kyoko slightly frowned and shook her head.

"Okay.. okay.. I'll try..." Kyoko nodded.  She called Fran to get her some Cinnamon and Nutmeg immediately and started to create the secret "Swirly Cinnamon Nutmeg Chai" for Sho.  Though it had been awhile, somehow the way she was preparing it seemed so natural to her.  She didn't even have to run back to the kitchen to look for the recipe she just wrote when she was a little girl.  The recipe itself became a part of her.  Fran handed her two containers of ground Cinnamon and Nutmeg, sprinkled them and made her "swirl" on top.  She glanced back at Sho and asked "Whipped Cream?"

"Yeah, please?"  Kyoko somehow felt proud making this drink.  No one, not even Fran herself, even knew about this particular drink.  Kyoko felt very invincible at this night.

She made the final touch with the whipped cream and finally served it to Sho.  Sho was amazed at the smoothie.  It looked way better and more tempting than the smoothies that Kyoko used to make in the past.  It was a wonderful work of art.  Keita was amazed at what Kyoko made for Sho and then turned to her: "Hey Kyoko... can I have... erm.. the same thing as his?"

Kyoko grinned slyly and said "Sorry Keita... that particular one is for Sho only... well, of course, you can ask him, then I'll make one for you..."

Keita turned immediately towards Sho.  Sho gave him a nod with just a small smile.  Keita went back to Kyoko and said "May I have the same thing as Sho, please...?"

"Well, if Sho says so, okay!"  Kyoko went ahead and made the same order as Sho did.

After a small break, it was time for The Rays to perform again.  This time, Yuna will be performing for the first time.  Toma gave a small pep talk to Yuna, then he ran and took the stage once more.

"Alright, welcome back, everyone!  Now, for this particular gig, Kippy's Spot has a new member of the Kippy Family.  In fact, you will be seeing her practically every night!  And so, The Rays and I would like to introduce to you our brand-new singer... Please, give a round of applause to Miss Yuna!"

Everyone applauded as Yuna stood up from her seat.  Her long white dress gently swaying back and forth as she strolled towards the stage.  Toma handed her the microphone as he went to the side of the stage.

Yuna glanced at everyone watching her right now.  She adjusted her microphone first, and finally, she was ready to speak her first words to everyone at Kippy's Spot.  The first few hours were all catchy surf songs as well as instrumentals.

Now with Yuna on stage, everything will be a little slow and cozy at the point of this night.
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I just finished reading the latest chapters.  :) Wow, you update really fast (not that I'm complaining).  lol

Things are starting to get really interesting now that they're all at Kippy's. And, what will happen if the customers eat Junno's tiramisu without the Chai tea?


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CHAPTER 12: The Tiramisu Side-Effects

CHAI (chai) n.  (Hindi and various Asian languages) literally means "tea".  A variety of the word "cha" (Japanese).

CHAI TEA (chai-tee) n. A slightly spicy, milk-based beverage derived from India and certain Asian and Pacific regions.  Cinnamon, pepper, and cardamom pods are the main spices to give that "zingy" taste.

1 1/2 quarts water
4 black tea bags
10 whole cardamom pods/seeds
2 cinnamon sticks, broken in half
1 teaspoon black peppercorns
3 tablespoons sugar (or sugar substitute)

In a saucepan, bring water to a boil. Add the tea bags, cardamom seeds, cinnamon, and black pepper, then return to a boil. Immediately stir in sugar/sugar substitute.  Remove pot from heat and let stand for 5 minutes.  Makes 6 servings.

+ + + + + +

After about five to ten minutes of hitting the dead end, the Cats and Mice Biker Gang finally arrived at their destination.  After much convincing from Ueda, the rest of the gang finally decided to go for Ueda's way and turned around without their airheaded leader Mabo knowing.  When Mabo finally realized that he was left behind, he let his own chagrin take over him and made a mad dash of his motorcycle to follow the rest of his gang.  It was the first time that he had to drive behind his gang, since once more, he had yet another problem regarding his motorcycle.

In unison, the Cats and Mice parked their cycles in a straight line just slightly across from Kippy's Spot.  When Mabo was reaching his spot, once more, his brake pedals started would not budge once again.  "Damnit..... stupids...."

Before he could end up crashing through Kippy's again, he was able to make his cycle stop right at the center of the road.  He sighed in relief and got out of his bike gently.  He drove his cycle manually and parked right next to the rest of the bikers' cycles.  He placed his stand down and strolled to where his gang was waiting for him.  He glared at every single of his gang members and crossed his arms.  He decided not to lecture them once more about who was the leader of the gang, so instead, he pointed his fingers, shaking his arms twice, as a signal to go and proceed inside Kippy's Spot.

From out of nowhere, as the gang followed Mabo from behind, looking like a gang no one should even mess with, Mabo's bike, apparently still had its engine running, suddenly rolled from its stand and was now rolling its way towards the direction o Kippy's Spot.

"GAAAAAAH~!!!" Mabo shrieked in horror to see that he had forgotten to turn off the engine of his cycle.  While he stood there, watching his cycle roll away, it rolled as fast as a motorcycle would do that it almost seemed that it was aiming towards the newly-installed glass window that was just put up a few months ago.

Instead, the uncontrollable cycle just rolled to the opposite direction and started running over the garbage cans that were placed there for tomorrow's trash pick-up.  It made the trash cans fall, with all the trash scattered all over the ground.  Not just that, it even went through the narrow alley between Kippy's Spot and a random business building that was neighboring the hangout.  They heard more loud noises, more crashes, and even random stray cats screeching and meowing in fear or in shock, and finally, the final crash came.  Slowly they leaned slightly to see if they could still hear the engine running.  Silence suddenly befell.

"Nggggghhh!!" Mabo made more moaning in anger as he pointed to Ueda, Mike, and even Hisa's twin brother, Yusuke Izaki, signaling them to go clean up the whole place and get his bike back.  "MOVE IT!! MOVE IT!!"

The three dashed quickly towards the alley where they recover the runaway cycle (as well as cleaning up all the trash that the runaway cycle damaged on its way).  Mabo used his head and tilted abruptly to the side to signal the rest to come follow him and enter Kippy's Spot.

In the meantime, young KeiFu, who was still sitting on the same spot next to the door, glanced at the Tiramisu that had just been passed on to him.  He glanced at it with awe and temptation, and he just could not wait to dig his fork in to it and take his first bite.  As he forked a small piece, he opened his mouth wide, as he was about to take his first taste.

Unfortunately, the sudden abrupt open of the entrance door immediately startled KeiFu, accidentally smashing his Tiramisu to his own face and dropped the saucer along with the remaining dessert on the floor.  In came Mabo and the Cats and Mice Gang, trying to look intimidating and hardcore at the same time.  Mabo appeared with his usual smirk, just so he'd look like a troublesome neighborhood thug.  The rest of the gang behind him posed with their arms on their waist, as if the whole Kippy's Spot were their territory.  Their sudden appearance made the whole spot fall in silence.  Yuna was about to say her first introduction when she made herself feel speechless.

"THE MAGNIFICENT MABO AND THE CATS AND MICE HAD RETURNED!"  Ueda announced from behind, as Mabo and the rest of the gang stepped inside, looking rather invincible against everyone.  The whole gang marched slowly towards the closest table to the door.  As they approached that occupied table, the ones currently sitting at the table immediately ran off and moved to another table.  The gang occupied that particular table and made another pose.

"Oh no..." Kyoko murmured in shock to see Mabo and the Cats and Mice stepping in the Kippy's Spot.

"Who are they...?" Keita wondered in curiosity.  "Kyoko...?"

"The Black Plague of Bayside Shores has arrived..." Kyoko sarcastically answered Keita's curious question.

"HEEEY!!!" Mabo called out towards everyone, demanding for some service.  "WHY SO QUIET--- LET THE MUSIC PLAY NOW, COME ON NOW... WHERE'S SERVICE??"

Back at the stage, Satoshi lowered his head in embarrassment.  He was slightly foold this time, he thought.  Normally everytime the Cats and Mice tried to threaten him with words, nothing much happened afterwards.  This time, they actually came to Kippy's Spot.  Yuna almost felt a shaky chill throughout her when Nino got closer to her and softly whispered on her ear:

"R-re..... re... lax..."

Yuna's eyes widened to hear Nino's faint studdering voice.  She looked at him and he smiled confidently.  He gave a thumbs up at her while Mabo continued to whine for service.

"MAAAN~!!!" KeiFu screamed in anger, seeing his face and even the floor all covered with the smashed Tiramisu.  "YOU JERKS BETTER CLEAN THIS UP!!!"

Mabo saw the young KeiFu and glanced right towards two of the bikers.  "YOU! AND YOU!!  GO CLEAN THE MESS UP!!!"

Saku, one of the head female bikers, was shocked to hear this and gave a complaint: "But boss, you're the one who---"


"Yes, Boss..." Both Saku and Go went to the spot where KeiFu looked like a Tiramisu mess and helped him clean up the mess they made.

"Stupids..." Mabo just shook his head.  He made a signal by pointing his pointer fingers down, which means the gang should go ahead and sit down on the seats.


+ + + + +

Kippy's Spot: Kitchen Area
(same time)

Meanwhile at the kitchen area, the waitresses looked a little fearful at the presence of the Cats and Mice and were debating as to which one of them was going to serve them.  Eri, Hisa, and Hase scratched their heads at the situation as they hear more complaints and debates here and there.

"Alright, alright..." Eri hushed everyone in a serious tone.  She turned to the other two cooks and said "Guys, get me about fourteen Tiramisu samples..."  She turned to the waitresses and said "One of you guys, lend me a tray..."

Tany slowly handed her tray towards Eri, while Hisa and Hase brought out a cart of the remaining Tiramisu saucers, still waiting for them to be served.  "Place them on the tray, please?"

Hisa and Hase went ahead and placed fourteen saucers on the huge tray.  "Eri, what are you doing...?"  Tany wondered in curiosity.

"If none of you girls are going to serve, then I will have to do it myself---"

"But Eri, you can't do that!!" Summer protested.  "Don't you know who those goons are?!"

"I know them perfectly well... they're still our customers regardless... it's our policy not to judge people by their appearances."  Eri carried the tray and exited the kitchen, heading her way towards the Cats and Mice Table.  Hisa, Hase, and the waitresses followed her and peeped through the kitchen doors.

"She's... she's crazy!!" Summer gasped in shock.

"She's brave, determined, and she ain't afraid of nuthin'--- maybe except wa----" Hisa grinned confidently while Eri glared immediately right at him.  "Kidding!  Kidding!"

"Eri's the nicest, coolest, and sometimes toughest person around Bayside Shores... why would anyone mess with her...?" Hase added with pride on his face.

Later, Eri appeared at the Cats and Mice table with a huge tray of Tiramisu saucers.  "Sorry for the delay, everyone..."

Mabo heard Eri's service voice and turned his head to stare at Eri from top to bottom, while she went ahead and served the Tiramisu to everyone at that table.  "This is our dessert sample--- Taguchi Tiramisu.  It's best to eat it with Chai Tea."

The rest of the gang turned their faces to her and gave her a disgusted look. "TEA?! YUCK!!" The whole gang said in unison.

"WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO, WOMAN?!" Mabo suddenly stood up from his seat and faced towards Eri.  "TRYING TO POISON US WITH TEA?!"

Eri raised an eyebrow; not a single twitch of fear came over her.  "I was just suggesting that it's best to eat that with Chai Tea, but if that's how you feel... erm... so be it..."

Eri was about to walk away when Mabo suddenly grabbed her wrist from behind.

"HEY--- WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?!  LET ME GO!!"  Eri struggled her wrist loose from Mabo's tight grip.

With an unexpected sudden, Mabo dragged her to the empty chair at his table and Eri was forced to sit down on it, right next to Mabo while the rest of the gang grinned sinisterly.  Eri did not let their gestures scare her, but deep inside she was slightly afraid on what Mabo and his gang might do to her. 

"Come, come... sit with us... we haven't quite acquainted yet, you know...?"

Eri freed her arm from Mabo's grip after she was forced to sit down as if she felt disgusted and violated all at once.  "Why on earth would I want to get acquainted with the likes of you?"


In the meantime, Sho was busy listening to all the voice messages left on his cellphone while sipping on his special drink that Kyoko made for him.  Majority of those messages were from random girls that he had been with in the past.  He ended up deleting most of them, with every single girl having the same duplicate message as the other.  He sighed sadly that this was happening to him, and sighed even more that this whole situation was brought up by himself.  He spent the night with every single one of them years ago and now they bombard him with voice messages, wishing for him to call them and have another moment with them.

This is all my fault.. Sho thought to himself as he continued deleting these voice message.  I just... I'm not that guy anymore...

As he continued deleting his messages, the commotion going on at the Cats and Mice table between the gang and Eri have been distracting his quiet time that he could not help himself but to turn his head and watch what was going on.  Right then, Sho gazed at the slightly troubled Eri, continuing to struggle while the the Cats and Mice continued to force her to keep still.  With the whole situation going on, Sho felt his fist clenching in fury.

At the same time he turned to the stage to see Eri's brother Satoshi also clenching his fist.  Satoshi wanted to go up to the table and start a fight, but since this was the first summer night, he didn't want to be at fault at the situation.

"WELL?!" Mabo frowned while twirling his fork, ready to be slicing a small piece of his Tiramisu in impatience.  He called out again and said "WELL, WHAT ARE WE SITTIN' HERE FOR?!  MUSIC!!!  MUSIC!!!!"

Everyone started to have a soft commotion with one another.  Yuna stood there looking frightened at the sight of the black leather-clad biker gang and Nino slightly patted her on the shoulder.  He gave her another thumbs up, knowing that things would be okay for now, and Yuna nodded.  She cleared her throat and spoke through the mic...

"Hello... I'm Yuna... and I'm a new addition to The Rays... nice to meet you..." She gave a short bow as the audience applauded for her introduction.  She turned to the rest of the band and lipsynched her words to them, telling them what song to play for her to sing.  The rest of the band caught her words and turned back to the mic.  "Well, I'd like to perform this one little song... I'm not sure if you heard of it, but.. um... please, do enjoy..."

Yuna nodded at the rest of the band.  Shinya tapped his drumsticks lightly in a countdown, as Nino played the first few notes of the song.  Then, the rest of the band started playing.  Satoshi and Ryuichi provided the background vocals, which of course, made Yuna startle a bit.  She did not expect any type of background vocals, but it seems that The Rays can do more than just improvising on a song they never rehearsed earlier.

Yuna sang the first few words:

Now here we are together
This would've been worth waiting forever
I always knew it'd be this way...

From out of the blue, some of the people started swaying a bit to the soft, slightly slow notes of the song.  In fact, there were certain random couples started to get closer together, cuddling while even kissing at the same time.  Back at the kitchen, Hisa, Hase, and the waitresses decided to take themselves a break and leaned against the wall, just to watch their new crew member Yuna take the stage and sing.

And please forgive my shaking
Can't you tell my heart is breaking
Can't make myself stay where I plan to stay...

It seemed that on the scene, those who did not drink Chai Tea started to wander around, and instead of watching Yuna, some were staring at other random people (or just plainly at a daze)... and then found themselves blushing.  At the juice bar, Keiko, who just finished her final piece of the Tiramisu with her Strawberry Banana smoothie, slowly moved her hand towards Sho, but instead, it wasn't Sho's hand whom she touched.  She touched the hand of the one rested next to Sho's.  She looked up and then blushed heavily to the timid cook standing behind the juice bar counter.

Junno felt a warm touch of Keiko's hand and looked down.   Her eyes met his shocked, opened-wide eyes towards her, then slightly she winked.  Junno gulped nervously, wondering what this strange beach bunny girl just did to him.  What did that wink and smile meant?  He pondered a bit.  At the same time he slightly moved his hand away from hers, but her hand was too quick to even notice that his hand was trying to get away from her hold.

Sho noticed what just happened and was also surprised.  Junno gave a panicked look towards Sho as he noticed Keiko winking and blushing right towards the cook.  Sho stared at Keiko for a few seconds and started to wave his hand over Keiko's eyes as well as snapping his fingers in front of her.  She did not even budge nor blinked.  Her eyes were just directly towards Junno.  Sho knew that Keiko always had a crush on him, and whenever they were together, just sitting and talking, he could tell that she was gazing at him at a long period and just could not get her eyes away from him.  And now, Sho could not even get Keiko to even look at him at one second.  He was amazed at Keiko.  All this time, she was pining over him, even if he knew it or not, and now, she suddenly started constantly giving flirty gestures towards Junno.

In the meantime, Keita finished his Tiramisu, however, did not even take a small sip of the Swirly Cinnamon and Nutmeg Chai that Kyoko made for him.  However, rather than watching Yuna perform, his eyes were directly towards Kyoko, who was currently watching Yuna's singing.  With the music playing, Keita's elbow was resting against the counter with his fist supporting his chin, and slightly moving his head along with the music, staring at Kyoko with a smile at the same time.  Kyoko noticed the slightly strange movement that Keita was making and gave him a confused look.  From out of the blue, not knowing what to do, Kyoko started nodding her head along with Keita's movement, then all of a sudden, she started dancing, swaying slightly sexilly along with the music, with her expression still looking perplexed.  Keita noticed Kyoko's dancing and suddenly started to nod his head abruptly along with the beat.  Kyoko thought that Keita liked her "dancing", and just went on dancing in front of him behind the counter.

Baby, please let me wonder
If I've been the one you love
Please let me wonder
If I'm the one you've been dreaming of
Please let me wonder...

At the Cats and Mice Table, for some strange reason, Ueda started crying, probably because of the slight sad sound of the song.  And also from out of nowhere, fellow bikers Saku and MiKen started kissing and making out non-stop.  This, shocked the rest of the bikers that they even started to pull one another away from each other.  Mabo was obviously not paying attention, as he was too concentrated on the music.  He hasn't taken a bite of the Tiramisu, which was obviously good news, so far.  While that was happening, Eri was scanning around the whole place, still trying to figure out how she could stand up and sneak away from the Cats and Mice's table.  But with Mabo on the way, she knew she had no chance.

As she contined scanning, she found her eyes gazing right towards a certain young man at the juice bar.  While she gazed her eyes towards Sho, he too caught her looking right at him.  Eri immediately turned away, just so he would not see her actually looking at him.

Who was that...? Eri thought to herself, trying to gaze back right at Sho.  He's.... he's.... he's...

I could feel your coat around me
Knowing that your love will surround me
You'd never know what we can prove...

"What the heck is going on...?" Ayu wondered while witnessing all these random "romantic" events happening all over the place.  She could even tell by the eyes that even Yuna and the band were getting rather nervous and confused all at once.  After so many years of being a Kippy's Spot regular customer, she knew that wacky things--- rather violent--- always occured at regular summer nights such as this.  But seeing people "lovin'" instead of "fightin'" was very new to her.

"Whoa..." Nagase's eyes widened in shock.  "The whole place had gone love-wacko!"

"How on earth did all this lovin' ruckus ever happened...?" Taichi wondered, scratching his head at the same time.  "That girl Yuna sure has some serious pack of lovin' punch with that singing of hers..."

"Well, Yuna's singing is rather... powerful..." Ayu murmured with a small smile on her face.  "Ah, love is in the air after all... what do you think, Shorty?"  She turned her head next to her seat, waiting for her younger sister to answer, only to find that Shorty was nowhere to be found.  "Hm?  Where'd she go...?"

Joshima glanced around the whole area and almost fell off his seat when he spotted Shorty right near the Cats and Mice table.  He immediately nudged Ayu and pointed: "She's over there..."

Ayu turned her head to where the Cats and Mice table is located.  Apparently Shorty was dancing seductively in front of MiKen, who seemed to be tranced and hypnotized by Shorty's sultry movements with the music.  She lead him slowly towards the dance stage, with MiKen swaying along with her unawarely.  In the meantime, Mabo spots MiKen making his way out in the open and ran after him.  He tried to drag MiKen away from Shorty, but it was no use.

For so long I thought about it
And now I just can't live without it
This beautiful image I have of you...

Eri thought that this was her chance to escape.  And since the rest of the gang weren't paying attention at what was happening all over the place, she decided to stand up and tiptoe away from the Cats and Mice.  Not even just a few inches away from the table did Mabo finally turned his head around (though not succeeding against the power of Junno's Tiramisu) and caught her trying to get away.

"YOU!!" Mabo pointed directly right towards Eri.

"Me?" Eri pointed to herself.


"Dangit!"  Eri glared directly towards Mabo and went back to her seat reluctantly.  Mabo dashed back towards his table and got closer to Eri.

"See... I like you a lot, yenno?  Ya remind me of my old girlfriend!"

Eri gulped nervously after hearing Mabo say that.  "I... I do...?" she wondered in a dazed expression.

"Nnngghhh.... errr... well.... compared to her you ain't dat sexy... yeah... just 'bout right... oh, she don't wear glasses either..."

"Excuse me?!"

"But I still like ya... I'm your ideal--- and you are my idol!  Never have I heard such a beautiful name such as...... Meri..."

"ERI!"  Eri corrected the empty-minded biker gang leader.

"Grrr...." Mabo gnarled once more.  He easily gets himself annoyed everytime someone, regardless who it may be, corrects him with the things he just said.  "UEDA!!"

The weeping Ueda suddenly lifted his head with tears on his eyes.  He sniffed his nose and said "Yes, Boss?"

"YOU--- KEEP AN EYE ON HER!" Mabo pointed his finger towards Eri.  Eri slightly moved herself away from his finger before he could even tough her.  "YOU KEEP HER HERE UNTIL I SAY SO!!"

Ueda wiped his tears and asked: "What for?"


Ueda wiped off his tears while Mabo lounges himself on his seat next to Eri.  This, of course, made Ueda wonder why Mabo was still here when he was just instructed to keep an eye on this Kippy's girl.  "Uhh... Boss... why am I watching her for... you're here---"

"YOU STUPID!!"  Mabo smacked Ueda on the forehead.



Ueda gave him a perplexed look while Eri stared at Ueda in a confused expression.  Mabo leaned back on his seat, placing his legs over the table, which made Eri startled and scooted her seat slightly away so she can have some space for her to rest her arm.

She sighed deeply, then again, her eyes were going back towards the juice bar.  She could see Sho watching Yuna singing, Keiko still dragging Junno over the bar with Fran and Toma already trying to separate the two from one another.  Keita is still swaying his head along with Kyoko's unexpected dancing.  Knowing that crazy things were normal in Kippy's Spot, she decided to concentrate on Sho and somehow found herself blushing.

Baby, please let me wonder
If I've been the one you love
Please let me wonder
If I'm the one you've been dreaming of
Please let me wonder...

Jin and Kame were struggling against each other.  It seemed that they were about to race to see which one of them would get to Sharkie's table at first.  Jin pulled Kame back while Kame's arms tried to reach right towards Sharkie's table; particularly, Sharkie herself.

"Surfer Bunny Babe.... come to me.... please..." Kame moaned in his deepest, seductive voice, calling out for Sharkie.  At the moment, Sharkie was not even paying attention.  Her mind was completely in to the music that she even had no idea that strange things had been happening at the moment.

"DAMMIT, KAME, I SAW HER FIRST--- GET YOUR OWN GIRL!!!" Jin growled while pulling Kame away.


"WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU, KAME?!  WAKE UP!!!"  Without a choice, Jin finally faced Kame forward to him and punched him on the face, knocking him down seriously.  "Sorry Kame... you're my buddy and all, but I gotta do this..."  He carried Kame on to his back and went over to the Bums' table to let Nichi and the rest of the Bums that he's going to take the knocked-down Kame home.

Meanwhile, Aya Ueto just witnessed what just happened and nudged Sharkie on the side.  "Um.. Sharkie... Jin just knocked Kame out!  I think they were racing for your attention!"

"Hm?"  Sharkie murmured softly while her whole body sways along with the smooth rhythm of the song.  Aya noticed that obviously this surfer girl was not even paying attention.  Sharkie was too entranced by the lovely singing of Yuna that sometimes she'd wish that she could also sing like her someday.

From out of the blue, Ami felt a tap on the shoulder.  She turned her head to see who it was and almost fell off the chair when she finally got her answer.  "Ohhh~!"

"Hey there... Ami... right...?" One of the more familiar Bums grabbed an empty chair and moved right behind her, giving her a wink at the same time.

"Who are you--- oh!  I know you!!  You're Takky!" Ami gasped happily.

"Oh no.... you're mistaken," the young handsome beach boy said.  "You're just like the other girls... always mistaking for Takky..."

"Oh!  Oh!"  Ami gasped in shock, realizing who this particular one was.  "Tsuba!"

Tsubasa "Tsuba" Imai gave a small smile and nodded.  "Much better..."

"Erm... can I... help you...?"

"Um.. I was wondering... but..."  Slowly he scooted closer to her and whispered "are you free after Kippy's...?"

Ami's face flushed deep red.  "Free...?  Um.... well... we're not gonna do the... erm... the... um..."

Tsuba chuckled softly and said "No no.. none of that... I was wondering if you'd like to sleep over at Sho's beach house tonight... see, the elites hang out there every summer, you know..."

Ami's eyes widened in shock, feeling herself anxious.  "C-can I, really?  I heard among town people that the 'elite' ones stay over at a beach house somewhere, but I didn't know that it was Sho's beach house... or rather... erm... wow... I... I'd love to!"

"You can invite your friends if you like..."

"Wow.... really?  I can...?  Thanks, Tsuba!"

"Then maybe you and I can have a little..... 'somethin'-somethin'..."

Ami just gave a huge grin as Tsuba returned the grin to her.  She leaned over to Sharkie and said "Let's go sleep over at Sho's beach house tonight!  Tsuba just invited us!!"

Aya Ueto heard the news and smiled: "That's awesome!  Now we can have like... girl chats and stuff!"

"Not me..." Sharkie smirked.  "I'm staying over with my cousin and friends..."

"You mean these Kippy's worker people here??"

"Yep!  Nino's grandma owns a beach house very close to Kippy's... every summer, the Kippy's Crew sleep over at Nino's grandma's beach house.  It's closer to Kippy's, so more convenient!"

"Wow... cool!!!" Ami cheered happily.  "Gosh, Sharkie... then you're gonna miss out on the girl chats that we're gonna have!"

"I'm cool, I'm cool... you all can chat with me the next day..."  Sharkie just gave a humble smile and continued listening to the song.

In the meantime, Emi Suzuki and Miho Tanaka, two of the female "elite" bunnies, were arguing at each other to see which one of them gets to have Maru.  Maru, on the other hand, felt a little narcisstic, knowing that no other girls has ever fought another for his attentino and affection.  This was the life, he thought...

"I SAW MARU FIRST--- GET YOUR DIRTY HANDS OFF HIM!!!" Miho screamed out towards Emi.

"MARU LIKES ME MORE THAN YOU, MIHO, YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS!!" Emi stuck her tongue right towards Miho, which caused the other girl to suddenly slap her right on the face.  "UGH--- HOW DARE YOU, BITCH!!"  Emi slapped Miho the same way.  Few seconds later, the two started pulling each other's hair, struggling and rumbling against each other right on the floor.

"GIRLS--- GIRLS... STOP IT!!!" Maki Goto shrieked in fear while she, Ryoko Hasegawa, and Ayaya tried to pull each other apart.

"Aw... girls, girls..." Maru chuckled in delight.  "Just let them fight... it's fun seeing two girls killing each other off... and especially over some hot guy like me!  Hahaha!"

Right from behind, Maru's girlfriend Melanie heard everything.  There she was standing right behind him.  She tapped Maru on the shoulder gently.  Maru turned his head and then saw an angry Mel standing right in front of him.  "Hey Baby, what's up?!"

From out of nowhere, Melanie gave him a really good, solid uppercut on the chin, knocking Maru down on the floor.  She glared right at her boyfriend on the ground.

"PLAYER!!"  Melanie screamed as she walked off from the scene, leaving him unconscious.

Back at the Cats and Mice Table, Eri looked completely bored, knowing she couldn't even get away from this table, thanks to Mabo.  At the same time, the one who was supposed to keep an eye on her, started weeping once more.  Eri gave Ueda a confused look and asked: "Um... what's wrong...?"

Ueda looked up, giving her a perplexed expression.

"I mean... why are you crying...?"

Ueda sniffed his nose and wiped his tears.  He said "Oh... it's nothing... I always cry everytime I hear love songs..."

Eri blinked her eyes and scratched her head, giving Ueda a blank look.  "Really...?  Even happy ones...?"

"Love songs ALWAYS make me cry... even happy ones..."

"Awww...." Eri pouted sadly, patting Ueda on his hand.  "Some love songs make me cry too..."

"Really...?" Ueda gasped in shock.

"Uh huh... they do!"

Mabo suddenly noticed Eri and Ueda talking and suddenly slammed his fist against the table.  "HEY--- UEDA, I TOLD YOU TO WATCH OVER HER, NOT TALK TO HER!!!"

"But Boss, she---" Ueda was about to protest again, but once more, Mabo interrupted him.


Ueda glared at his own leader and sighed deeply.  Eri decided to keep quiet and again, sighed in boredom.

Baby, please let me wonder
If I've been the one you love
Please let me wonder
If I'm the one you've been dreaming of
Please let me wonder...

The song finally ended when the song faded away.  Everything on stage was silent, but not everything at the dining area went down quietly.  Practically everyone affected by the no-Chai Tea Tiramisu were still doing what they were doing, even when the song just ended.  Yuna stood there, looking even more nervous than ever, shivering slightly after she just performed the song to them.  She cleared her throat and spoke on the microphone:

"Um... that was... 'Please Make Me Wonder'... a favorite song of mine... um... thank you... for... erm..." Yuna could not even speak straight while witnessing all these different types of incidents happening in every corner of Kippy's Spot.  "Um... yes... I hope I'd get to sing for you again... thank you.. thank you very much!"  Yuna made a small curtsy to show her thanks.

Nagase's table as well as Eri, the waitresses, and the kitchen crew applauded at the performance.  Sharkie, from out of nowhere, stood up from her seat and started applauding for Yuna loudly: "YEAH, YUNA, YOU GO GIRL--- YOU TOTALLY RULE!!!  SING AGAIN, OKAY??  I LOVE YOU, YUNA--- YEEAAAAHHH!!!"

Sharkie's enthusiastic cheer somehow finally made the whole place fall silent.  She glanced at everyone, who were now staring right at her.  "What?!  I don't know what you people are doing but THIS GIRL RULES AT HER TALENTS... COME ON, GIVE HER A HAND NOW, COME ON!!!"

Sho started the applause, then everyone else started clapping for Yuna.  Yuna stood there frozen and nervous, giving a rather shy, humble smile.  Nino, Satoshi, and Ryuichi gave her pats on her shoulders.  Again, Yuna gave a small curtsy as she walks off the stage.  Ryuichi takes the mic again and said "Erm... uhh... the band's gonna go take a short break, so... uhh.... all of you don't go nowhere, aight?"

The Rays followed a somewhat shocked Yuna from behind.  Toma, who had been struggling between Keiko and Junno, suddenly dropped Keiko on the floor, with Junno being pulled out on the bar, and ran towards Yuna with an enthusiastic smile on his face.  "That was beautiful, Yuna--- although something went wrong over there at the juice bar that got me... erm.. distracted!"

"TOMA?!  Heeeelp......?!"



Yuna gasped in shock to see Junno getting wrestled down by Keiko.  Sho stood up from his seat, wondering how would he get the two separated from each other.  "Oh no!!!"

Fran panicked and joined to help Sho pull Keiko away from Junno.  "Keiko... Keiko... let go of him now..." Sho commanded the love-crazed Keiko, who was still clinging on to Junno.

"JUNNO MIIIINE~!!" Keiko whined.

"I CAN'T BREATHE!!!" Junno whined.

Nino suddenly stepped up on the scene and suddenly carried Keiko away from Junno in a swift movement.  "LEMME GO... LEMME GO..."

Sho was amazed to see his "lost" friend taking care of the situation in one swift second.  "Nino.... wow...."

Nino did not even look at Sho through the eyes, and instead, handed Keiko over to him.  He did not even make a single gesture, but instead, stepped back behind the band.

"Thanks... Nino..." Sho replied kindly, trailing off at the same time, knowing Nino would not even pay attention to him regardless.

Back at the Cats and Mice table, Eri decided to stand up in front of Mabo, for she has had enough with his foolish games.  She stood up from her seat and glared towards Mabo.  "HEY, YOU LISTEN HERE---"

"WHERE YA GOIN', GIRLIE--- SIT DOWN!!" Mabo demanded, looking at Eri straight in the eyes.


"BUNNIES!!!!"  A huge group shouted right behind Mabo's back, correcting him as usual.

"SHADDUP, YOU STUPIDS!!!" Mabo screamed his lungs out towards his gangmates, only to realize that it wasn't his own gang who corrected him this time.

"Uh... Boss..." Go murmured out to his boss.  "That ain't us who said that..."

"Yeah..." the rest of the gang nodded at the same time.

Mabo immediately turned his head around and right then, he almost tripped down his own stand when he was faced by none other than Nichi and the rest of the Bums and Bunnies.  He got his balance back and glared right towards Nichi.  "You--- YOU... THE ABOMINABLE EVIL OF ALL BAYSIDE SHORES..."

"Give me a break, Mabo..." Nichi shook his head at the same time.  "So--- you and your Carbon Monoxide Commandos are at it again, eh...?"

"You think you're so cool... so tough... and all that... ya ain't all that without yer own reinforcements, eh...?  Well then.. let's settle this RIGHT HERE..." Mabo pushed a chair away from his side, which accidentally hit Go on the legs that made him fall down on the ground.  Go happened to be standing next to him right on the spot.

"HEY, HEY, HEY---!!"  Before any type of rumble was about to begin, Satoshi dashed right between them to stop any hostile incidents on the first night at Kippy's.  "COME ON, YOU GUYS, WE JUST GOT THIS WHOLE DAMN PLACE RENOVATED--- IF YOU WANNA DUKE IT OUT, TAKE IT OUTSIDE, BUT NOT IN HERE!!"

"BACK OFF, YAN-YAN BOY..." Mabo exclaimed right at Satoshi's face, trying to push him away.  "THIS IS PERSONAL--- THIS AIN'T GOT TO DO WITH YOU!!"

"What are you gonna do, Mabo, try to kick my ass and slip on your own bike grease again...?" Nichi grinned while the rest of the Bums and Bunnies smirked and laughed along.


Eri, from the side, stood next to Satoshi and tried to pull him away "Satoshi, don't get yourself involved--- please..."

"DIDN'T I TELL YOU TO GET OUT OF THE WAY---?" Mabo, from out of nowhere, suddenly pushed Satoshi back.  There were some murmurs of shock and surprise that were heard all over the place.

"HEY, DON'T PUSH HIM, YOU GREASED-UP JERK!!" Eri glared and suddenly pushed Mabo back the same similar way.

"BOSS, DON'T LET THEM PUSH YOU AROUND--- PUSH 'EM BACK!!" Some of the Cats and Mice gang cheered for their boss.  Then, from all sides, the noises became louder as if it was announcing throughout the neighborhood that a fight was about to commence.

Back at the juice bar, Fran looked very worried at the situation happening right now.  She turned to Kyoko and gasped "Kyoko... we have to do something... they're hurting Satoshi-niichan and Eri-niichan!!"

Kyoko glared at Mabo bullying his older brother and turned towards the stage "RYUICHI-NIICHAN--- GET YOUR BUTT OVER THERE--- LET'S GO SAVE SATOSHI-NII---" Before Kyoko was about to finish, she saw Nino running towards the crowd with an angry look on his face.  "Nino...?"

"I'M ON IT!!!" Ryuichi cheered, jumping down from the stage, and rolling his sleeves, marched his way towards the crowd.  But before he can even get there---


Ryuichi froze when he heard that familiar voice coming from his right side.  He turned to see who it was and stood in shock.  "Sh--- Sho....?"

"Stay put, Ryuichi!" Sho stood up from his seat.  He turned to the juice bar and said to the sisters "Fran, Kyoko, you stay put as well--- I don't want any of you three getting near them, got that?!"

"What the...?" Ryuichi blinked in confusion.

"What did he just say....?" Kyoko murmured in shock.

Fran somehow became delighted as to what just happened.  "Don't you get it, Kyoko?  The old Sho Sakurai is coming back!"  Kyoko kept silent, still not realizing what had just happened.

Sho turned to Aiba and Jun, who were sitting at their table, just chatting, and signaled the other two to come with him and take care of the incident.  "Sho, what's going on??" Aiba wondered in shock.

"Come with me--- this is getting personal!" Sho reminded Aiba and Jun.  He ended up dashing his way to the scene, leaving the other two behind.

"Sho, wait up-- where are you going?!  SHO!!" Jun called as he and Aiba were catching up to him.

Meanwhile, Nino got himself in between and suddenly punched Mabo on the face.


Everyone moaned in shock to see that the silent guitarist just gave the leader of the Cats and Mice Biker Gang a huge sock on the eye.

"Ooooh... that's it...." Mabo's fury suddenly rose to the highest and his hands formed in to tight fists.  "NO ONE PUNCHES MABO LIKE THAT--- YOU'RE GONNA GET IT THIS TIME--- MUTE BOY---!!"

"DAMMIT, MABO, LEAVE HIM ALONE!!" Satoshi screamed out, pulling Nino away, but Nino insisted to stay, setting himself free from SAtoshi and got himself in his defensive position.

Right from behind, Sho was nearby and called out. "NINO, WAIT!!!"

Mabo pulled his fist backwards and launched his punch right forward towards Nino's direction.  Nino closed his eyes, getting ready to take the hit...
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Eri, u can't just leave the chapter like this, in the middle of a cliffhanger!!! **whines very loudly**  I want to know if Nino-kun will get hurt and if all 5 of them will be ONE again!!!

Update quickly ne!!!  cheer cheer cheer

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eri, i've been re-reading your edited fic here from the begining. you original draft may be longer and less tight, but i prefer that. it's just me.

do continue with your edited story. i still want to know what happns at the end. am awiting anxiously for your continuation.

and don't get discouraged if no one comments... it might be bcos, they don't know that you have new chapters added. i for one hardly comment although i do enjoy reading all the fics put up.

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Hi arwenna. ^^;  I know the one here is the edited version, but pretty much the same story so far.  I want to sync the version here and the version in IRO so it'd be easier for me to come up w/ a good ending LOL. :P

+ + + + + +

CHAPTER 13: Next-Door Neighbors

Kippy's Spot: Dining Area
(same time...)




"What on earth is Sho doing now...?"

"........................................ saving NINO?!"

Nino waited about thirty seconds with his eyes shut to meet Mabo's fist, which was supposed to be right at his face at a split second.  After noticing that nothing really happened thirty seconds later, he lifted his left eye open to see what just happened.

Huh...?  I didn't get hit?  Then what happened.....

Nino looked up to see that Mabo was no longer in his view.  In fact, Nino was rather shocked to see who got in the way of the hit.  He did not want to believe at first and would rather believe that he was dreaming right after he got knocked out, but instead, that was not the case.  The one who stopped Mabo from reaching him now has him in his arms...

Sho, who called out Nino's name several times, was able to get there in time, jumped in between Mabo and Nnio, and instead, took the hit from Mabo while using his well-built self to shield Nino away from any of Mabo's advances.  Nino's mouth was open with shock that he could not even move his mouth or even his fingers to express his reaction by words.

Everyone from all sides were very shocked as well as amazed in seeing this rather... dramatic... event.  Luckily Sho only had his right shoulder punched, which to him wasn't too much of a big deal.  It did give a lot of pain, but not enough for him to fall down on his knees.

"Sho...." Satoshi's eyes were wide open in shock.  It turned out that Sho got himself in between just on time before Mabo's fist could even reach Nino.  He had his arms around Nino to shield him away from the chagrined Cats and Mice leader.

Slowly in a very soft voice, Nino was able to make up sounds from his mouth in a very shocked look: "W... w... wh... why...?"

Sho did not say a word, leaves Nino, and stands up to face Mabo.  Though Mabo was a rather tall and quite chunky-built young man, Sho was the perfect match towards Mabo if they were going to rumble right at this moment.

"You sure have the nerve to punch a troubled person like that, Mabo..."

"GAH!!!"  Mabo backed away slowly and pointed to Sho.  "YOU!  YOU'RE WORSE THAN.... THAN HIM!!!"  He pointed his finger immediately towards Nino.

Huh?  He's worse than me?! Nino wondered tin his mine, pointing his own finger toawrds himself.

"AND HIM!!!"  He pointed his finger to Satoshi, who was standing right next to Nino.

"WHY ARE YOU GETTING ME INVOLVED IN THIS MESS, MABO?!" Satoshi complained after he blatantly compared Sho to himself.

"AND HER TOO!!" Suddenly pointed his finger towards Eri, in which she never felt more insulted than ever.

"EXCUSE ME?!  HOW DARE YOU COMPARE!!" Eri's fists were already tightened.  Satoshi placed his hands on his older sister's shoulder and calmed her down.

"Neechan... please don't start any fights... you haven't fought anybody in years!" Satoshi hushed Eri, but her fists remained closed and tight.

"You're not laying a finger on him---" Sho pointed towards Nino, "--- OR her!" He pointed next towards Eri.  "NOT WHEN YOU AND I FINALLY SETTLE THIS MESS RIGHT NOW!!"

"Sho, stay away from this--- lemme handle this---" Nichi said with a slight smirk on his face, now standing between him and Mabo.

"You know it's fun playing around with these---"  Right then, Sho nudged his arm against Nichi, giving him the word to back off, for this is yet another personal matter that needed to be dealt with.

Aiba and Matsujun arrived on the scene and stood right next to Sho.  It was their turn to have their saying against the rather stubborn leader.


"Oh no..." Satoshi shook and lowered his head.  Please... not now... we just got that damn window replaced...



"YOU KNOW, I WAS RATHER TICKED OFF WHEN I SAW YOU MESSING AROUND WITH ERI HERE..." Right then, Sho shoved Mabo back like how he shoved Nino down earlier.  "SEEING GUYS LIKE YOU TRYING TO HIT ON GIRLS LIKE HER---" He pointed right towards Eri to make his statement, "--- PISS ME OFF!"

"Uh, Sho... calm down now..." Aiba gulped nervously as he and Jun pulled Sho back to prevent from causing any more fights.  "We don't want to repeat last year again...."

"FEH, WHAT DO YOU CARE, SURFER BOY--- IT'S NOT LIKE SHE'S YOUR GIRLFRIEND OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT!" Mabo suddenly stuck his tongue childishly towards Sho.

"DON'T GET ME INVOLVED IN THIS, JERK!!" Eri interrupted and as a quick reflex, suddenly punches Nino right on the nose.

"OOOH!!" The rest of the witnesses gasped in shock to see the "damsel in distress" fighting back.  Eri's mighty punch rather did good damage on Mabo's nose, as it started to bleed a bit and his nose looking rather crooked.

"WHY YOU LITTLE--- YOU DAMN RUINED MY NOSE!!  YA GONNA PAY FOR THAT!!"  Mabo was about to start fights with the young lady when the rest of the Cats and Mice pull him back.  At the same time, Eri was also pulled back by the rest of her family to avoid any more violent acts.

"WHATCHA GONNA DO--- YOU GONNA PICK A FIGHT ON A GIRL, HUH?!  HUH?!"  Eri tried to struggle so she can finally attack Mabo like two uncontrollable street fighters but Satoshi tried to calm her down.

"Neechan--- stop it!" Satoshi warned his older sister.

The tension throughout Kippy's was getting higher by the minute.  Those who were witnessing at the tables and at the juice bar all had their mixed feelings.  Though Satoshi and the rest of the Kippy's Crew did plan to keep the whole place in order, getting involved in the clique war between the B-Cube and the Cats and Mice was definitely not in their minds.  If Mabo did not force Eri to stay with him at his table after she served the Tiramisu to them, none of this would have had happened.

In the meantime, the girls at Sharkie's table (with Keiko already being tied by Ami from her uncontrollable grasps on Junno earlier) were witnessing the whole situation and also expressed their own feelings.  "Wow--- Sho is such a hero..." Ami murmured in shock.

"Sho is always like that..." Aya Ueto smiled proudly.  "He would always sacrifice himself for others..."

"I think Nino's more of the hero," Ami said, "since he had the guts to punch that moron Mabo out just to shut him up..."

"I didn't know Eri Yanehiro can be feisty like that..." Sharkie wondered curiously.  "I mean she looks so sweet and innocent--- I guess I was wrong!"

"The Yanehiros..." Ami murmured about the Kippy's owners.  "Many people say that they're the quirkiest family in Bayside Shores--- and yet they're also one of the most respected, even if they're not exactly a dominant family like the Sakurais..."

Sharkie shrugged and just shook her head.  Without any words, she stood up from her seat and walked her way towards the situation on her own.

"Sharkie, where are you going?!" Aya called out.

"I wonder what Sharkie's going to do..." Ami wondered.  The girls continued to watch as Sharkie made her way towards the mess.

Sharkie reached the scene that was going on.  Just her appearance alone made everyone involved fall silent.

"You know, this whole thing is ridiculous..." Sharkie spoke her first words towards the two opposing forces.  She crossed her arms and shook her head.

"WHO THE HECK ARE YOU?!" Mabo suddenly yelled out towards Sharkie.

Sharkie shook her head once again and said "Is that how you greet a new girl in town, Mister Leather Boy?"


Sharkie stood between Mabo and the others.  Sho decided to back away and so did the others.  Mabo had a suspicious glare at Sharkie as she continued her statement: "You know, Mister Leather Boy, I think you're tired.  You need more rest."


"I'm just a new girl in town, trying to ENJOY a party night here at Kippy's, which of course... incidentally... YOU and your GANG OF LEATHER-CLAD OIL-HEADS OVER THERE PRACTICALLY RUINED IT!!"


"One of what?!"


Sharkie rolled her eyes and hushed the very stressed out Mabo.  "Why don't you just calm down and relax, okay?  Shhh..."


"I said shut up!" Sharkie slowly and slightly curled her pointer finger, telling Mabo to come a little closer to her.  "Now come closer--- there's something I want to tell you..."

"Heh..." Mabo grinned with a small smirk on his mouth.  "Well.. erm.. you are... kinda cute.. ehehehe..."

Sharkie also gave a smirk on her face and as they were inches closer, she lifted her pointer and whispered softly to Mabo: "Now just relax and go to sleep, Mister Leather Boy..."  Then, Sharkie gently touched a certain area on Mabo's forehead.  Mabo's smirking expression from earlier was still there on his face as if it never changed.  Sharkie slightly moved back with a smirk on her face and crossed her arms.

"Eh?!" The rest of the gang gasped in shock to see that Mabo was completely still in that position with the same smirking expression on his face like a stone statue.  Saku dashed next to Mabo and started to wave her hand in front of his eyes and even snapped her fingers.

"Hey--- Boss ain't movin'!" Saku gasped.  She even touched his shoulder with her finger and even shook him all over.  "HE AIN'T MOVIN'!!"

Everyone gasped in shock as Ueda got up and he said "LET'S GET OUT OF HERE... I DON'T WANNA CAUSE TROUBLE HERE..."

"What the hell for, Ueda?!" Saku complained.  "DID YOU SEE WHAT THAT CHICK DID TO THE BOSS?!"

"SO WHAT--- THE BOSS AIN'T MOVIN'--- LET'S GO ALREADY!!" Ueda said.  The rest of the biker gang frowned and made their way towards the door.  Ueda continued to scan around to be sure that everyone in the gang was present.  He noticed that someone in the gang was not present.  "MiKen?!  Where the heck did he go??"

+ + + + +

Kippy's Spot: Restrooms
(few seconds later...)

In the meantime, Ayu, Nagase, Joshima, and Taichi were at the restrooms area, knocking on the door at the womens' restroom.  Shorty and MiKen must have snuck away from their stage dancing to do their small "thing" in the women's restroom.  Ayu continued to knock on the door and calling out.


"She's not answering, Ayu..." Nagase said with a concern.

"Let's go bust the door open!!" Taichi exclaimed when Joshima placed his hand on his shoulder.

Joshima suddenly slapped Taichi on the head.  "WHAT DO YOU MEAN BUST THE DOOR OPEN'?!  THAT'S THE WOMEN'S RESTROOM!!  ARE YOU NUTS?!"

Ayu joined suit by slapping Taichi on the head as well.  "MY SISTER IS IN THERE--- WHY DO YOU WANT TO BUST THE DOOR OPEN, HUH??  YOU'RE GOING TO DO THE PEEPING TOM CRAP ON HER?!  SHAME ON YOU!!"

"Wait... I can hear the knob opening..." Joshima said. Surely enough, the knob turned and the door was opened.  The four slowly backed away to see who was going to exit first.

MiKen suddenly ran out, all with his hair completely messy, his collar of his leather unfolded properly, and sweat all over his face.  He breathed heavily and he murmured.  "HEEEEELP!!!! PLEASE!!!"  He started to cling on to Ayu for desperation, which made Ayu feel a lot disgusted.

"EW, GET AWAY FROM ME!" Ayu suddenly pushed MiKen away from her.  "GROSS-- I CAN TELL YOU DIDN'T EVEN WASH YOUR HANDS--- EWWW!!"

"What's wrong with you?!" Nagase asked curiously.

"That girl..... crazy... need... air..."  Right away, he gets up and runs out from the area.  Few seconds later, Shorty ran out, all looking neat and preppy and giggly at the same time.

"Shorty!  Thank god you're okay!" Nagase exclaimed with worry.

"What are you talking about, Tomoya?" Ayu rolled her eyes.  "Shorty's not the victim--- that Cats and Mice biker boy WAS the victim."

"Eh?!" Nagase exclaimed as Ayu crossed her arms, staring at her younger sister Shorty.

"Shorty, what on earth did you do to that guy?!" Ayu gasped in shock.

"Hee hee..." Shorty grinned evilly as she pushed her hair back and slowly walked out from the scene.  "Rapeumusu~!"

"Oh no.. you... didn't... SHORTY!!  YOU COME BACK HERE... TALK TO ME!!!  SHORTY?!"  Ayu chased Shorty from behind.  The three men shrugged and followed Ayu from behind.

+ + + + +

Kippy's Spot: Dining Area
(few minutes later...)

MiKen finally met Ueda with a shocked look on his face.  "Where have you been??"

"Let's get out of here, man... there's CRAZY PEOPLE HERE..." MiKen gulped nervously.

From behind, Shorty giggled and called out: "Nyaaoooo~!!!!"

"AAAAAAHHH!!!" MiKen suddenly hid behind Ueda in fear, staring at Shorty at the same time.  "Ueda.. let's go.. let's go... let's go...."

"MiKen fyuckalicious... hehehehehe..." Shorty cackled with evil eyes.  Right away, MiKen dashed away out towards the door in fear.  Shorty was about to run after him, but instead, Ayu grabbed her by the waist.  "Nuuuuuu~ Ayu-neechi!!!"

"Shorty, I think it's time for us to go home... you've partied enough for tonight..."

"MIKEN LUFFUMUSU~!!!" Shorty pouted sadly, reaching out for MiKen as he exited with the rest of the Cats and Mice with Ueda next to him.  Ayu turned to the Kippy's Crew on the scene.

"Sorry for all the ugly mess, but... I think Shorty needs to go see her therapist again... whatever she ate tonight must have triggered her... erm... hormones..."

"Um... drive safely, everyone..." Ryuichi waved goodbye to Ayu and the three men with her.  "Um... take care, Shorty... uh.. get well soon...?"

After the Cats and Mice Gang, as well as Ayu, Shorty, Nagase, Taichi, and Joshima left, there wasn't much of a mes left other than the usual on the tables.  Everyone suddenly went back to normal again, however, the happy, partying mood that was started in the beginning just disappeared.

+ + + + +

Kippy's Spot: Kitchen
(closing hours)

Later at the kitchen area, where the nearest first aid kit was located, Eri gave a small bandage on Nino's right fist.  Nino ended up hurting his own fist after he gave Mabo a good knucklefist on his face.  She sighed at the same time, thinking about what had just happened earlier today.

"Nino... now you can't play the guitar because you injured yourself..."

Nino sighed and made a small signal using his left hand: I'm sorry... I can't stand that Mabo loser...

"You know, I can take care of myself, you know...?" Eri said.  "I don't want you getting involved in those fights anymore..."

"Look who's talking..." Satoshi coughed his words, contradicting to what Eri just said.  "I know that it's been years that we haven't exactly spent time together as a family but you never changed!  You used to beat up boys when you were  younger and that habit is still there!"

"Is there a problem with me working my way to defend myself from goons like Mabo?!  Satoshi, this isn't a MAN'S WORLD anymore, got that?!" Eri went on the offensive as Satoshi shook his head and kept his mouth shut.

"Ugh, fine!" Satoshi shrugged his arms.  "Look, take care of Nino, let me go back to the stage and talk to the rest of the band." He got up from his spot and headed out towards the stage.

Seems like old times... Nino signed his hands while making a sly smile at the same time.  I remember when we were little kids... when other big kids tried to pick on him, I used to get in to fights with them 'cuz he was too short to take 'em on... I was taller than him back then, did you know...?

Eri's eyes widened in shock when she heard this.  She got a bit closer to Nino and asked "I heard you murmur... I heard your voice... the traces of your voices... and you asked... 'why?'.... what do you mean...?"

Nino lowered his head and made his reply: I had a lot of questions to ask during that time... especially regarding Sho...

Eri then recognized the sign that Nino made about Sho.  She fell quiet, thinking about what Nino had just said.  Then she looked up and asked Nino.


Yeah... that tall, well-built Elite-B surfer dude who stood up between me and Mabo earlier...

She blushed deeply and murmured her voice softly.  "So that's his name..."

Eh...?  What do you mean...? Nino signed his hands, wondering why Eri got happy all of a sudden when he just mentioned Sho's name.

"His name is Sho..." Eri chuckled softly.  "He looked really good... tonight..."

Nino looked very shocked to hear what Eri just said.  Wait--- are you telling me you've never seen him before...?

No... I meant that... the first time I saw him... was last year... during that special summer night that we had together before I headed back to Lowell...

Nino shrieked out a voice and covered his mouth.  "What is it, Nino??"

He continued on his sign language.  Are you telling me now that that the guy you were telling me about earlier--- the one you met and you didn't get his name... was SHO?

"Mm... yes.. that was him...  I recognized his sweet face and his very warm, kind smile... and that commanding, deep voice of his..."

Nino just shook his head with a smile on his face.  Satoshi ain't gonna be happy about this...

"Huh?  What do you mean 'Saotshi isn't going to be happy' business?  He needs to mind his own business!  What did Saotshi say to you?!"

Oh nothing... I was just mumbling...

"Nino--- don't hide things from me!"

This is between you and Satoshi... talk to him...

"Fine, fine..."  Quickly she changed the subject.  "What's wrong with that guy Sho?  He was really kind and sweet to me last year--- I mean he took me to places I've never ben before around town--- and he took me home.  It was just a simple night out.  There was no goodnight kiss and what not.  I guess he was just being hospitable to me since I was the last person to close down Kippy's for the night..."

Eri--- this is SHO SAKURAI that we're talking about!  He ain't exactly 'Prince Charming' if you ask me!  Among all of the Elite-B's of the B-Cube clique, it ain't that Nichi dude that you need to look out for--- it's this guy!  He's very notorious for picking up a random cute girl then sleeps with them, then he leaves them dusted, never to be heard again!  You don't want to get involved with dudes like Sho.  Eri, we know you don't know who he is as a person, but being Sho's ex-best friend, I want you to be careful... do it for your brother and for us, alright...?

Eri felt rather sad to hear Nino's warning, but still, she cannot refuse that one night she had with him last year as a dream.  She knew that was for real.  "Thanks... for the warning... Nino..."

She finished wrapping his hand along with some cool pack on his hand to soothe the pain.  "It looks like we'll have to end this night early..."

Yeah... unfortunately... I don't know anyone else in here who can play guitar other than your brother Ryuichi... I'm sorry...

"Just be careful next time, alright...?" Eri patted Nino on the shoulder.

Right this minute, Satoshi returned to the kitchen along with Shinya, and Ryuichi, wondering what Nino's condition with his right hand was.

"Sorry dudes... he can't play the guitar... we'll have to close early..."

"What?!  Aw man..." Shinya pouted.  "I wanted to play my new instrumental gig--- 'Moon Dawg'!!"

"Look, save the 'Moon Dawg' for later, okay?  Nino needs to rest his hand..." Eri exclaimed towards Shinya.

"Welp..." Satoshi shrugged his arms, "it's better to end the party early than leaving poor Toma out there on stage saying lame dumb jokes to the people there..."

"I'll go and announce it..." Ryuichi said and ran out the kitchen.

"Nino... I dunno why the heck you did that for," Satoshi shook his head with a smile on his face, "but... thanks..." He embraced his friend tight while Nino patted Satoshi on the back with his left hand.  "I'm not much of a fighter, you know..."

I know you're not...

"Dude--- dude--- that was so cool--- I mean, did you see Sho Sakurai get all tough on that Mabo jerk?  He looked SOOOO COOL!!!  HEH HEH HEH HEH~!!" Shinya suddenly got jumpy regarding the scene.  However, neither Eri or Satoshi, nor Nino, even gave an excited look at him.  "What...?  Nino, SHO SAKURAI SAVED YOUR LIFE!!"

Nino lowered his head and sighed sadly.  Sho didn't have to do that... I... I thought he doesn't want to even deal with us anymore...

"What are you talking about, Nino?!" Shinya gasped.  "Even I was shocked, but still... I'm having a good feeling that the crew will reunite someday... wouldn't that be great, Nino?  It can be you guys as five again!!  Sho, Aiba, and Matsujun won't have to hang out with those B-Cubes anymore!"

"Don't push your like, Shinya," Satoshi said, "ain't gonna happen.  They're too busy watching after themselves and their girls--- they got no time to hang out with real friends anymore..."

Sho, Aiba, and Matsujun have a lot to talk about... like why they ditched you and me for that stupid stuck-up B-Cubes... and why they won't even bother saying hello to Fran, Ryuichi, and Kyoko--- gosh Satoshi, when you were away on an exchange for one year and Eri obviously back in boarding school in Lowell, when we were still kids, Sho, Aiba, Matsujun, and I took care of Fran, Ryuichi, and Kyoko for you for one year...

Satoshi patted Nino to comfort him.  He nodded in agreement.  "Nino... things will be back again for us hopefully... you just hang in there, okay?


"We'll talk about it later, okay...?" Satoshi grinned while Nino nodded with a light smile on his face.

"Satoshi, I need to ask you about something," Eri interrupted in between, changing the subject.

"Hm?  About what?"

"About Sho Sakurai---"

Satoshi immediately covered his older sister's mouth and hushed.  "Uhh... let's talk about that... erm.. some other time..."

"What?  What is it that you're hiding from me?  Why is it that you don't like me being friends with Sho?!  I just want to let you know that... erm..."


Eri suddenly trailed off, a bit nervous to let Satoshi know that she has had secret deep feelings for this particular surfer boy, but decided that tonight was not the right time.  "Um... well... nothing..."

"Hm.... okay..."

+ + + + +

Ninomiya Residence
(about three hours later...)

Hours later around midnight, the Kippy's Crew were getting ready for bed after one hectic, messy night.  Every summer, the Kippy's Crew get to stay over at a nearby beach house in the same street as Kippy's Spot was located.  The beach house was owned by Nino's current guardian, his grandmother, who until now, despite of her age, was still healthy and lively as she always was since Nino was born.

Another known girl, a twenty-four-year-old named Dianne, was working for Nino's grandmother as her caretaker.  Dianne was also the best friend of Mina Ninomiya, Nino's older sister and Bayside Shores' "First Beach Bunny" ever to exist in town.  She moved in to take care of Mrs. Ninomiya after Mina's death and had also been acting as Nino's "substitute" older sister.  But regardless that they were best friends in the old days, Dianne's personality was completely the opposite of Mina's.

The house was a two-story Victorian-style beach house.  It may seem small from the outside, but inside, it was big enough to fit all of the Kippy's Crew workers.  Every summer, Nino's family would stay here, just so they get to be closer to the beach and also to Kippy's Spot.  The Ninomiya Beach House was the main headquarters of Kippy's Crew away from Kippy's Spot.  The usual people were to board in this house, plus a new tenant to join them.

"Wow... you sure got a cool place here, Nino!" Sharkie chuckled while she slightly placed down her huge duffel bag on the ground.  "It looks warm too!"

Thank you... Nino signed humbly.  He introduced Sharkie to his grandmother as well as Dianne.  After a short introduction, Sharkie, Mrs. Ninomiya, and Dianne were getting acquainted very well.

"You kids sure closed the spot early..." Mrs. Ninomiya said, chuckling at the same time.

"Yeah.... erm.... stuff happened..." Satoshi replied nervously.

"Kazu!" Mrs. Ninomiya gasped when she noticed the bandage around Nino's right hand.  "What on earth happened?!"

"Erm, long story..." Satoshi chuckled nervously.  "Um... it's getting late... we'll let you know the story tomorrow at breakfast, Mrs. N!"

"Oh... alright, alright... off to bed now, kids..." Mrs. Ninomiya chuckled.  "We will talk about what happened to Kazu's hand tomorrow morning.  Kazu, please show this young lady to her new room... or spot even..."

Nino nodded and glanced at Sharkie.  He signaled her to come follow him so he can give her a room in the house.  The rest split up and headed to their assigned rooms.

Little surfer, little one,
la la la la...
Do you love me
Do you, surfer boy
Surfer boy, my little surfer boy...

Kyoko sang and hummed a small tune while she slowly combed her hair in front of her dresser with a happy smile on her face.  Regardless of the mess that happened earlier at Kippy's Spot, the most important to her at the moment was her first summer moment with the new surfer boy in town.  When they first met, they were merely classmates at a science class and were lab partners.  Earlier that night she felt something more than just being classmates.  She surely did enjoy her time.  Her being a semi-novice juice bartender and Keita being the humble customer who had no care in the world as long as he was close to her.  To Kyoko, it seemed that her summer goal was about to be accomplished very soon.

"Kyoko!" She heard her older sister Fran chuckle delightfully from behind, sitting on a queen-sized bed, putting on some lotion on her arms and legs at the same time.  "You're actually singing?!"

Kyoko suddenly stopped singing her "Surfer Boy" song and slightly turned around to her.  "Heck no--- I wasn't singing!"

"Hahaha~!!"  The waitresses were also present in the room clad in their PJs and night teddies; some were wearing facial masks or have cucumber slices on their eyes for their evening facial skin therapy.  Every summer nights at the Ninomiya Residence, a simple and classy beach house across the street from the shore, the girls would always gather around in one of the larger bedrooms for their nightly girl talk and other things.  Sometimes they would sleep together in one room and sometimes they would go back to their rooms to go to sleep.

"Okay okay!!" Kyoko laughed and stuck her tongue at everyone else.  "Well... can't help it if this girl's in love..."

"Oooooh~!!!" the girls grinned slyly.

"I have to admit," Fran said, giggling at the same time, "that Keita boy is rather cute..."

"Eh?!" Summer gasped in confusion.  "Keita--- you mean little KeiFu?!"

"No, silly!!" Kyoko laughed at Summer.  "Keita Tachibana, NOT Keita Furuya..."

"Eh?" Summer lowered her tone and was now looking perplexed.  "Who's that...?"

"The new boy in town..." Tany chuckled.  "I saw him too back in school... he's really cute but he's kinda shy!"  On the sidenote, Tany's full-time job is an associate librarian in Bayside Shores High School, in which she is able to assist students with their studies as well as a tutor as well.  She recognized Keita Tachibana as one of those science students who needed tutoring, but she had no idea that this was the boy whom Kyoko has interests in.

"Wow... I didn't know that he hangs out with the Elite-B's...?" Summer murmured through her dark green facial mask while relaxing down on the bed with two fresh sliced cucumbers on her eyes in addition to her skin theraphy.  "How on earth did that boy end up with them...?"

"He's Sho Sakurai's new neighbor back at Skyline Estates!" Fran joined in the conversation.  "That's what I heard from the grapevine..."

"I saw him earlier," Summer said, "and I have to agree--- he IS cute!  Even if he's just new in town, he does look like the beach boy type... I love his skin complexion... it suits him so well... and his smile is sooo cute!!"

"Hey!!" Kyoko stuck her tongue towards Summer, "that's MY MAN you're talking about... get your OWN man!"

"Okay, okay!"  The girls giggled endlessly when their laughter was interrupted by a door knock.

"It's open!" Fran called out.  The door opened slowly and Nino peeped his head through the opening and waved.

"Hey Nino--- still awake?"

Nino just grinned slightly and from behind, Sharkie and Yuna appeared, both in their PJs.  The girls greeted the new tenants in the beach house with open arms.  "Hey Yuna, I thought you won't be spending the night with us tonight?" Tany asked, who looked rather surprised to see the new singer in the beach house as well.

"I... changed my mind..." Yuna gave a humble grin.  "I thought it would be fun to get to know my fellow girls at Kippy's..."

"I hope you gals don't mind us newbie girls join in your... little chat?" Sharkie asked politely with a smile on her face.

"Come in, come in!"  Sharkie and Yuna let themselves free and dashed inside the room and found their own spot to relax.

Fran gave a little signal to Nino: Thanks a lot, Nino!

No problem!  Nino returned his reply.

"Hey Nino!"  Summer cheered with a huge grin.  "That was some heroic task that you did earlier... saving our assistant manager Satoshi away from the evil clutches of that moron known as Mabo..."

He was annoying... he needs to shut up... Nino rolled his eyes while he gave his answer.

"Hey, how's your hand, by the way?  That punch must have hurt a lot..." Tany said with a slight sad tone.

Nino stared at his bandaged right hand and just shrugged.  Nah, it's a bit sore... nothing major... it'll be okay tomorrow...

"I hope so too..." Tany sighed softly, trying not to blush.  "Or you'll never play the guitar again..."

Nino just grinned and answered: I have other ways... anyway... you gals take care.  Don't cause any trouble.  Goodnight!

"THANKS AGAIN, NINO!!" the girls waved goodnight to Nino.  He waved in returned and closed the door behind him.

"Heeey!" Evelyn gasped.  "Eri's missing!"

"She's still back at Kippy's," Kyoko said.  "She's got Ryohei and Kazapon with her, so she's safe."

"Yep," Fran said, "she's the one who always closes Kippy's for the night!"

"Shouldn't Satoshi be doing that?!" Tany gave a small complained.  "He's assistant manager!  Why's he making Eri close down Kippy's for the night?  Doesn't he know how dangerous it is to leave girls alone in an hour like this?"

"Well, Satoshi's the one who opens Kippy's every morning though," Fran said.  "And besides, she's never alone--- like Kyoko said, Ryohei and Kazapon are also the last people at Kippy's too.  They should be back here in about ten to fifteen minutes or so..."

"That's rather shady for Satoshi to have his older sister be the one to close Kippy's..." Sharkie said in a low tone, yawning at the same time.

"Actually Eri volunteered to do it..." Kyoko said, shrugging at the same time.  "Satoshi was against the idea, but she insisted... as the saying goes, when it comes to age in the family, it's always the oldest who gets to have the call!"

Again, another door knock interrupted their chat.  Fran called out to the door: "Come in!"

The door opens and Eri appeared, all in her set of PJs.  "Hey gals... looks like you're all having fun!"

"Nah, you didn't miss anything," Kyoko said.  "We were just talking about you."

"If it's about that boy I was talking about..." Eri chuckled softly, "guess what... I finally learned his name!"  She closed the door behind her and found her spot on the bed.

"Oh, actually we were talking about how your brother Satoshi actually let you close Kippy's at this kind of hour," Tany said.  "Seriously Eri... you really are brave for you to volunteer to do something like this..."

"Kazapon and Ryohei were with me, so I'm safe," Eri said.  "But even so, I can take care of myself..."

"After the way Mabo treated you earlier," Fran said, "it just made all of us worried about you."

"Girls, we're not helpless, you know," Eri said, stretching her arms at the same time.  "Well, I'm here now, unharmed... let's relax for the night, right, girls?"

"Right!"  The girls fell silent at first.  Summer got up from the bed and removed her cucumber slices and dashed to the restroom to remove the mask.  Another door knock was heard.

"It's open!" Fran called.

The door opened and in came Mrs. N's "nurse," Dianne.  She carried a tray of hot chocolate and enough mugs for everyone for those who may want a cup.  "Hey girls... I hope you don't mind me... joining..."

"Hi Dianne!" The girls greeted.

"Come on in, come on in!" Eri said, carrying the tray away from her as Dianne found her spot.  Eri placed the tray on the side table next to the dresser and poured some of the hot chocolate on the mugs.  "So, what brings you here?"

"Oh... I don't know... I just kinda feel left out sometimes... all summer being here, taking care of Mrs. N and missing out all the fun, you know?"  Dianne said humbly.  "Welp... I brought some hot chocolate for you gals.  I just brought some to the guys in the other room---"

"Wait, wait..." Sharkie chuckled, interrupting in a quick notice.  "The guys have their own gathering like this too every summer night?"

"Yep... next door to this room..." Summer said.  "Those greedy jerks--- THEY GET THE BALCONY!!"

"Why would they want a balcony anyway?" Tany wondered.  "I mean, girls meant to have a balcony in their rooms more than guys do!"

"You know what... good question!" Fran chuckled.  "There's nothing across the street from this house except for the beach..."

"For some reason they got a huge telescope out there at the balcony," Kyoko said, putting rollers on her hair at the same time.  "I think they're spying or something..."

"More like peeping like they always do..." Tany smirked.  The other girls laughed along with her at that fact.

"So anyway, Kyoko," Fran decided to return back to the original subject.  "Tell us more about Keita..."

"Yeah Kyoko, tell us more about Keita!"  The other girls became excited and anxious, begging Kyoko to let the girls know more about this new boy in Kyoko's life.

"Okay, okay..." Kyoko just laughed.  She placed her brush on the top of the dresser and dashed to the bed.  She grabbed an extra pillow and lied on the bed face flat while cuddling on that extra pillow.

"Well... Keita Tachibana... he's..."  She went ahead and decided to make her own story of Keita in storybook form...

+ + + + +

Sakurai Beach Residence: The B-Cube's Summer Headquarters
(about the same time)

Unknowingly to majority of the Kippy's Crew with the exception of the Ninomiyas and Satoshi himself, all along the summer homebase headquarters of the (in)famous B-Cube clique is just next door to their summer headquarters for Kippy's employees.  This was actually how Nino and Sho first met back when they were young children (and eventually became close friends of course).  Nino and family were spending time with Grandma back then while Sho and family stay at their beach house right next door to enjoy their summer vacations right across to the shore.

Within the almost 5000 square feet beach home that can pretty much accomodate the whole 20+-member B-Cube clique is a lot more activity going on within the clique.  The B-Cubes do know how to entertain themselves.  They just need to learn how to stop partying too much for the sake of all the neighbors in the neighborhood who want long, quiet sleep.

Not only that it was intricately built majestically, but it was well-crafted architecture from some of the region's most highly-renowned architects around.  Normally they would have "After Kippy's Pool Parties" at night, however, this night was different.  After the incident, Sho asked Nichi to skip the "After Kippy's Pool Party" for tonight as a sign of respect for the next-door neighbor Ninomiyas.

The Elite-B boys--- well most of them anyway--- were rather quite upset with the cancelling of their after Kippy's party that some were even becoming desperate.  While some of the B-Cube Bums were lucky to have their "nights" with their Bunnies, this was the chance for them to finally be "free" of their "activities" with their girls and do whatever they want.

Sho exited one bedroom and greeted "goodnight" to some of the ladies in there.  All he gave them were light, gentle kisses, nothing more than that.  He saw some of the Elite-B's boys--- Aiba, Matsujun, Keita Tachibana, Shigeaki Kato, and Yuya Tegoshi--- having their little meeting at the living room area.

"What's going on here...?" Sho asked curiously.

Yuya stood up with a grin on his face: "We got nuthin to do since we don't have the pool party tonight--- damn them Cats and Mice gotta ruin OUR partyin'--- seriously!"

"I'm sorry, guys," Sho apologized as he sat down on the couch along with the boys.  "My next-door-neighbor almost got his ass kicked earlier tonight--- and he's injured too!"

"Nino?!" Matsujun shook his head.  "He always starts trouble, Sho--- he's always like that since we were kids!  It's like everywhere the five of us would just hang out, Nino would always attract trouble!"

"That's one small thing that Jun and I don't like about our former buddy Nino, Sho," Aiba reminded him.  "When trouble comes, he always starts trouble--- then we all get involved and we get our asses kicked... Nino sometimes thinks he's the hero of everything--- pickin' fights and all..."

"He was a former bully after all..." Sho chuckled, remembering the good old days when they used to be the best of friends in one group.  "He used to bully me, remember..."

"Not no more, Sho--- I mean look at you!  You look a lot more intimidating than Nino is now... you got taller and totally well-built compared to him!" Jun reminded Sho of how he looks like right now.

"But your heart still somewhat remains pure," Aiba added.  "That's one thing why the dudes and I love you so much... even if you screw things up and you get all notorious and infamous for sleeping around in the past--- you still got a good heart."

"Okay," Sho chuckled, "let's not talk about me, okay?  Can someone tell me what the hell's going on here?"

Yuya grinned and started speaking up for their plan.  "How about we visit next door...?"

Sho's eyes widened in shock.  "Visit next door--- you mean the Ninomiyas?!"

"Oh no--- we're not there for the Ninomiyas..." Yuya grinned, nudging Sho on the side.  "Did y'all check out them Kippy girls?!"

Sho sighed and leaned back in disappointment.  "Yuya--- leave them alone... they're not like our Bunnies, okay...?"

"Aw come on now--- I mean okay, I admit, I always ignore those Kippy girls but something happened tonight, man..." Yuya pouted sadly.  "I realized how lovable they could be--- I... I just wanna 'see' them..."

"And how exactly are we going to see those girls without getting ourselves busted by Satoshi and his Kippy's dudes?" Sho asked curiously.

"You'll see.... you'll see...." Yuya grinned in a confident tone.

+ + + + + +

Ninomiya Residence
(about fifteen minutes later...)

Meanwhile, just as many thought that the fun at Kippy's was finally over, there was movement going on at the garden bushes near Nino's beach house.  Hoping that it would be just some stray dog or some stray cat looking for food or its lost home, there were murmuring voices within these shaking bushes.

"Sho!  This is it... right?!" Yuya's anxious voice softly echoed through the crowded leaves.

We find that these Elite B's have decided to hide in the bushes that surround the border garden between the Sakurai Beach Home and the Ninomiya Residence.  This was indeed young Yuya's plan.

"Yuya, I really don't think this is a good idea..." Sho's voice spoke in a serious tone, trying to make room for himself in the bushes.

"Yeah but those damn hot Kippy's girls are in there!!" Yuya exclaimed.

"Yuya--- this is Nino's house--- we can't just come here and just... serenade the girls out of the house so we can do our usual thing..." Aiba's voice spoke.

"Whatever happened to our own bunnies anyhow?"  Kato's nervous voice wondered.  "And I thought we weren't supposed to do 'our thing' on the first night of the summer!"

"That's Nichi's rules..." Yuya reminded them, "and they only apply to bunnies... daaamn... did you see those waitresses??  Somehow seeing them in those cute uniforms got me goin' more than seeing the bunnies in their eenie-weenie bikinis!"

"Uh.. Yuya... I think Sho's right..." Matsujun spoke, also in a nervous tone.  "This is the Ninomiya House after all..."

"Which also means that them Kippy's boys are in that house too!"  Aiba added along.

"Come on... we've done this before with a couple of the girls in town--- before they became bunnies anyhow..."  Yuya went on complaining.

"That's 'cuz SHO had to be the one to lure them out of the house with his charm a long time ago!" Aiba said.  "Damn Sho, I dunno how you do this..."

"Those girls are bunnies now..." Sho said.  "But right now we're dealing with girls who work for Satoshi Yanehiro... and knowing him... Look, I'm not gonna go out there and serenade those girls out--- I'll get busted by Satoshi and the Kippy Boys before those girls can even see me."

"Sho... I wanna see Kyoko so much..." Keita's semi-romantic yet whiny voice moaned from behind, right from out of the blue.  "Please...?"

"See?  Keita here wants to see his beloved Kyoko..." Yuya decided to use Keita's excuse just so they can start planning what Yuya had in mind.  "Besides, Nichi ain't here, he and the other guys decided to do their thing with our bunnies back in the beach house anyway!"

"Erm, Yuya," Kato nudged him on the side, "we only live next door to the Ninomiya House, you know..."

"Nichi said that we can't do anything with the bunnies on the first night of the summer," Yuya grinned slyly.  "But he didn't say we can't check out the girls outside the clique... so we're fine!"

Sho shook his head and sighed deeply.  "Yuya, I seriously have a bad feeling about this..."

"Sho, come on... I'm kinda checkin' out on this waitress girl... cute... petite... waitress girl who served me that kick-ass Tiramisu cake earlier tonight.... I can only remember her by the name on her tag--- I think it was Tany..."  Yuya started to daydream, thinking of that particular waitress girl wearing a uniform that was tagged "Tany."

"Yuya, I'm serious about this... look, this would probably be easy if it's some random cute girl's house," Sho gave Yuya a warning, "but since we're dealing with the beach house of an old friend of mine, I think we should just head back..."

"Aww come on... reason why I brought you, Aiba, and Matsujun here along is because you guys know the structure around the Ninomiya House!" Yuya said with a sly grin on his face.  "Come on, I'm sure one of you guys had actually been here---"

"All of us have been in his house before..." Matsujun said.  "But man... I dunno..."

"Well," Aiba started to ponder through, then snapped his fingers when he remembered what he wanted to reveal.  "All we know is that Nino's room is always where that balcony is located."

"So any one of those other rooms that's not next to the balcony is maybe where the other people sleep at?"  Yuya asked excitedly.

"Will Kyoko be in one of those rooms?" Keita started to ponder to himself.

"Hm...." Kato started to ponder as well, thinking of the possibilities of tonight.  "Yuya kinda has an idea... heck, if Keita feels that Kyoko is in that house---"

"Yes, I do!" Keita gasped happily, nodding like a lovesick puppy.  "I can just feel the warmth of her from a far distance... her presence is nearby..."

"What are you, a psychic?" Aiba blinked in a puzzled expression.

"Then, if Kyoko's there, that means her sister Fran would be there too!" Kato gave a huge grin.  "Aww... I didn't even get to say hi to her... she was too busy at the juice bar..."

"Anyhow," Yuya went on, "we gotta find a way to figure out which one of those rooms next to the windows around the house are where Kippy's girls are sleeping in... we just gotta have to use our own natural MALE instincts to find them..."

"You're making it sound like we're hounding them..." Matsujun said.

"Matsujun, news flash!" Yuya smirked.  "Dumb chicks are for idiots... Smart chicks are for REAL MEN... like us!"

"Is that why we're after the Kippy girls now?" Aiba asked yet another question.  "Nichi isn't really too fond of Kippy girls... they're not really his type..."

"Nichi's blind, you know?" Yuya said.  "He'd been addicted with sexy bikini-clad chicks ever since he went out with the forever Teen Queen of the Bunnies--- the ever late Mina Ninomi---" Before Yuya was about to say the whole name, Sho immediately covered his mouth.

"Don't say that name in front of the Ninomiya House..." Sho whispered.  "Haven't you heard the rumored legend... that the Ninomiya House is actually haunted?"

"HAUNTED?!" The rest of the Bums exclaimed in huge shock.  "THAT HOUSE?!"

"There were rumors around this neighborhood that throughout all year, it gets haunted.... by Mina's ghost..."

"Eh?!" Sho hushed the rest of the Bums once more as he signaled them to get closer so no one else outside would be able to hear them.

"Well... it said that when Mina committed suicide--- she killed herself in one of the rooms inside that house... and somehow, there was a passerby who witnessed that during fall nights, winter nights, and spring nights, there would be a few flashes coming from that house and then he could see a shadow of a young girl clad in a bikini... walking around the house... it could be her..."

Aiba gulped nervously and pouted sadly at the same time.  "I loved Mina Ninomiya... she was a hottie... and she was also nice too... I wanted her to be my first... but she killed herself before I could even ask her if I..."  Sho patted him on the shoulder for comfort.

"I don't think Nino knows that their own beach house is haunted..." Sho continued on.  "Some rumors also say that Mina's ghost only disappears and never present if Nino, their late grandmother, or her ex-best friend Dianne are inside the house... but her ghost appears in the house if anyone else other than Nino, Mrs. Ninomiya, or Dianne are not in the house... they say... she does something very horrible to those who dare enter the Ninomiya Beach House... especially if they're of the male gender---"

"AAAAAAH---- SHO--- STOP IT!!  I KNOW YOU'RE MAKING THIS UP!!" Matsujun suddenly shivered in fear.  "We were good friends with Mina... right Sho?  Right...?  Right...?"

"There's also rumors who said that... her spirit cannot be laid to rest until she finds Nichi... Aiba... Matsujun... or even myself... face-to-face..."

"WHAT?!  THE GHOST IS LOOKING FOR US, SHO?!" Aiba was about to have some tears shed in fear and started clinging on to him.  "Why Mina's ghost...?  Why is she torturing us....?  We're Nino's buddies... we always were.... just that we're in two different worlds now... you know...?  BUT STILL....."

"I don't think it's a good idea if any of us even try to invade the house... who knows.... Mina's ghost may actually be wandering around near us right now..."

"Bah, they're just rumors... they ain't gonna bother me.. hah!" Yuya suddenly boasted out with a confident tone.  "Ghosts... yeah right... there's no such thing!  It was never proven!  They're just hoaxes, ya know?  Either that or you're making the whole thing up just so we can go back to our house and just be bored there doin' nothing...."

"You think I'm making this up, Yuya?  Why don't you ask the neighbors who recide in this road... maybe they'll tell you the whole story about what happened in that house when Mina died---"

As Sho went on with his knowledge about this rumored "ghost" of Nino's late older sister, Mina Ninomiya, haunting the Ninomiya Beach House whenever Nino, Mrs. Ninomiya, or even Dianne were not present inside, a mysterious female figure was also hiding in the nearby bushes, not too far away from where they were right now.  The night was just too dark and there were barely any street lights around to brighten the streets that it was very hard to make out the face.  However, just from the figure alone, this particular figure looked very slim and rather sexy-looking.  In fact, it looked like she was not wearing anything else but a very sultry-looking bikini....
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OMG!!! I was sooo touched that Sho actually protected Nino. I want the 5 boys to be together again. Somehow Aiba and Jun comes across as pretty shallow, I mean even if Nino attracts trouble but he's your buddy, you should stand by him like Sho.

Goodness, is the the Ninomiya beach house really haunted by Mina Ninomiya? Can't wait to find out in the next chapter.

Update soon ne!!! Ganbatte!  cheer cheer cheer

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Hehe.... we shall see... ^.^

+ + + + +

CHAPTER 14: It is the East and that Kippy Girl is the Sun!

Ninomiya Residence - Nino's Bedroom
(few minutes later...)

Somewhere at the balcony area, regardless of the very late night hour, young KeiFu relaxed on a reclining patio chair, fiddling through Nino's telescope.  It looked like he was admiring the ocean right across from where he was standing, or rather observing the stars and its constellations that may appear up in the late night sky.  On the other hand, he did spot something moving along at the nearby bushes at the row of bushes to their left bordering the properties of the Ninomiya Residence and the Sakurai Beach Residence.  He thought it was rather strange since there was not much breeze felt on the other side of the road while the coolest spot is right at the ocean itself.  His eagle eye almost popped open when he noticed some abrupt movement going on at the bushes.

"Hmmm....." KeiFu softly whispered to himself, feeling very suspicious about the movement.  "Something... is... out there...."  He got up from his telescope-peeping and turned his head to Toma, who happened to be reading a pocket novel of some sort in the dark with his reader flashlight hanging on the cover.  "Hey Toma... take a look at this..."

"Shhh..." Toma hushed KeiFu.  His eyes were completely concentrated on the novel.

"Yo, what's that you're reading...?" KeiFu asked curiously, staring at the novel in Toma's hand.

"A very complex yet inspiring contemporary novel that I just picked up from the bookstore yesterday... something that young feeble minds like yours would never be engaged in..." Toma answered with a slight "mature" tone.

KeiFu gave a little frown at Toma's slightly snooty response.  He glanced at the back of the book to read a brief summary of what the book was about.  "'An independent and intelligent entertainment columnist had lost faith in true love after her fiance of two years had left her for another woman.  And at a brief moment she was assigned to interview the time's hottest matinee idol, who may not look lusciously tempting on screen, but he could be the one who may finally give her faith in love again and fulfill all of her lost yet wanting Endless Desires---'"

Toma suddenly slapped KeiFu on the forehead after hearing the curious young lad about the book he was reading.  "Sheesh, KeiFu, you really don't know how to give other people privacy, don't you?  Ya just gotta be curious at everything!"

KeiFu gave Toma a puzzled look.  "Hm... so you're reading a 'contemporary' novel about two people gettin' it on day and night, right?"

Toma suddenly hushed him and said "KeiFu, why don't you go sleep now, okay?  I believe it's past your bedtime... or if you like I can read you a storybook---"

"Why the heck are you treating me like a five-year-old?!" KeiFu glared at Toma with his arms crossed.  "I'M FIFTEEN-YEARS-OLD!!  I'M OLDER THAN THAT STUCK-UP LOSER YUYA TEGOSHI BY A FEW MONTHS!"

"Yes, and Yuya Tegoshi had become a stud and you're still a whiny little midget..." Toma yawned with his hand over his mouth.  "Even so, you're still a kid... you've got a lot of years to wait until you can finally understand intriguing stories such as these..."

"Erm... but you're reading a novel about two people gettin' it on'... that's the same thing as watching a----" From out of the blue, both KeiFu and Toma heard clashing noises of leaves, leading towards to where those clashing bushes were.  "Oh yeah... Toma... I thought I saw somethin' weird goin' on at those bushes..."

Toma got up from his reclined chair and stared through the telescope.  He caught the sight of those same bushes KeiFu spotted.  He stretched out his hand to see if there was a breeze coming in.  He did not feel a single air blowing through his hand.  "Hm.... if that ain't the wind then that would mean....." Toma gasped in shock and turned to KeiFu.

"What?  What?"

"KeiFu--- didn't I tell you your bedtime is past?!"

"What the hell?!!"

"I think another runaway couple are actually 'doin' it' in those bushes near the Ninomiya House!"

"Ewww--- you're sick, Toma!!"

"How else that'd make those bushes move like that when there ain't no air around??"

KeiFu frowned and said "Lemme guess... you want to share this with the other guys, right...?"

"Daymn.... those bushes are REALLY ROCKIN'!!!  THAT'S TWICE TODAY ALREADY!!!" Toma exclaimed in shock.  He couldn't get himself separated away from the telescope.  KeiFu rolled his eyes and went inside the room to meet the rest of the boys.

In the meantime, Nino was on his own bed, lightly strumming his guitar after he removed the ice pack and the bandage off his right hand just now, just to be sure that his hand would be rid of the pain he got after punching the knuckleheaded leader of the Cats and Mice Gang.  Satoshi was on Nino's desk, working on some sales spreadsheets and counting the money that they received for earlier tonight's business.  Ryuichi, Ryohei, Shinya, and Kazapon were playing 5-card Poker (while doing their own man chat), and the three cooks Junno, Hisa, and Hase were working on tomorrow night's menu.

KeiFu cleared his throat, which got everyone's attention.  "I think Toma and I spotted some weird B-Cube couple gettin' it on at yer nearby bushes, Nino--- your bushes were REALLY ROCKIN'!!!"

"DAYMN!!!" Ryuichi, Ryohei, Shinya, Kazapon, Hisa, and Hase gasped happily and dashed right outside the balcony to join Toma with their nighttime "peeping."

Nino looked up at KeiFu and just shook his head.  He made his own signal with his left hand.

That can't be right..

"What do you mean 'that can't be right', Nino?"  I thought it was so weird that the bushes were makin' noises outside when it's not even that windy outside!!"

If it's from those bums next door and they start doin' their thing outside, it's normally at the beach itself, not at the bushes...

"Man... I dunno what's going on next door... that other beach house looks like a mansion to me!!"

Sho's family owns that beach house...

"Whoa.... Sho's family must be rich!!"  KeiFu scratched his head.

Nino shrugged, shaking his head at the same time, then continued on his sign language.  KeiFu--- he's a SAKURAI--- a SA-KU-RAI!  Do you know what this means, KeiFu?"

KeiFu stared in shock and murmured.  "Holy cow... I can't believe I didn't realize that... if one is a Sakurai, that means he pretty much OWNS the whole town--- he owns EVERY SINGLE ASPECT IN THIS TOWN!  NINO, he's BIG TIME!!"

Yup.  Big time.

"And wow---- you and that Sakurai dude neighbors?!"

For the summer... after summer, Sho goes back to his home up at Skyline Estates...

The rest of the Kippy Boys who did not know this fact were awed and intrigued.  "NINO!  I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU LIVE NEXT DOOR TO A SAKURAI!!"

Oh yah... you see why so many chicks dig him since day one?  It ain't just about him lookin' all that, but he's got money...

"So Nino... anyway... wait, Sho's family owning that house got nuthin' to do with what those beach bums be doin' with their bunnies at the bushes!!  Why we changing the subject?" KeiFu scratched his head with a curious expression.

I'm trying to make a point here, KeiFu... the B-Cubes know that the Kippy's Crew stays here at my grandma's house for the summer, which means no way in hell Sho or whoever the heck their leader is are going to make any one of their own people fool around in my property... it'd be rude, you know...?

"But the bushes..."

It's probably some stray dog or some stray cat... or some stray drunk dude who got himself lost from some nearby bar...

"Wow... so you don't really believe that it's a beach couple gettin' it on...?"

Have you been watching 'H' movies lately, KeiFu?

KeiFu blushed immediately, then shook his head: "NO!  What makes you think that I'd watch something like that?  I'm way too young for that stuff..."

You seem to be knowing what you're talking about, little man...

"It's not that... I learn all that stuff from those horny Beach Bums at Kippy's... that's all they been talking about all night.... and you know how I was a busboy or somethin' earlier tonight?  Damn... talk about bein 'H'--- 'H' for 'hormonal'!"

Satoshi closed his spreadsheet program on his laptop and turned his head.  "Strange things always happen next door on summer nights, KeiFu..." Satoshi said, shrugging at the same time.  "It's normal..."

"The bushes are scaring me already...." KeiFu murmured softly, trying to look innocent.

Nino stood up and went outside the balcony to see where those bushes were shaking.  While the rest of the Kippy's Boys were excited to see the "hidden" scene in the bushes, Nino observed carefully at the way that the bushes were moving.  Then, he hushed the rest to be quiet.

"Hey Nino, what's up...?" Shinya wondered.  "Man... I wish we could get closer so we could hear all the moaning and panting in pleasure... woo..."  Nino shook his head and suddenly slapped Shinya on the back of his head.  "Ow!"

I don't think that's a couple... erm... 'doing it'....

"Huh?  What do you mean it's not them?" Ryohei said.  "Toma thinks..."

Can't be... the B-Cubes may be a little selfish and sometimes stupid, but they're not stupid enough to do crazy stuff in front of my house...

+ + + + +

Ninomiya Residence: Outside
(the same time...)

Back to where the Bums were, Yuya and Aiba were doing their little tug-o-war over Keita at the moment while the rest of the boys were trying to stop them from doing so.  The dragging of Keita to see which side he should go with was the cause of the abrupt movement of the bushes that made the boys up in the balcony thought that something rather "risque" was happening at the same time.  Keita did not have a chance to say goodnight to Kyoko earlier at Kippy's due to the "incident" and it would be nice for him to at least say goodnight to her right now.  Yuya decided to take advantage of Keita's wish so he could get those girls out of the house and "interact."  Aiba was too concerned about the whole situation even moreso than Sho, for two reasons.  He already had a heavy feeling within that the Kippy's boys may actually be at the balcony spotting them (in which his instincts were correct) and of course, the urban legend of Mina Ninomiya's ghost lurking nearby (who knows?).

"Guys..." Sho finally stopped the two by holding Keita by the shoulder still.  "If you two are going to fight like that in the bushes, then it's obvious that we're making noises and we're gonna get caught!"

"I have this heavy feeling that Nino and those guys are watching us right now..." Aiba frowned.  "Man Yuya, you and your big head of yours..."

"Keita wants to see his love, you know..." Yuya glared.  "I mean, look at this poor kid's sad eyes... what's wrong with a boy in love like him who'd just want to see the girl he loves one last time before the day ends...?"

"It's midnight, Tegoshi," Aiba said, "for all we know Kyoko could be asleep right now..."

"Dangit..." Yuya turned his head and slowly stood up above the bushes to have a clearer look at the house.

Meanwhile at the balcony, the boys gasped in shock to see Yuya's head rising up from the bushes.  "Who the hell is that?!"

KeiFu dashed out and looked through the telescope to see the head.  "Whoa... it's that sex-crazed idiot Yuya Tegoshi.... hmmm..."  He looked up from the telescope and grinned evilly.  "Hey Nino, can I shoot some dirtballs at him with my slingshot?  I be like the sniper from this balcony... finally gonna have my revenge on that bigheaded moron at last!"

Nino shook his head while rolling his eyes.  Don't act like a five-year-old, KeiFu...

"Aw, man..." KeiFu pouted.  "Look at that moron looking around like a dork... he's the perfect target!"

Toma glanced and gave a worried look at Nino.  He signaled to him: Nino... man... kids these days.. isn't that Yuya Tegoshi boy the same age as little KeiFu here...?  How could an innocent age such as fifteen ever... um... become... you know... like that...?

Sho lost his virginity at that age too, Toma, so I don't know what on earth you're talking about... Nino replied him with his own signals.

"YOU'RE KIDDING ME?!"  Toma's eyes popped open wide while the rest of the boys hushed him immediately.  "Ooh.... who's the girl Sho did it with for the first time...?"

Nino then gave Toma a hostile glare right when he asked him that question.  I don't want to talk about it...

The rest of the boys glanced at Nino and were surprised to see him reacted that way.  "Oh come on, Nino, we're talking about Bayside Shores's biggest stud here, you know?  It's not like him gettin' it on with a girl for the first time in his life is gonna affect you or anything like that..." 

Nino's facial expression remained the same towards him, which somehow gave Toma and the rest of the boys an idea that Sho's "first time" somehow affected him. 

"Oooh... um.... I'm sorry...."

I'm tired.  I'm going to bed.  Goodnight.  Nino made his signing to them and went back inside.

"Hm... I wonder what I said that made Nino mad..." Toma wondered.

"Uh, Toma," Ryohei cleared his throat, "I think the first girl Sho 'did it' with could be a girl important to Nino... maybe Nino's first crush...?  Maybe that's why Nino is sorta reluctant to even talk to Sho or get associated with him?  Toma, remember... they were really close once..."

Meanwhile inside, Nino jumped on his bed and tucked himself in.  Satoshi was just finishing his financial reports and saw Nino about to go to sleep.  "Sleeping already, Nino?"

Nino got up, turned on the bedside lamp, and answered him: The Bums are spying on our house again...

"Again?!  Like last year?" Satoshi blinked in confusion.  "I don't get those Bums sometimes... sure, we're practically neighbors, but why they gotta hide the bushes just to spy on us?  It's not like we have anything against them..."

Maybe they're looking for somebody... perhaps Sho and the guys want to talk to us...?  I haven't spoke to either one of them for five years already...

"Nino... Sho doesn't know that you don't... well... you don't... speak...  I don't think Aiba or Matsujun knows either..."

They do... the last time Sho and I talked... I was just recovering from my wounds... and it was after Mina... died...

"You lost your ability to speak because of the shock you had with Mina dead..."

He apologized for everything.... he knew it was his fault... I couldn't even respond to him but I didn't wanna look at him either... I mean... can you believe what he did...?

"You should've forgiven him..."

He's my friend, you know that Satoshi, but... I couldn't speak to him... and he took the wrong idea... and that was it...

Satoshi just shook his head while Nino sighed silently to himself.  He went on with his sign language: I tried to talk to him... I tried to say a word to him earlier when he took Mabo's fist for me... I can only make out one word... he heard me, I know he did... but I couldn't say anything anymore...

"You're gonna have to start talking again, Nino... I'm gonna make YOU talk no matter how hard I try--- I'll even have to make YOU sing if I have to..."

Noooo... I'm trying my best... but I can just murmur...  Nino sighed deeply and lowered his head.  Satoshi got up from the desk and sat next to him.  He gave him a pat on the shoulder.

"Just go to bed right now, Nino... we'll talk more later... I'll have to find out why those Bums are spying on our house again... I'm sure it's nothing..."

Thanks for listening... erm, actually "reading", Satoshi.  Goodnight.


+ + + + +

Ninomiya Residence: Eri's Bedroom
(few minutes later...)

Meanwhile at the girls' room, the girls were just giggling at all the girl talk that they were having.  Kyoko had just finished telling the girls about her tale about her beloved Prince Keita on a silver surfboard, sweeping her off her sandy feet on the raging seas and on powerful waves.  She curled herself on her dresser seat and started to daydream.

"You know what it'd be romantic?" Fran chuckled while Eri headed towards the main window of the room.  The room was getting humid that she decided to open the windows to let the cool air in.  "What if Keita is standing right outside the window, singing to you or reciting a poem to you.... you know?"

"Oooooh.... I want a really cute boy who'd do something like that to me!!!" Tany sighed heavily.  "But that only happens in dreams..."

"Yeah Kyoko... what if he does that... what would you do...?" the other girls asked her excitedly.

"Well..." Kyoko giggled softly.  "I'm gonna run outside and give him a big smooch... and then I say to him--- 'Goodnight, my sweet prince... till tomorrow...'"

"Way too mushy..." Sharkie shook her head.  "But hey... every girl's idea of romance is different after all."

Meanwhile, Eri opened the huge windows slowly, unaware that the Bums hidden in the bushes just slightly beneath them, were watching.  Yuya gasped in shock to see Eri at the window and then tapped Sho and the others in excitement. 


"KYOKO?!" Keita gasped in shock and suddenly got up from their "hiding place" in the bushes for a closer look.  "Hm... not Kyoko...."

"Could be Fran?!" Kato exclaimed happily, also got up slowly from the bushes to have a closer look.

"Guys, can we go now?" Sho complained impatiently.  "I'm tired.. I need sleep..."

Aiba and Matsujun slightly looked up along with the other boys.  Both gasped and recognized Eri standing at the open window, staring right out at the ocean and the night sky with a smile on her face.  "Uh... Sho... um... I know you're anxious to leave, but..." Aiba murmured, then tapped Sho on the shoulder.

"Aiba, you too?" Sho frowned.

"It's Eri... the oldest of Satoshi's sisters..."

Sho immediately got up from his spot and joined the rest of the boys, just to look at the eldest Yanehiro girl, looking out the window.  Eri...?

In the meantime, Eri turned to the girls in the room and interrupted the girls' chatting.  "Hey--- look out the window... the ocean looks so beautiful reflected under the full moon..."

"Ooooh~!!"  The rest of the girls went to the window and all looked out and enjoy the view of the very yellowy bright full moon reflected against the coolness and clearness of the raging ocean across from where they are.  The scene was just so perfect that somehow the sound of the waves clashing against the sand were calling out to those who are familiar with the ocean to come out and tame these angry waves.

Seeing the rest of the girls from below gave the Bums what they wished for.  Just a view of all the Kippy's girls looking out just fulfilled what Yuya planned.  The Elite B's just ended up revealing themselves away from the bushes, just to have a closer look.  The girls may not be able to see them, for they're too focused towards the moon.  The boys at the balcony had something else in mind.

"WHA...?!" Toma gasped in shock to see that the cause of those bushes moving was not what he thought in mind.  "BUMS!!"

"What the hell are they doing here?!" KeiFu pouted.  "Ewww... Tegoshi's there... he's probably out to get me!"

"KeiFu, no one's out to get you..." Shinya said with his arms crossed.  "What are you up anyway?"

"Man, they got a cooler beach house than we do anyway..." KeiFu pouted.  No offense, Nino...  "Why they still gotta be here causing trouble for us?  We didn't do anything to them..."

"Maybe they're not out to cause trouble with us," Toma gave a confident grin.  "Come on, we're the good guys here, right?  They're not gonna do anything to us... maybe they're looking for somebody..."

"Looking for someone?  Who the hell would they wanna look for in our crew?" Ryuichi frowned with his arms crossed.  "We're the 'leftovers' in today's youth society, remember?"

From out of nowhere, they heard a loud, calling voice coming from below towards their house: "KYOKO!!"

"EEK!!" Eri's voice shrieked out in shock.  "WHAT--- WHAT ARE YOU ALL DOING HERE?! DON'T YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS??"

"Eh?!" The Kippy boys were startled to hear a rather unfamiliar boyish voice.  They dashed towards the balcony to see whose voice they just heard.

"Whoa..." KeiFu gasped, staring at Keita, who suddenly appeared at the driveway area, calling out towards the open window for Kyoko.  "Who's that?!"

Shinya looked through the telescope to have a clearer view.  "Dunno.. never saw him before..."  He adjusted the zoom once more, just to be sure.  "Whoa... wait... wait... oooh!  I know him!"

"You do?!" the rest of the boys exclaimed in shock.

"Yeah!  He's the new kid in town... he was in one of my classes too!"

Ryuichi clinged himself on to the balcony railing and lowered himself over to have his own view.

"Hm... now that you mentioned it... I know who he is too... he's new here... well his folks moved here late last year... he's an okay guy... lots of chicks dig him tho'..."

"He knows Kyoko...?" Toma wondered.  The boys decided to continue watching him and his actions.

Back the room, Eri went back in the room and turned to Kyoko.  Evidently the rest of the girls in the room heard Keita's voice calling for Kyoko.  The youngest Yanehiro gazed right at Eri with pitiful eyes, asking permission if she could speak to the young man outside.

"Fine..." Eri said in a slight furious tone.  "Make it quick!  I don't want the neighbors thinking that we're making a big scene in the middle of the night with the boys next door, okay?"

"THANK YOU NEECHAN!" Kyoko cheered happily and dashed towards the window.  Right then she saw Keita calling out her name.  She blushed and chuckled softly and waved with a smile on her face.

"Hey Keita!  Why are you still up?"

Keita cleared his throat nervously while the other girls behind Kyoko were trying to witness what was about to happen at this time.  They were giggling from behind when Kyoko turned to them. "Hey--- do you mind?"

"Aw man..." The girls pouted sadly as they all got up and heading towards the door.

"Fine fine.. we're going, we're going..." Fran stuck her tongue at her younger sister.  The rest of the girls exited the room and closed it behind them.

"I think we should leave those two lovebirds alone..." Eri whispered softly.  "Let's all go to bed now, okay...?"

"Yeah..." Sharkie yawned and stretched her arms.  "I'm too tired to make fun of Kyoko tonight anyway... I'm off to my room... goodnight."

They all greeted goodnight at each other as they all headed toward their own rooms.  In the meantime at the bushes, the Bums were unexpected to see Keita actually taking this opportunity to call out the girl of his dreams out at this hour that they even felt somewhat embarrassed.

"That Keita boy sure has guts..." Yuya murmured, scratching his head.l

"The boy's in love..." Kato shrugged his arms.  "I wish I had the guts to go out there and call out Fran's name..."

Sho got up from his spot and stretched his arms.  "I'm going home.  You guys can hang out here and wait for Keita.  I'm too tired..."

"Awww..." Yuya pouted.  "Okay then, Sho.  You need your studliness to rest.. hehe... nighty!"

"Goodnight!"  The Bums waved at Sho as he headed back to the huge mansion-like beach house located right next door to the Ninomiya House.  The rest decided to wait until Keita is finished.  Hopefully nothing weird would happen at this very late hour.

"I.... I can't end this night without saying goodnight to you, Kyoko..." Keita spoke in a loud and clear voice.  "Maybe... maybe the day won't be complete without a proper salutation, don't you think...?"

"Whoa..." Kyoko gasped while looking perplexed at the same time.  "Um... golly Keita... you sure are very polite..."

"I feel like I won't be able to go to sleep without seeing your face last..."

Kyoko chuckled and said "You're so sweet, Keita... but you know I'll always be here throughout the summer..."

"Um... please don't think that I'm stalking you or anything it's just that... um... it's summer... and this... 'mood'... is just all over us... and I couldn't help it..."

Kyoko just gave a grin and rested her elbow against the window sill.  "Well then... it's rather late now... and I'm sure the ocean would be upset if you don't wake up early tomorrow morning."

"What about you...?"

"I'll be at Kippy's... working..."

"Don't you get day-offs...?"

"I do... but I'm scheduled to work tomorrow..."

"And I can't visit you because Kippy's is closed on daytime..."

"I will visit the beach... tomorrow... and look for you..."

"Really, you will?"

"Noon... I will bring you a lunch basket!"

"Lunch basket...?"

"LUNCH BASKET?!"  The boys up the balcony and the boys hiding in the bushes were shocked to hear what they just heard.

"That tradition died five years ago already..." Matsujun said.  "Remember loong ago... when girls used to bring lunch baskets of lunch for their boyfriends or the boys they really like when they're out there at the beach in the summertime...?  Oh the old Bayside Shores traditions..."

"Yeah... lookin' good and gettin' it on with the hottest babes in town replaced that gesture..." Kato said with his arms crossed.  "But man... lunch baskets...?"

"I guess some girls still stick to tradition, don't they...?" Aiba sighed deeply.  "There's still some innocent young girls who exist in this town after all..."

Meanwhile at the balcony, the boys had their own thoughts.  "Daaang.. I haven't seen girls making and bringing lunch baskets to their boyfriends out in the beach in a looong time..." Shinya said, sighing at the thought.

"Yeah.. it got replaced by sex instead..." KeiFu rolled his eyes.  Toma suddenly spanked him behind his head.  "OW!"

"Watch your mouth, little boy..." Toma glared at him.  "Well... at least there's still some decent girls around..."

"Kyoko's so innocent..." Shinya added.  "If that Keita Tachibana dude ever does anything to her he is DEAD!"

"I'm gonna kill HIM first before you do, Shinya," Ryuichi said.  "Them B-Cuber Bums really can't think of nuthin' but gettin' it on and then declare they're 'men'!  Well... that Tachibana dude looks okay to me..."

"Dude, we're talking about your sister here, Ryuichi..." Shinya went on.

"I know, I know...."

After a short chat, Keita finally decided to end this short conversation.  "Well then, Kyoko... it's getting late... you need your sleep."

"Okay then.... see you tomorrow?"

"I'll look forward to your lunch basket tomorrow!"

"Alright then.... goodnight!"

"Goodnight, Kyoko."

The two parted, with Kyoko closing the window and Keita heading off to the bushes, where his buddies were still hiding.

"What?  You didn't even serenade her out of the house?!" Yuya gasped in shock.

"There's no need," Keita said, strolling along with a grin on his face back towards their beach house.  The other boys follow him from behind.  "I have a feeling that Kyoko feels the same way for me... and getting laid with her...?  There's no need... to me, she's way more than just another bunny-would-be..."  He went ahead to the entrance, leaving the rest puzzled.

"What did he mean by that?" Yuya wondered curiously, scratching his head.

"You really are stupid, aren't you, Tegoshi?" Aiba shook his head.  He went ahead to the beach house while the others followed.

"What did Keita mean by that...?" Yuya wondered once more.  After a few seconds, he decided to ignore the question and went inside the Sakurai Beach House, following the rest of the Elite B's behind.
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**gasps** do aiba and jun know that sho likes eri? if not, then why are they shock on seeing eri?  :?:

more! more! more! ne!  cheer cheer cheer

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And now, our SECOND 7-chapter break is here!  As promised, I have pasted the second part of our character list!

+ + + + +

[SECOND CREW] The B3 (B-Cube) Clique

The B3, or read as the B-Cube, stands for “The Beach Bums and Bunnies” (thus the three “B”s), is the dominating pop culture clique in Bayside Shores.  While the Kippy’s Crew consists of the employees of Kippy’s Spot, the B-Cube consists of the young generation of today’s most elite of the elite of Seaside Region.  Bayside Shores is one of the primary coastal suburbs  throughout the whole Seaside Region that houses the region’s most dominating entrepreneurs and business tycoons, and are also the future carriers and leaders of not only the Seaside Region’s vast, booming economy, but also the dominators of the next generation of pop culture.  In other words, the kids of the B-Cube pretty much rule the entire town from the latest pop trends to the town’s signature trends and traditions. They can do anything around, basically--- they can party anytime they want, wherever they want, and however they want.  Although they are famous for having “everything” anyone would want to have in their life, they are also infamous for their excessive sexual activity with each other every summer (and most likely, throughout the entire year too!).  No one really knows why these overly wealthy youngsters do such things and who exactly started it, but even so, the B-Cube Clique truly remains a mystery among everyone in Bayside Shores and those who are from the outside.   Although any youngster who may be deemed cool by members of the B-Cube can be a part of this high-socializing, high-adventuring beach-partying animals, there’s also the division between “THE more popular and domineering B-Cubers” and the rest of the clique.  The “higher” class of B-Cubers is known as “The Elite B’s.”

i. The Elite B’s
“The Elite B’s” are the leaders and the commanders of the entire B-Cube clique.  They are the future heirs and heiresses to today’s top ten business prospects and conglomerates and obviously the most physically attractive among the rest.  They are like the second generation of Royalty in Bayside Shores.  Many of them are spoiled, conceited, arrogant, and spiteful due to this tremendous “power” that they inherited from their parents, but for those who knew the families of the Elite B’s know that the ones who have true, good, pure heart are the ones who should TRULY rule the entire town…

+ Junichi “Nichi” Okada (24) – The dashing debonaire Nichi is the undisputed leader of the B-Cube--- or so that’s what everyone thought.  Though everyone looked up to him as the ringmaster of the (in)famous B-Cube, surprisingly, he is not the leader of the Elite B’s level of the B-Cube clique.  He is the youngest son of the famed Okada Family Clan, known for their sophisticated electronics industry throughout the entire Seaside Region, but among the Top Ranks of Business Tycoons, his family lands only in 6th ranking.  Arrogant and conceited, Nichi feels that he truly has a place among the Elite B’s and should be considered as one of the ones whom everyone else should not dare disappoint.  There are at times where he actually does things for charitable benefits, but only to inflate his ego even more when those in need give him thanks a lot more credit.  Despite of all that, he is also a true friend to many of the Elite B’s, especially towards the one whom many consider as the “Crown Prince of the Seaside Region”, Sho Sakurai.

+ Sho Sakurai (23) – Known by the regional townsfolk and the media as “The Crown Prince of the Seaside Region,” Sho Sakurai is not only known as the one and only son of the region’s highest-ranking tycoon who owns the thriving, most elite Sakurai Conglomerate, as well as the region’s “most eligible bachelor”, he is also known as the current national champion of the Annual National Surfing Championships Tournament and the captain of the consecutively runaway champs, the Bayside Shores Surf Team.  Always the top of his class and a recent graduate, earning his Masters Degree in Business Administration at the country’s most prestigious university, Sho is also every girl’s dream boy, with a smile that can win hearts and looks and body that could kill.  Women want him and men want to be like him.  And because of that he also earned a rather negative reputation for his past five-year habit of sleeping around random women all over town in order to “cure” himself of his mysterious depression.  What finally cured him of his rather bizarre depression was a mystery until now.  Though it seems that he has it all, Sho knows that he still yearns for one major factor, and is still searching and fighting until he wins that one final major factor.  What separates Sho from the rest of the male Elite B’s is his upbringing and his values; despite of his infamous reputation for being a true ladies’ man and the town’s “most red-blooded lover”, he still keeps his personal goals and still pursues them, in which one major goal that he wants to accomplish in order to finally be satisfied is what no other B-Cube or Elite-B male would wish for---- true love.

+ Masaki Aiba (22) – Tall, lanky, yet handsome Masaki Aiba can sometimes be a little slow-minded, but still remained a loyal friend to Sho Sakurai and their other surfing buddy, Jun Matsumoto.  He and Sho did not meet until the Skyline Estates Summer Camp program, in which he was placed on the same troop as Sho, Jun, and Sho’s first two friends, Nino and Satoshi.  The problem with Aiba is that he is easily influenced by anything that Sho gets in to, which was why he was always stuck with him all this time around (yes, this also includes sleeping around with other girls, but not as much as Sho does his thing), and also got in to surfing as well.  He seems to get along with everyone, B-Cube or not, and also had his “first crush” moment on Kippy’s waitress, Summer Snow, back when they were little.

+ Jun Matsumoto (22) – Sometimes mistaken for a popular teen idol, Jun Matsumoto is the second-born son of the region’s fourth-ranking business tycoon family, known for their collection of fashion agencies and fashion boutiques.  He is also Aiba’s childhood best friend, which was how he got himself involved with the whole surfing scene and eventually the B-Cube scene.  Though he is a little arrogant and shallow, Jun isn’t overly the biggest snob around town.  In fact, he is a lot more jealous towards both Satoshi and Nino because Sho pays more attention to them than to his fellow “high-class” kids like him.  But either way, he still supports Sho, Aiba, and in any case, Satoshi and Nino.  He also has very high-class taste, therefore any non-wealthy local girl who dreams of being with him is close to just impossible.

+ Keita Tachibana (17) – The new kid in town, the rather attractive yet slightly naïve Keita Tachibana moved in with his family to Bayside Shores from another coastal town, in which his father accepted an executive job at the Sakurai Conglomerate, therefore Sho’s father is Keita’s boss at work.  Sho made Keita feel welcome in Bayside Shores, starting in the new neighborhood of Skyline Estates, and as a matter of fact, Sho suggested for Keita to attend Bayside Shores High School, the town’s public school, compared to the prestigious, high-class (and snooty) Skyline Academy, where Sho used to attend during his first two years of high school (he transferred to Bayside Shores High School for his junior and senior year).  If it weren’t for Sho’s suggestion, Keita would have never met (and even fall for) young Kyoko Yanehiro, downtown Bayside Shores’ favorite tomboy and Satoshi’s youngest sister.  Many say that Keita may take Sho’s place after Sho “retires” from the scene, but Keita is a lot more different from Sho than everyone thinks.

+ Shigeaki “Shige” Kato (17) – Shige is the oldest son of the Sakurai Conglomerate’s chief operations officer alongside Sho’s father the CEO, which was how he and Sho met.  Eventually through Sho’s influence that he joined the B-Cube and got in to the sport of surfing (and very minimal “macking” on random girls), but he was not as shallow or as arrogant like most of the Elite B’s.  By luck he met Frances Yanehiro at the local after-school tutoring program that Sho led, and eventually started to fall in love with Fran himself.  The only problem is that Fran’s older brother is Satoshi Yanehiro, and is a little intimidated by Satoshi after hearing stories from Sho, Aiba, Jun, and many of the B-Cube boys regarding Satoshi’s rather “sinister” temper.

Other Elite B’s (minor roles)
+ Keiichirou Koyama (19)
+ Yuya Tegoshi (15)
+ Hideaki Takizawa (22)
+ Tsubasa Imai (23)
+ Jin Akanishi (19)
+ Kazuya Kamenashi (17)
+ Yuichi “Maru” Nakamaru (19)
+ Maki Goto (18)
+ Emi Suzuki (18)
+ Miho Tanaka (18)
+ Melanie (18)

+ + + + +

Sorry I don't have descriptions for the rest, but they only have minor roles in the story, so no descriptions. ^^
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Okay, back to the story~!

+ + + + +

CHAPTER 15: Sho, Eri, the Lunch Basket, and "The Skydiver"

(this just appeared in the early morning edition of Bayside Tribune, the local newspaper of Bayside Shores...)

Pop Idol Singer Prepares Death-defying Stunt

It has been reported recently and just the day before the schedule that popular idol singer Norika Airen will be touring the skies all around the nation to promote her newly-released debut album Come Soar With Me.

Norika Airen's promotional events will include some of the craziest yet awe-inspiring moments in popular culture industry.  Among them is an unconfirmed event that Norika herself will jump off and do a death-defying skydiving stunt as a synonym of the title of her album. 

"The actual location of where Miss Airen will be performing her stunt will remain anonymous," said Tsuyoshi Doumoto, Airen's manager.  "However, I suggest every Norika Airen fan all around the nation to look up the skies sometime in the late morning for a skydiver who may land at your own hometown!"

This is a message to all you Norika Airen fans of Bayside Shores.... do come out of your houses and look up our sunny skies for a possible skydiver who may end up landing in our location.  That could be Miss Airen herself!  You could be the lucky guy or girl who may even get to meet her.  Skydiving is a dangerous stunt, but Airen definitely has the guts to do something as amazing as this.

"I'm very excited with this event," said Airen at a public press conference held yesterday.  "I hope everyone would be supportive by getting a copy of my debut album and this event would show how much I truly would do anything to get everyone be motivated in buying this album.  I may end up knocking on your door to say hello after I jump off from the plane!"

Come Soar With Me will be on sale in music stores everywhere.  It's said to be a huge hit for this lovely young singer and possibly of all time.  Buy now or you'll miss out!

+ + + + +

Ninomiya Residence: Eri's Room
(early morning, next day...)

The radio alarm sitting on Eri's side table went off with its very loud bell sound and the music played on the radio.  Eri heard the alarm and was ready to slam the Snooze button.  She lifted her head after rubbing her eyes and glanced at the clock: 6:00 am.  She yawned and stretched her arms and slowly got up.  She turned on the lamp and went to her mini-bulletin board on the wall on top of her desk to check her calendar.

Wow... I'm not working today...?  Eri thought when she saw the "X" mark on the box for today's date.  "Well.. I'm awake now..."

The DJ on the radio then announced through Eri's sidetable clock radio.  "'Gooooood Morning BAYSIDE SHORES!!!  Hope you dug that track that just played!  That was Norika Airen with her latest single Blowing Out the Candles, which will definitely be included in her newly-released debut album Come Soar With Me, now ON SALE at your local music stores today!  Hey, anyone read today's morning paper today?  It says here that Norika Airen is now on her promotional flight throughout the nation to promote her new album, and it even says here that there are rumors that she may jump off the plane to do a really scary skydiving stunt sometime late in the morning, but no one knows where exactly she's going to be!  What would happen if she landed here in Bayside Shores...?  Wouldn't that be something?  Well then, since today is our very own 'Norika Airen Day,' here's another special track from her album.  This is Norika Airen with the very romantic Be My Boy..."

Norika Airen--- of course!  Her album is out today!  Must go to the store later today and buy her CD!  Eri thought in her mind and wrote a memo on her memo pad and pinned it on her bulletin board.

She went ahead to the restroom and washed herself.  She even noticed that everyone else in the house except Satoshi (who is now at Kippy's working for tonight's business) were still asleep.  She made three small ponytails on her shoulder-length hair to wash her face more thoroughly, then put on her robe and went back inside her room.  The song Be My Boy was playing on the radio and Eri was familiar with the song that she ended up humming it and singing it...

Be my boy
And always be true to me
Say the words,
"I love you, love you truly."

She sat on her dresser to comb her hair while singing along with the song.  Somehow just by listening to the song made her feel like today is going to be a really good day.  At least, a better day than yesterday, she thought.  The night at Kippy's ended up in an almost rumble, which was obviously not good.  She hoped that tonight's night at Kippy's would have a better, happier ending.

How I pray I'd spend my life near you...

Eri sang along the words as she stood up from her dresser.  She fixed her bed nice and neat and then headed to her side window. 

How I pray for the day when I hear you...
Say to me that you will be my boy...

She lifted her window open, and then she found herself stunned at her spot.  Right through her window, she spotted that young, tall, muscular, and handsome surfer boy next door to the Ninomiya Beach House at the side balcony, relaxing along the balcony while chewing on a piece of a freshly-baked donut.  She gulped nervously and was ready to back away and close the window as soon as her final words "say to me that you will be my boy..." quickly faded down at the sight of that young man.  The morning skies were just too blue and the sun was about to shine that she could not help but to open her windows, just to feel the morning breeze.

It's him.... that boy... Eri's voice murmured in her mind and started to blush.  My gosh.. he looks so good this morning... so handsome.... and his body is... indescribable... oh man, what should I say--- 'Hi... um.... umm.... oh my god--- I forgot what his name was!!

She shook her head and sighed deeply after realizing that after a few hours from learning Sho's name from Nino, she had forgotten his name once again.  She was ready to close the window when the young man suddenly looked up towards her direction--- and then, right towards her.

Oh no... he saw me... and I'm a total mess...  She wanted to cover her face and just run away but with the way that young man's eyes gazed right at her she knew she was too late.

Sho finished his donut and slowly licked his fingers, just to get the sweetness off and in to his tongue.  His eyes were still locked towards hers while he licked his fingers.  This, of course, made Eri feel thrown off course.  What was it, she thought.  Was it the donut that somehow made her hungry for breakfast?  Or was it the way Sho licked his fingers that made her cheeks blush red?

Oh hell--- he's looking right at me anyway so I might as well get brave and get this over with...  Ignoring the rather messy-looking three ponytails that she made on her hair as well as still wearing her bathrobe, Eri decided to become brave and confront the mysterious handsome young man across from her window.

"Good morning!" Eri called out and greeted Sho from across.

Sho got up from his leaning against the railing and smiled at her. "Good morning."

"I... I didn't know.. you stay next door..." Eri said, nervously giggling at the same time while avoiding herself from blushing.

"Oh... this is my family beach house," Sho answered directly.  "Every summer my crew and I stay here..."

"Oh... um... I'm sorry if I didn't know... it's just that... I don't really pay much attention and... well, when I started working in Kippy's for the summer Nino assigned me to this particular room!|"

"I noticed."  Sho continued giving his signature warm smile at every answer he spoke.  He walked over to his patio table and grabbed another donut.  He went back to the railing and decided to continue on with the early morning chat.

"Last year, one of your waitresses stayed in that room..."

"I remember... I think it was Tany who stayed here last year..." Eri continued the conversation.

"Yeah... I never knew... she never opened that window.  Did Nino tell you...?  That room you're staying in was his late sister's room when they come and stay at the house..."

Eri blinked in surprise to hear Sho say that.  Nino never mentioned anything about the rooms or who used to own the rooms.  This was the first time she has heard of this fact. 

"Wow, really? ... you and Nino must be really good friends..."

"I hope so..." Sho just chuckled nervously.  "Well I hope Nino thinks of me like that..."

"How did you know about this room...?"

Sho's smile suddenly disappeared and instead felt somewhat nervous.  "How...?  Well.. I... I've been in.. that room... before... long time ago when his sister was alive..."

"Ah I see..." Eri naively just gave another smile.  "You and Nino's sister must be close as well..."

"Erm.... you could say that, yeah... I... used to talk to her... through the same window you're looking out right now..."

"Wow... that's so cool you have your own balcony on the side of the house..."

"My dad has exquisite taste in architecture so... he hired the best ever in Bayside Shores... and designed this house... he got me this room with a balcony... I guess you can say I like looking at nature... with the sky and the trees surrounding it and... stuff like that."

"Me too!" Eri laughed. truly enjoying this conversation.  "You know... until now.. even if I've been living here in Bayside Shores permanently for about a year now... I still feel like a visitor here..."

"How so?"

"Well... I don't know everyone here, to be frank, and... I know it's expected because I'm a Yanehiro, but because of boarding school---"

"Yeah... I don't see you often... Eri..."

Eri blushed a bit.  Somehow the sound of her name being spoken by someone like Sho just made her completely flattered and comfortable at the same time.  Right now she wants to recall the night they hung out after hours last year, but she did not want to be submissive.  Instead, she asks Sho this particular question.

"I've been wondering how you knew my name..."

Sho chuckled softly.  "You're Satoshi's older sister!  Anybody who knows Satoshi Yanehiro well knows his siblings, you know..."

She knew right within her heart that this was the boy she was with last year, however at the moment Sho does not seem to remember her or that night alone.

"Ah... I see..."

"I suppose you know all of Satoshi's friends too... right?"

"I don't know much of my siblings' friends except for the ones who work at Kippy's..."

Sho cleared his throat, realizing that Eri obviously has never seen him or met him or even know his name ever.  After all, Eri only spent her time here at Bayside Shores during the summer when school was out, but now that she already completed her studies, she finally took permanent residence back home again to be with her family.  To Sho, Eri should know who Satoshi's real friends are...

"I'm one of your brother's friends--- at least I hope so--- has he ever talked to you about me...?"  Sho gave a curious look at her.  Eri lowered her head and slightly shook her head.  "No...?  I... see..."

"Well... actually... he does..." Eri chuckled slightly.  "But see... I only know the names... I just don't know their faces since Satoshi never really introduced them to me..."

"Ah I see... I guess you and I never got acquainted properly then..."

This is so embarrassing--- I still forgot his name after Nino told me last night--- oh heck, I might as well keep going.  Eri's voice spoke in her mind while she thought of a good response to that statement.

"No... I never did... I'm sorry..."

"Well then... let's start all over, shall we?"

Eri gave a happy grin and cleared her throat.  "How do you do?  I'm Eri Yanehiro."

"Nice to meet you.  I'm Sho Sakurai."

"Nice to meet you too, Sho Sakurai." Eri gave a shy grin on her face while Sho just chuckled.  Eri joined the laughter otherwise.

Eri just could not help but to look at him... his sweet, smiling face.  His other magnificent features, especially those muscles on his arms and shoulders while wearing his dark blue tank, may be there but Eri did not even pay attention to any of those.  The only thing that mattered to her was his smile and the way he looked at her everytime they see each other.  Somehow, Eri realized something on that face that seemed familiar to her, however she could not even recall.

"Sho Sakurai--- welp, I do kind of remember--- Sakurai Conglomerate, right?"

Sho remained humble to himself everytime someone speaks of his family industry.  His father, the CEO, never intended for him to live like a royal prince, but just another local of Bayside Shores.  In fact he had more friends in the streets (meaning those who live outside the Skyline Estates residential area) than in his own neighborhood.  He often skipped all these elegant, formal gatherings with other wealthy families and sneak out to hang out at the beach with all his friends down there.  But when the gathering is very important that it might affect him, he even used to invite Nino and Satoshi as his company during the party.  Often times, Nino and Satoshi were always welcome.

"Yeah," Sho said in a slight low tone.  "My dad's industry..."

"You're the heir to the great Sakurai Conglomerate..."

"Yeah," Sho chuckled softly.  "I'm stuck with that responsibility... I'm the only son and there's no one else in line after me, so... that's my destiny."

"It must be really difficult to have that on your shoulders... I mean, a lot of naive minds think that rich people don't have to do anything since they have so much money but they also work hard too..."

Sho nodded.  "I just finished my Master's Degree last month in Business, so pretty soon after this summer's up, I will have to start working with my father at the main office... I know it will be hard work, but... it's a start."

"Congratulations!  I know you'll do well, Sho..."

"Thank you, Eri."  The two exchanged humble smiles to each other.  After a few seconds, it was Sho's turn.

"What about you, Eri?  Tell me more about yourself."

Eri gulped nervously again, but tried to calm down.  "M-me...?  Erm... .well, as you know... I cook at Kippy's but I want to be a wri----"

Just as Eri was about to finish her sentence, a high-pitched female voice of interferance was heard through Sho's door.  Sho quickly turned around to see who was showing in the middle of early morning.

"Shooo~ are you done already???"  A whiny female voice called from inside his room.  Sho's smile disappeared and headed towards the door.  One of the bunnies, Maki Goto, stood at the glass doorway of his room.

"What are you doing, Sho--- let's go to the beach now!"

"Just wait--- I'll be there," Sho answered to Maki.  "Just go ahead already..."  Eri's laughter also disappeared and just sighed sadly as this was going on.

"But I wanna gooooo.. with you, Sho...."

"Just wait for me downstairs... okay?" Sho was a bit annoyed at Maki's whining.  Maki sighed and left the scene.  Sho turned back and both smiles and laughters just disappeared.

"I'm sorry about that, Eri..."

"Don't worry, I understand," Eri nodded.  "You should go ahead--- your friends are waiting for you."

"Will you be at Kippy's tonight?" Sho quickly asked her as if he sounded desperate.

"I won't be working today... but yes, I'll be there..."

"So--- I can still see you then if I don't see you anytime today..."

"Alright then... have fun at the beach--- bye Sho!"

"Bye, Eri."  She waved at him as he gave her a small wave.  Eri left the window, however seeing Sho leave somehow made her feel sad.

Meanwhile, Sho cleaned up his patio table and went back inside his room.  As Maki waited at his door, Sho turned his head right back through the balcony again and noticed that Eri was already gone.  And like Eri, Sho somehow felt saddened that he and Eri were not able to finish their talk anymore.

At that point, Eri left the window open and lied back on her bed, grabbing on a pillow and clinging on to it.  She softly chuckled to herself, thinking about what happened just now.  She's thought of him and his face for a long time now.  It was just now that she finally learned his name.

"Sho Sakurai..." she thought to herself.  What a wonderful name.... and he's so friendly.... jeez, Kippy's Cooks and their warnings--- and Nino too... there's nothing wrong with Sho... there's absolutely nothing wrong with him...

+ + + + +

Ninomiya Residence: Kitchen and Dining Area
(thirty minutes later...)

Thirty minutes later, about half of the Kippy's Crew got up, washed up, and were ready to start yet another new day.  Kyoko woke up extra early so that she may have the time to bug one of the cooks (if not Eri) to help her make a special lunch basket for her love, the new surfer boy in town Keita Tachibana.  She was excited to make her very first lunch basket, which is an old Bayside Shores tradition among young females when they're attached to a special guy or may even have a crush on that particulary boy.

A hug, a kiss, a wink, or even a bit of flirting here and there may definitely attract one of the opposite sex.  But here in Bayside Shores, lunch baskets say a lot more than just a hug, a kiss, a wink, or a bit of flirting here and there.  An average lunch basket would always contain the following: that boy's favorite sandwich (any size would do, but huge sizes are always preferred), favorite drink, favorite fruits and fresh vegetables if necessary, a small box of fresh Mache Vinagrette salad, and even a bowl or a tub of that boy's favorite soup.  Lunch baskets are perfect for the boys who "live" on the beach, knowing that there's nothing much to do to prepare a meal at the beach anyhow.  They could stop by a nearby fast-food restaurant, but even fast food can't beat the power and heartiness of a standard lunch basket.

For guys, lunch baskets were more of like a status symbol to them than a symbol of true love from the girls who give these to them.  When one receives a lunch basket from a girl, other guys already considered him as "the man."  Nowadays it's how many girls a guy beds that makes one "the man."  Back in the simpler times it was actually how many lunch baskets that a guy receives in his lifetime that measures him on his level of "manliness."  Sometimes the delectable, mouthwatering contents of the lunch basket can also measure a guy's "manliness."

Kyoko had a very strong memory regarding Keita's daily lunch back in school.  He would always order a chicken sandwich or a chicken bun that had the same ingredients in a chicken sandwich--- Bayside Shores style.  He told Kyoko once that he loved the special blend of spices and other flavorings that added so much flavor in the chicken sandwich that he even considered it his all-time favorite lunch.  She wanted to know the recipe for that flavor blend for the chicken sandwich and she knew that Eri or one of the boys in the kitchen crew holds the key in to making that flavor blend.  Rich in homemade fresh mayonnaise and pickled relish, topped with fresh, crisp lettuce leaves and fresh, plump and sweet sliced tomatoes, that was Keita's ideal of "the perfect chicken sandwich."  Kyoko wanted to make that "perfect chicken sandwich" for him.  It's how she wants to show Keita how much she loves him so much.

For Keita's salad, she uses a custom-made vinagrette dressing that Junno's grandmother made (no special herbs included there, unlike the Tiramisu Junno made last night).  It tasted so tangy and delicious that Keita just could not pass this type of salad dressing.  She had Junno go back home to his grandmother's house to harvest some mache leaves and other vegetables.  Junno's grandmother held a huge vegetable garden in her 10-acre land and still lived a simple life.  Not only that she was an herbologist, but she was also a devoted gardener as well.  She also had a small orchard patch somewhere in her land, which it bore many freshly-grown fruits from apples to passion fruits.

For the soup, Spiced Potato Soup.  Not only that it was healthy, it was tasty as well.  For fresh fruits, it was mandarin oranges--- plump, orangey, and sweet.  Keita always craved for mandarin oranges, however they were only abundant during the spring and summer.  Mandarin oranges were rather expensive to be bought in groceries and even farmers' markets throughout town, but because these would be coming from Junno's grandmother's orchard garden, Keita gets to eat them for free.  For his drink, two things--- one huge bottle of water and a few cans of Dr Pepper soda.

Eri, Fran, and Ryuichi arrived downstairs to find Kyoko preparing her lunch basket for Keita.  Though it was only 6:30 in the morning, they were surprised to even see Kyoko up this early.  Fran knew that Kyoko was normally the last person in the family to wake up, but this time, she even beat her older siblings in getting up at this hour.  It must be true love that made Kyoko wake up after all.

"Ooooh!!" Ryuichi gasped in awe.  "Lunch.... basket......"

"NOT FOR YOU, RYUICHI!" Kyoko stuck her tongue at her older brother.  Carefully she was draining out the chicken that she just boiled thirty minutes ago and cool them at the same time.

"Make me a lunch basket, little girl!" Ryuichi suddenly demanded right in front of her.

"Ewww, Ryuichi, but you're my brother!" Kyoko gave a disgusted look at Ryuichi.

"Hey--- there ain't no rule sayin' that girls can't make lunch baskets for their brothers now..."

"Ryuichi," Fran frowned, "leave Kyoko alone, okay?  This is her first lunch basket... this is for Keita!"

"Keita--- KeiFu?!" Ryuichi blinked in shock while Kyoko just shook her head with a frown.

"KEITA TACHIBANA, YOU IDIOT!!" Kyoko exclaimed in annoyance.

"Kyoko, he's too YOUNG for you!" Ryuichi went on with this silly argument.  "I won't let any of my sisters dating younger guys--- well, unless if the guy's in his 20s.... which means Eri-neechan here can date whoever she wants, as long as the dude's in his 20s..."

"Ryuichi, since when did you start being the boss of the family?" Fran rolled her eyes.  "Just 'cuz Satoshi's not here, doesn't mean YOU get to be the boss... I'm older than you, remember??"

"Keita Tachibana's older than me..." Kyoko said, "in fact, he's even older than YOU, Ryuichi!"

Later, they heard the front door being unlocked from the outside.  It could be one of the Kippy's Crew people or even Nino's folks.  When the door opened, in came Dianne, Mrs. Ninomiya, and Junno, all three holding baskets of fruits and this morning's harvest from the Taguchi Farm.  "Ah, good morning, everyone!" Eri greeted with a smile on her face.

"We're back!" Dianne said, carrying a huge basket of fresh fruits.  "Whew, Junno, your grandma sure has a huge farm..."

"It's a hillside ranch, you know," Junno said with a smile.  "Thanks for helping out!"

"Ah, no problem, Junno boy," Mrs. Ninomiya said.  "I may be elderly but I could use some exercise... hehe..."

"Ah, here, let me help you with the basket," Eri said and slowly took the basket from Mrs. Ninomiya.

"Ah, thank you, child..." Mrs. Ninomiya said.  "You know what's funny, Eri child...?"

"What is it?"  Mrs. Ninomiya entered the kitchen while the others followed her from behind.  Junno and Dianne placed all their harvest baskets on the counter and all of the young eyes were right towards the elderly woman.

"Back when you were still in boarding school, there was a very sweet young man who always took me everywhere... to go shopping at farmer's market or even visit a friend's house... just by a small scooter and a cart attached to it.

"Nino?" Ryuichi asked curiously.

"No, silly, Nino was attending summer school during those times so I had someone else be kind enough to take care of me... of course, not that I need it... he volunteered to do it... he wouldn't take any kind of payment from me, which is very rare for a young man his age, you know?"

"Well, whoever that was," Eri said with a smile, "I guess there's still some good men around Bayside Shores after all...."

"Yeah, except they're wasted..." Kyoko rolled her eyes.

Later, Hase, Hisa, Ryohei, Toma, KeiFu, and the rest of the girls come down from the second floor, all ready to go for the new day.  Everyone greeted each other their good mornings and such.  According to Nino's beach house kitchen schedule, it was Hase's turn to make breakfast for everyone.

"Today's breakfast for Kippy's Crew before work--- Ranch-style Breakfast Burrito!!" Hase announced proudly.

"Oooooh~..." Everyone awed in amazement.

"Ranch-style sausages perfectly sliced with melted cheddar cheese, creamy scrambled eggs, finely-chopped red and green pepper, crushed herbs and spices, and tangily creamy peppercorn sauce all blended and wrapped together in a perfectly soft and flat yet lightly crisp tortilla flat wrap.... Hasegawa Style!"

"Mmmmm... sounds yummy!!!" Ryuichi grinned happily.  "Hell yeah I could go with THAT!!"

"As for you, Ryuichi Yanehiro," Hase grinned slyly, "YOU will be having OATMEAL topped with freshly-sliced strawberries and a glass of nonfat milk..."

Ryuichi gasped in shock to hear what Hase just said "NO... NOT OATMEAL AGAIN.. I WANT REAL BREAKFAST!!!"

"You're gaining weight again, Ryuichi," Eri said, "if you want to make yourself look good, you'll have to work on losing all that weight..."

"But... but... oatmeal again???" Ryuichi pouted sadly while Junno patted him on the shoulder.  "That's torture...."

Sharkie appeared wearing a sleeveless buttoned blouse and short shorts, all ready to head out to the beach to meet Ami and Keiko for their first surfing lesson.  "Hey, I promised my girls that I'd meet them around this time... I'll just skip breakfast..."

Ryohei nodded and said "Hey, I'll stop by and bring you gals a breakfast basket after Hase here's done with the Breakfast Burritos, how's that...?"

"Sounds great!" Sharkie smiled humbly.  Nino appeared from the garage with a smile on his face and he gave Sharkie a thumbs up.  "Thanks for lending my girls your surfboards... I know you haven't used them and all..."

No problem... you gals have fun! Nino gave Sharkie a signal.

"Thanks!!" Sharkie waved goodbye to the rest of the Kippy's Crew as they gave her goodbyes as well.  She went ahead and exited through the garage door.  Next door, she saw Ami and Keiko coming out from the beach house next door, all dressed up for the beach.  They exchanged their greetings and hopped on in to Ryohei's jeep along with two of Nino's old surfboards hanging on top of the jeep.  Sharkie drove their way towards the perfect surfing spot for training beginners.

Meanwhile while they wait for Hase to finish with their breakfast, Toma started a small chat: "Hey, last night, Nagase, Ayu, and their crew talked to me and Yuna here and Nagase said that he's got this really huge job at the skydiving school.  He's gonna be piloting the plane that Norika Airen, the idol singer, as it said on the newspaper and on the radio, will be riding and then jump off the plane!"

Everyone gave mixed reactions to him while Toma hushed everyone down.  "IT'S TRUE!!  Sure, it's anonymous, but then Nagase already gave out the exact location!!  We gonna go come and stop by the beach and watch Nagase's plane--- and the LOVELY NORIKA soaring down the sky and parachute to safety here at Bayside Beach.... we're gonna have a chance to meet Norika Airen!!!"

"I love Norika!!!" The girls exclaimed happily.

"I'm going to stop by the music store to buy her new CD later today," Eri said.

"Dude--- maybe we can have ONE OF US get to date her while she's here at Bayside Shores!!!" KeiFu exclaimed happily.

"Of course, KeiFu," Toma grinned slyly.  "Of course, you're too young for that stuff."

KeiFu glared at Toma once more and said "I'M FIFTEEN, NOT FIVE, STUPID!!"

"I'M GONNA END UP DATING HER!!" Junno exclaimed happily.  "Anything just to get away from that B-Cube weirdo..."

"Hey, that ain't no excuse for dating the untouchable Norika Airen, Junno!" Hisa pouted.  "If anyone's going to date her, it should be ME!"

"NOOO... MEEEE!!!" Ryuichi gasped happily.

"You're way too overweight, Ryuichi, no way she's gonna fall for you!" Toma stuck his tongue at him.  The boys ended up arguing when Eri whistled to keep everyone quiet.

"GUYS?!  Come on.... if this is for real, then we should make Norika Airen feel welcome.. we don't want her feeling uncomfortable with all the really nutty fans hanging around this town now... we have to show a good example on how wonderful Bayside Shores is!" Eri said.

"It'd be more wonderful if it weren't for those B-Cubes and the Cats and Mice Black Plague Crew, Eri..." KeiFu rolled his eyes with his arms crossed.  "With weirdos like those people, Bayside Shores is PLAGUED!"

"It shouldn't be too bad now," Eri smiled.  "Let's just hope that we do get a chance to get to know Norika ourselves, ne?"

"Right!" The girls agreed with nods.

Hase finally finished the first batch of Breakfast Burrittos as the Kippy's Crew went to the counter and get their share.
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oh you edited the characters a bit. Norika Airen is a new name. i guess u'll be changing things a bit here.

anyway, just to let you know that i'm still reading your fic and awaiting for new developments.

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Hi Arwenna. ^^

Yeah, the version here is the edited/final draft.  I'm gonna repost in IRO soon. ^^

Yeah, I kinda needed the comments because that would help me determine whether I'm doing okay w/ the fic or not, so... ^^;

Anyway, I finally designed Eri (the character, not me LMAO x.x) in SJ and here's how she'd look like ^^;

Sorry about the dress.... I wanted to have her wear a white long dress but couldn't find a good one so I just altered something and it still didn't look good ROFL.... but yup, that's how she'd look like.

I'll design the other (original) characters later. ^^
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Okay-- latest chapter! (hope I get some feedback this time =X)

+ + + + +

CHAPTER 16: She's Satoshi's Sister

Bayside Shores: Bayside Drive
(on the way to Kippy's Beach - fifteen minutes later)

"Sho, may I remind you," Jun "Matsujun" Matsumoto explained to Sho after he told his friends about his early morning initial meeting with Eri Yanehiro before they left, "--- she is Satoshi Yanehiro's sister."

The select Elite B's were chosen by the leader Nichi to ride on his stylish, high-end Hummer with him to their summer home of Kippy's Beach.  As of late everyone has been admiring the latest Hummer design that Nichi recently acquired.  His parents have given him this particular vehicle to him for Christmas, which was rather too extravagant for an ordinary person's point of view.  The whole clique were envious of Nichi and his Hummer... with the exception of Sho that is.  Though he can get a Hummer of his own, the Hummer isn't exactly his type of vehicle.

Although Sho left Eri to go to the beach with Maki, he "broke his word" to Maki again by calling an "emergency" talk with Aiba and Matsujun about earlier this morning with Eri.  He wished to himself that he would stay longer, or moreso, hang out with her at the beach without any form of discrimination or criticism from their friends.  Despite of Eri looking a little unpresentable that morning, what was the big deal, he thought.  It was early morning, she just woke up, and was on her way to getting herself ready when she opened her window to let the sun out.

She looked really cute with those pigtails... Sho thought to himself with a smile on his face.  Why can't girls in general be more like her who never worries about how she looks whenever she talks to people...?

"Dude," Aiba chuckled softly, nudging Sho on the side.  "You ditched Maki-chan again... this is like the third time you ditched her everytime you make promises to her that you'd be with her at the beach..."

"I feel stupid, I know," Sho admitted to the boys.  "But things that are more important than going to the beach with Maki always comes up, and you know my priorities..."

"And I suppose that SATOSHI'S OLDER SISTER is a lot more priority than Maki..." Matsujun coughed those words aloud while the rest of the boys in the Hummer chuckled.

Sho chuckled at Jun's statement.  "May I ask what is wrong with being friendly to 'Satoshi's Sister', Jun?"

"Well... first of all..." Aiba interrupted the conversation, joining along, "She is Satoshi's sister!"

Sho shook his head with a slight grin on his face.  "And...?"

Keita, was were both sitting next to each other at the front seat, turned their heads and said simultaneously: "So are Kyoko and Fran!"

Jun rolled his eyes at their reaction: "That's all you talk about, Keita--- talk about something more exciting than that!"

Aiba cleared his throat as he starts his philosophy.  "Second of all, Sho Sakurai, you are indeed THE one in a million 'trust fund babies' in this whole world who will truly rule the world one day--- at least starting here at Seaside Region!  You would want to marry someone of your OWN kind--- someone who is the most eligible-- not only that you'll be having the love of your life, but your power will double twice with hers--- see what I'm saying...?"

Sho gave a rather doubtful look towards Aiba: "Masaki, get to the ponit..."

Jun turned to Aiba and let him continue: "Tell him, Aiba-chan!"

Aiba cleared his throat once more.  "Ahem, as I was saying... You, Sho Sakurai, are the only heir to the dominating Sakurai Conglomerate and the one to lead the future Sakurai Dynasty!  As you know now, you are the most powerful young adult throughout the whole region--- and I'm not talking about getting the chicks to get with you here, Sho!"

"Preach on, bro!" Jun backed Aiba along at the same time.  Sho just remained chuckling at this whole lecture.

"The problem with you, Sho, is that you spend more time out in the streets than at the Skyline Estates neighborhood where you truly belong!  If you've made a lot more close friends in that neighborhood--- all of them are of your own kind--- you wouldn't have to hang out with the 'wrong' kind of people..."

Sho shook his head.  "You're right, Aiba.  I spend more time out in the streets than at the neighborhoods of Skyline Estates.  You should lecture my father about that-- he was the one who brought me out here when I was little.  I met Nino first than the rest of you goons, so please, just get to the point!"

Keita turned his head towards Sho and spoke his words.  "Sho, you don't need to listen to them--- you only follow what's in your heart, just like how you always tell me..."

"Look, Keita, stop butting in--- this is between us close friends," Jun warned Keita.  He turned back to Aiba and said "Should I continue?"

"No, let me," Aiba coughed once more.  "Anyway... third reason other than having that girl being not of OUR kind--- SHE'S ALSO SATOSHI'S SISTER!  Oh wait, did I mention that?"

Sho rolled his eyes again: "You two are not doing a good job drawing a good argument here..."

"So--- why mention her?  I mean, you normally mention any cute girl that we know, but Eri Yanehiro?" Aiba continued.  "You barely know her!"

"Amen!" Jun nodded along with Aiba.  "First up, she only comes to Bayside Shores every summer, right?"

"Not anymore--- she's been living here for a year now since the Yanehiros lost their parents..." Sho corrected him.

"Whatever--- and second," Jun continued, "SHE'S SATOSHI'S SISTER!"

"OLDER SISTER!" Aiba added.

"And third---" Jun continued along instead, "SHE IS WAY BEYOND HOT!  You always ignore girls like her in general, Sho... always have, always be..."

Sho continued to laugh.  "You two are really funny... look, I am very aware that she is Satoshi's sister... that doesn't mean I can't be friends with her..."

"Friendship would be a lot better," Jun agreed with a nod.

"Yeah!  I mean, Sho, you gotta learn how to set boundaries between yourself and everybody else," Aiba reminded him.  "You know that guys like us are rare nowadays--- they always fall for the wrong girls and they get themselves drowning with love... you know we're a lot tougher and harder than that..."

"What makes you goons think I plan on dating her?" Sho gasped, shrugging his arms.  "I only talked to her briefly this morning and you're already assuming stuff..."

Aiba and Jun applauded.  "Now that's the Sho Sakurai WE KNOW!"

Keita raised his hands to get their attention.  "Guys--- I know, I may not be 'the man' compared to you guys, but I don't think the Yanehiros would want to date rich guys for money... Sho, everyone knows how you are with women, but you haven't exactly been in a real relationship... and now it seems that meeting Eri earlier this morning may be potential..."

Aiba shook his head and turned to Keita.  "Didn't you hear what Sho said?  He just said he has no intention of dating Eri!"  He turned to Sho once more and continued.

"Sho, I know Eri's a nice gal, but... remember---- she is Satoshi's sister!"

"So what if she's Satoshi's sister?" Sho shrugged his arms once more.  "What's the matter with you guys?"

"Older sisters of closest friends," Jun joined in, "always screw their brother's friends up!  Heck, my older sister screws up my friends too!"

"Though it feels rather nice to be screwed up by my friends' older sisters... hehe..." Nichi, who is behind the wheel, overhears the conversation and grins to himself.

"What do you mean by that?" Sho asked curiously.  "What makes you think Eri would screw me up if I get closer to her?"

"HELLO!" Jun exclaimed even more.  "Who was the first girl did who did you in your lifetime, huh...?  Hello---- that girl who happens to be Kazunari Ninomiya's sister?!"

Sho's eyes widened in shock.  "Hey, don't compare Eri to Mina Ninomiya, okay?  They're two different people!"

"What's going on...?" Keita, the newbie of the clique, asked curiously.  "Ninomiya's sister...?  What?  Are we talking about the lead guitarist of The Rays from last night??"

"Yup.... that Ninomiya..." Nichi answered Keita's curiosity.  "They used to be really close..."

"You mean Ninomiya and the Kippy's manager used to be B-Cubes too?" Keita asked once more.

Sho, Aiba, and Jun chuckled at Keita's curiosity.  "Naw," Aiba answered, "it was the other way around--- there weren't the B-Cube back then--- we were just local dudes who just happen to love surfing, you know?"

Before anyone could say anything, Sho felt the vibration from his cellphone in his pocket.  He reached in to grab his cellphone and check to see who called.  He noticed on his indicator screen that there were several voice messages were left in his voice box.  He sighed as he listened to each and every one of them.

"Sho-chaaaan~!  Remember me, Aiza?  I'm the captain of the Bunkai University cheerleading squad and we met at your family picnic?  That night we even spent the night together and I've had such a good time then..... it's been almost two years since that night, Sho... I miss you.... call me, okay...?"


"Sho-chan.... you promised you'd call me back after that night--- it's been over a year now and I'm still waiting for your phone call--- "


"Mmmm.... Sho... it's me, Mamie... I've missed you sooo much and you were incredibly hot that night...... but it's been two years now too and I just feel like having phone sex with you at this moment---


"Sho Sakurai, remember me, Wakana?  I'm the daughter and heiress to the Sakai Corporation, and I'm sure your family knows my parents, Katsuhito and Kumi Sakai?  Anyway, we will be arriving shortly in Bayside Shores in order to meet with you and your family and discuss about our future together... you know what that means, right, Sho?  Gosh.... your mother has been sending us your latest photos and you just simply becoming more manlier but still have that adorable side of yours--- call me, please Sho...?  Oh how I've long to hear from you again... I mean, when we met the first time when we were little at your 12th birthday party that I felt that we were meant to be---"


Sho quickly hung up his phone and rested himself against his seat, sighing deeply.  The other boys (except Nichi behind the wheel) in the Hummer overheard all his voice messages and gazed right at him.  Sho noticed the others gazing at him and cleared his throat.

"I seriously need to change my phone number," Sho reminded himself and everyone.  "I can't stand being bombarded by these calls..."

"Man, at least you get voice messages from those hot girls you did these past five years, Sho," Aiba frowned sadly.  "When it comes to me no one even leaves me a message!"

"That's because you're lousy in bed, Masaki---" Jun was about to make a remark, but Aiba immediately shoved him on the chest.  "OW!"

"Hey," Keita interrupted, "Sho, I heard that last message--- Wakana?"

Sho shrugged.  "Some girl I met when I was 12 at my birthday party... another rich girl from out of town..."

"Hey, there you go!" Jun grinned.  "Ya got rich chicks all over you now--- should be easy to get a bride from this point!"

"Give me a break, Matsumoto," Sho gave Jun a glare.  "I'm not a golddigger compared to these girls..."

"What did she mean by 'you're meant to be together'?" Keita asked curiously.

Sho shrugged his arms again.  "I don't know... she's just another girl to me... she wasn't all that impressive anyhow---"

"Yes!  Yes!" Aiba and Jun cheered.  "The real Sho is finally coming back!  The one who cares for no girl after bedtime!"

"Whatever..." Sho rolled his eyes, feeling annoyed by his friends who were already assuming things about him.

+ + + + +

Bayside Shores Beach
(fifteen minutes later...)

Jun turned to Nichi, who was just parking his Hummer at the sandy area of the beach.  "Yo Nich--- what do you think of Sho checking out on Satoshi's older sister?"

Nichi was silent for a few seconds, then gave his answer: "If you're some lowly B-Cuber, this will only result with you no longer a member of the B-Cube, but because you are Sho Sakurai, I have no say..."

Keita sighed deeply and lowered his head.  "Sho... I respect you and admire you... I... I just hope you would end up with the right girl..."

"I know what I'm doing, Keita," Sho responded to his new friend.  "You just take care of Kyoko-chan, okay?"

Nichi found their designated spot as he could also see the rest of the B-Cube Caravan turn to his direction and park their slightly massive SUV's and cars.  By the time Nichi parked his Hummer, he noticed another vehicle already parked at his usual spot.  This, of course, made the B-Cube leader furious.

"WHAT THE HELL---- WHO THE HELL PARKED IN MY SPOT?!" Nichi exclaimed in fury as he got out of his Hummer hurriedly.  The rest in his Hummer also exited the vehicle.

Nichi walked out of his Hummer furiously while the rest of the boys followed him from behind.  "I SWEAR I FEEL LIKE RUNNING OVER THAT PIECE OF JUNK THAT YOU CALL A 'CAR' TAKING MY SPOT LIKE THAT!"

"Relax, Nichi," Sho tried to calm him down.  "For all we know it's probably some elderly people who want to spend some time at the beach--- Nich, dude... come on..."


"HEY!" From out of the blue Jun shouted his name.  "DON'T FORGET THAT MY UNCLE IS THE MAYOR, STUPID!"


Aiba jumped in with a grin on his face.  "It's Norika Airen New Album Day, Nichi!  And she's gonna be jumping off a plane somewhere... man, she's a total hottie..."

Jun gave a slight grin at the same time. "Oh man... if she ever comes here in Bayside Shores I've got my dibs on her---"


"'Cuz I'm younger and faster, baby~!" Jun gave a smirk towards his friend, combing his hair backwards once with his fingers.

As soon as they arrived at their usual spot, Nichi also noticed another discrepancy with the whole scene.  The spot where he and the Elite B's usually sunbathe and rest underneath the sun was also taken.  The Elite B's have found a white beach blanket already spread and other personal belongings lying around it.


Sho crossed his arms.  "Nichi, we can always find another spot---"

"UNACCEPTABLE!!" Nichi screamed right at Sho.  He dashed right towards the laid-out area to check on the personal belongings lying around.  As he dug through the bags he reaches out on a mysterious garment in one of the bags.  As he brought out the garment, he almost gulped in nerviness when he saw what it was.

"Nichi, you horrid bastard!"  From behind, the rest of the Elite B' boys arrived.  Takki found Nichi holding on to a piece of black lingerie.


He ran towards the rest of the B-Cube to check out the Bunnies with them.  After he made a head count on their girls, he noticed that the number was lesser than the usual.  He already had a hunch as to who was the one who took the best spots of the beach.

"That bitch..." Nichi held the lingerie tightly in to his grip.  "How could she..."

"You mean Sharkie and the two new girls, Keiko and Ami?" Sho wondered curiously.

"WHO ELSE?!  THEY AIN'T WITH US RIGHT NOW, RIGHT?!  WHO ELSE COULD IT BE?!  I KNEW THAT LITTLE WITCH IS NOTHING BUT TROUBLE!!" Nichi raised the lingerie in anger, swearing that once he confronts Sharkie for what she has done that there is going to be trouble.

"Nichi, calm down..." Sho held Nichi back.  "I don't think it's a good idea to confront a girl like Sharkie right now---"

"AW HELL--- I DON'T CARE IF SHE'S A SURFER GIRL--- SHE'S DEAD MEAT!!"  Right at the instant, Nichi marched closer to the shore where he just found the three girls meditating while sitting on top of their surfboards.

In the meantime, Keiko and Ami gazed at the meditating Sharkie curiously.  Sharkie was taught how to meditate yoga-style in order to have a clearer focus on her taming of the wild waves of Bayside Shores' beach.  She suggested to Keiko and Ami to do stretching first before they start warming up and finally paddle their boards to the water.

"Sharkie," Keiko exclaimed happily.  "Are you going to teach us how to do 'The Finger'...?"

Sharkie remained her eyes closed but her ears can hear crystal clear sounds.  "What 'finger'?"

"You know," Ami joined in, "'The Finger'!  The one that you did on Mabo last night at Kippy's?"

"He should be okay now--- that only lasts for five minutes," Sharkie answered.

"But you're still going to teach us 'The Finger', right?" Keiko continued to ask her over again.

"I don't know.... it's a little difficult if you look at it," Sharkie warned them.  "I'll see what I can do later..."

Silence fell as the two were about to attempt to duplicate Sharkie and her meditation when they hear loud voices coming their way.  Ami opened her eyes first to see who was coming to their direction.  When she saw the glimpse of the Elite B's boys, she immediately nudged Keiko on the side and gave her the warning.

Keiko turned to Sharkie and whispered: "Sharkie--- it's Okada... and the Elite B's... they're... coming this way..."

But before the girls knew it (and Sharkie not responding but continued her meditation), the Elite B's were already on site.  Ami and Keiko felt fear while Sho hushed them softly.

"WHO'S IDEA IS IT FOR YOU TO LEAVE EARLY?!" Nichi screamed his lungs out towards the two fear-filled girls.

"Um... Nichi Sir..." Keiko gulped nervously, holding on to Ami's hand, "... it's.... it's just that... we just want to..."

Sho calmed his leader down.  "Nich--- just calm down--- you don't have to be so hard on them..."

"Ugh!" Nichi pulled his hair out of fury and turned to the meditating Sharkie.  "YOU!  I'M TALKING TO YOU, WOMAN!!  CAN'T YOU UNDERSTAND THE WORDS I'M YELLIN' OUT FROM MY MOUTH?!"

"Um--- Nichi---" Aiba and Jun joined in, pulling Nichi away from Sharkie.  "You don't want to do that---"


As Nichi continued to lash out, Sharkie lifted an eyelid and stared right at the very angry Nichi and closed it back, returning to her usual meditating.  That action though signaled Keiko and Ami that there will be trouble between the two stubborn beachsters.

The two ladies got up from their seats and both clinged on to Sho on both sides.  "Quickly, Sho, everybody--- there's going to be trouble!"

"What...?" Sho wondered as he was being dragged away.  "What do you mean...?"

Ami faced Sho in front and answered.  "It's Sharkie--- see, she has the tendency of always keeping her cool, but if she is driven up the wall... well... remember what she did to Mabo last night at Kippy's?"

"I.... I see..." Sho's eyes widened as he walked away from the scene.  The others followed him from behind, leaving Nichi alone with his bickering towards Sharkie.

The rest of the Elite B's caught up with Sho and the two ladies.  "Hey!" Keita called for Sho's attention.  "What's going on? Why are we leaving Nichi alone?"

"We still got a lot of unpacking to do," Sho flatly said.  The rest of the clique ran to their vehicles to unpack their usual gear.

+ + + + + +

Kippy's Spot: Dining Area
(about the same time...)

"Eri!" Tany exclaimed after Eri told the female Kippy's employees the whole story about her brief encounter with the dashingly wealthy Sho Sakurai early in the morning.  Though Eri was excited that her hopes of getting a boyfriend (with Sho as her primary target of her goal, that is...) is getting closer than ever, the rest of her friends were not exactly keen with the idea.

The ladies are now busy peeling off the skins of every fruit and vegetable present at the juice bar area for their cooks to get themselves prepared for yet another long night of business, cooking the best dishes they could possibly ever come up.


Eri nodded humbly.  "He was really kind to take some time to talk a bit, you know...?"

Fran ran to her older sister and sat on one of the bar seats.  "What did you guys talk about?"

"Simple things," Eri answered with a smile on her face, "such us his family, and Nino's family and his house... and how he's one of Satoshi's close friends..."

Kyoko's eyes widened in surprise as she nudged Eri on the shoulder.  "Neechan--- he said 'he's one of Satoshi's close friends,' not 'he USED to be one of Satoshi's close friends'... now that's interesting..."

"How's that...?" Eri asked.  "Look, I know Sho and Satoshi aren't exactly on speaking terms at the moment---"

"Satoshi doesn't seem to talk about Sho that much," Yuna the band member said, currently peeling out oranges with her bare hands.  "That Sho Sakurai is a true mystery to me..."

"He is quite fascinating," Summer laughed.  "I mean, everytime I look at him there's always this... this mysterious aura around him... like he's invincible, you know...?"

"Shoot," Fran chuckled, "Sho Sakurai IS invincible--- to us ladies!"

Tany coughed to interrupt.  "Eri, I know I'm not your brother or any one of the cooks, but you best be careful around Sho... you know his repu---"

"I know, I know," Eri said while holding her knife upright as if she was going to launch it at someone random.  "He sleeps around with random cute and pretty girls every summer, riiight?"

"EXACTLY!" Tany continued on.  "Eri, come on, you're probably the smartest girl among us girls here at Kippy's and you're obviously smarter than Satoshi---" Before she went on, the ladies looked around to be sure that Satoshi was not around to hear that.  "--- but I know you can outwit Sho and his dashing, sexy charms!"

Eri chuckled.  "Tany, he has not done a single 'sexy' act towards me that morning... I mean... we don't know each other that well---"

"Well he doesn't know the girls he slept with in the past that well either, Eri," Tany continued with her warnings.  "Look, maybe it's best that you stick with your own level rather than looking around 'the immoral level' for the 'perfect guy'..."

"But Tany," Fran giggled, "Sho IS the perfect guy!  I mean I can remember the time when he used to babysit us when we were little... he's so sweet, charming, funny... and he'd never do anything to harm us or prevent harm from coming near us... Aaah, Neechan, he's so perfect..."

"But he still checks out other girls, Neechan," Kyoko added.  "Maybe he was just being nice to you because he felt sorry for you... I mean you're not exactly Miss Universe, you know?"

Eri's eyes widened as her reaction towards Kyoko's statement.  The girls continue on with their chit-chat.

"Or maybe the reason why he's talking to you," Yuna added, "is the fact that you're Satoshi's sister..."

"Hey!" Kyoko interrupted.  "Fran and I ARE Satoshi's sisters--- how come he never talks to us?!"

"Kyoko?!" Fran exclaimed, then changed the tone of her voice.  "Look, what we should worry about is Eri..."

Eri shook her head.  "Ladies, why would you all be worried about me?  Look, just because I haven't lived here long enough since I came back from the university and the fact that I've never dated, nor have I actually got interested in guys all the time, doesn't mean that I'm stupid when it comes to things such as this."

"Well, we're worried about two things," Fran answered.  "Eri-neechan, we're worried that you will be growing in to an old maid---"

"WHAT?" Eri exclaimed in shock.  "What on earth?!"

"--- and," Fran continued, "Eri-neechan, we're worried that you may end up with the wrong man... I mean, aren't you interested in some other guys like... back in your university days?"

Eri shook her head.  "The 'perfect' men back there were all taken..."

"By stuck-up arrogant bitches, I bet," Tany rolled her eyes.  "Look, Eri, we all support you... we think that you will truly find the right guy for you to spend the rest of your life with..."

Eri sighed deeply and repeated what she said yesterday when Nino and the cooks were talking to her about this subject.

"Just not Sho, right...?"

Tany nodded slowly.  "Exactly."

Eri lowered her head with a sigh.  "Just to let you girls know--- Sho will be coming here again tonight... he said he wanted to see me..."

"Oh my!" Summer exclaimed in shock.  "He already asked you out?!"

"No, silly!" Eri laughed, remembering the exact words Sho had said to her this morning.  "He said that he'll see me here tonight, that's all!  Nothing serious... maybe he just wanted a friend..."

"HELLO, NEECHAN!" Kyoko exclaimed as she started to knock her head with her fist gently.  "THIS IS SHO SAKURAI WE'RE TALKING ABOUT--- HE HAS GAZILLIONS OF FRIENDS FROM IN AND OUT OF BAYSIDE SHORES!  EVERYBODY WHO'S ANYBODY WANTS TO BE FRIENDS WITH SHO!  Neechan, I can tell you want to be friends with Sho too..."

Eri crossed her arms and stuck her knife through her vegetable that she was chopping.  "Look, guys... yes, I'd love to be friends with Sho if he would let me have a chance... I don't think we'd get any serious than that... besides, you girls are right.  He's too occupied with all his 'gazillions of friends' and I'm pretty sure that those 'gazillions of friends' may be girls that he slept around with since eighteen!"

"Fifteen..." the girls corrected her.

"FIFTEEN?!" Eri's eyes widened in shock.  "Oh my god..."

"You'd better believe it, girl," Tany nodded.  "Fifteen..."

Eri was beginning to doubt about Sho.  Though she has been thinking about him (even if she didn't know his name then), she also had high hopes for Sho being the dream guy she had wished for.  Sleeping around with random girls since age fifteen truly signals "bad news" to her.  Eventually she will end up debating herself whether she would still continue to pursue him, stay as friends, or avoid him just like how her family and friends have been warning him.

On the other hand, any friend of Satoshi's does not mean "bad news."  Sho is... or was... Satoshi's friend after all.  She now wonders why he and her brother are no longer close together.  Maybe by having the boys make up with each other over whatever that problem was.  In that way she would get to know Sho more just by hanging around with him and her brother and possibly Nino more often.

"How old is Sho now?" Eri asked curiously.  "In his twenties already, right?"

"He's only about a year and nine months younger than Satoshi," Summer answered.  The ladies were finished peeling off the ingredients and are now chopping them in to small pieces.  "You and Sho are only apart by two years---- that's not bad at all!"

"Hey--- I thought we're lecturing Eri not to get close to Sho?" Tany asked with her arms crossed.  "Eri, I think that's why Sho does not even bother getting to know the girls he's been with closely like that... maybe he didn't want any girl to get close to him... maybe he's cursed!"

"Tany," Eri frowned, "you really hate Sho that much, huh...?"

"Me?  Hate?" Tany smirked.  "Eri, I have my own lovelife.  You should be careful with yours.  I mean, the B-Cube dudes may be nice but it's the Elite B's that you need to look out for... they'll make you all feel good and then the next day, they'll forget that you even existed---"

"Tany!" Eri interrupted to keep her mouth shut.  "He knows my name!  He knew my name before I even learned his!"

"Eh?!" The rest of the girls exclaimed in shock.

"Now that's RARE!" Kyoko coughed out her answer.  "Neechan, Sho never bothers learning the girls' names--- the ones he got with I mean... You see, I heard from my friends that the only time that Sho would take the time to know your names is either you're a relative or a close friend or---"

"--- Or he is simply interested in you, Neechan..." Fran gave a positive continuation with a smile towards her older sister.

"Bah," Summer chuckled.  "He probably knew Eri's name because she's Satoshi's sister!"

"Great," Eri frowned.  "There goes that 'she's Satoshi's sister!' expression again... Why can't you all be more supportive?  I mean it's not like I'm going to jump all over him like most of the girls do when they see him around, you know?  I'm a lot more difficult than that..."

"Eri, we worry, girl," Tany went on.  "When we were little, you were never like this.  You used to be a streetwise bully back then--- defender of the female race back in elementary against the invading male race, remember that?"

"Hahaha..." Summer giggled.  "I remembered clearly.  You were the 'Big Sister Bully' of all the little girls around Bayside Shores when you used to visit every summer from boarding school.  You used to beat the crap of boys when they tried to pick on us.  And you never even bothered wearing cute clothes and dresses too!  It's too bad that you were only around every summer since your parents enrolled you to boarding school, but hey, we established friendships."

"Bottom line," Tany said, "you really changed a lot, Eri... you used to be one of the toughest girls around... well you're still tough right now... but now it's like... instant change..."

"I admit, I changed," Eri shrugged.  "But it's still the same me, you know?  Just that I'm a little... tamer, I guess..."

"What really made you change, Eri?" Tany wondered curiously.

Fran sighed deeply and responded to that question.  "Neechan changed since our parents died..."

Silence fell among the girls, completely at a loss of words.  The Yanehiro Family promised not to talk about their parents often in order for them (and Kippy's) to move on.  Ken and Maria Yanehiro, the founders of Kippy's, certainly created a strong foundation for the family and for Bayside Shores, in which Kippy's is their main connection.  Now that they are gone, Kippy's is left to Ken Yanehiro's younger brother Keiji, also known as Kippy, and to Ken and Maria's family.

"Well then!" Eri broke the silence, trying to change the subject.  "Let's finish all these ingredients before we head out to the beach..."

"Norika Airen is really going to land at Bayside Shores??" Fran asked curiously.  "I can't wait!"

"Tomoya Nagase's lucky," Yuna said, "he gets to fly the plane where Norika Airen is going to jump..."

"Those damn B-Cubers are gonna be there too..." Tany sighed.  "Bunch of stuck-up, arrogant, conceited airheads..."

"Which means..." Fran giggled, nudging Eri on the side, "Sho Sakurai will be there too..."

Eri lowered her head and covered her face.  "Oh man... that morning was so embarrassing--- my hair was all in three pigtails and all over the place and my face was a total wreck... by the time I get there he'd probably tell his friends about me and they'd laugh at me---"

"Oh come on, Eri, you're fine now," Tany said.  "Just show yourself over there and everything will be fine..."

"What if Sho doesn't like me when he finally sees the real me?" Eri suddenly started to panic.

"ERI!" Tany slapped Eri's hand to calm her down.  "See, this is what I mean when I said that you really changed.  When it comes to other things you act all strict and tought, but when it comes to love and romance, you feel like you're going to die!  Look, relax, okay?  You said you just want to be friends with him, and we're cool like that..."

"You're right..." Eri frowned.  "Friendships first..."

At that time, Shunsuke "Kazapon" Kazama passed by, just completed his mopping of the whole dining area floor and rested a bit against the juice bar.  Tany looked up at Kazapon and curiously asked...

"Hey Kaz, lemme ask you something..."

"Hm?"  Kazapon the janitor looked up curiously.

"In your opinion, do you think Eri will have a chance with Sho...?"

Before Kazapon could even think, he bursted in to laughter.  "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA..."

"WHAT'S SO FUNNY, KAZAMA?!" Eri exclaimed in shock.  "Just answer the damn question!"

Kazapon straightened himself as he carried his mop.  "You and Sho?  No offense, but... that's not gonna happen..."

"And why not?" Eri asked in demand.

"Because you're talking about Sho Sakurai here... first up, he never falls in love with some random girl he may happen to get interested in and SECOND, hello!  This is Sho Sakurai we're talking about here--- he'll most likely marry another rich girl who will offer him and the conglomerate her wealth.  It's what rich folks do, you know...?"

"Ugh..." Eri frowned.  "You guys are really---"

"But hey, if ya think it's possible, hey, good luck to you..." Kazapon shrugged.  "I support you all the way!"  He walks away from the juice bar to continue on with his task.

"Riiight..." Eri looked at him suspicious as she continued on slicing her ingredients.

+ + + + +

Kippy's Spot: Manager's Office
(about the same time...)

Satoshi sat across from his young (and truly young) Uncle Kippy, waiting until his uncle gets off the phone.  Though Kippy's Spot only opens during nighttime, the uncle and nephew will always have discussion of today's projected results for tonight in order for them to prepare and set up what is needed to be set up before business hours.  To what it may seem from the current phone call, Satoshi is already aware that the famed stunt that popular idol singer Norika Airen will be doing very soon will be located in Bayside Shores.  But something else is also in store for Kippy's tonight.

"Wow... what can I say!" Kippy exclaimed in shock to hear the news on the other end of his call.  "Don't worry, I'm sure we can accomodate for tonight.  We have plenty of time.  Yes, Sir... thank you so much for considering us, Sir!  We'll definitely make the whole town proud!... I'll be looking forward to hearing from you again... Nice to meet you too... Bye."

Kippy hung up the phone with a grin on his face.  This made Satoshi a little worried.  "What's wrong with you, Satoshi?"

"Nothing," Satoshi said in a suspicious tone.  "Somehow that grin of yours is making me nervous---"

"Are you aware about the hot idol singer Norika Airen and her new album out today?" Kippy asked.

"Of course I'm aware!" Satoshi said.  "It's the biggest news in town right now.  Why?"

"That was Mayor Matsutaka Matsumoto and Norika Airen's manager, Tsuyoshi Doumoto, on the phone..."

Satoshi stood up, already assuming what the phone call was about.  "Are you kidding me??"

Kippy shook his head.  "That's right... that's why I want you to tell your peeps downstairs to get themselves ready for tonight.  Norika Airen will have a special guest appearance RIGHT HERE at our very own Kippy's!  I'm excited, man!  This will guarantee big bucks for us so we can finally pay our debts!"

Satoshi sat back down and sighed deeply, lowering his head.  "She can't be here..."

"What do you mean she can't be here?"

"Uncle--- the whole place is too small for someone like Norika Airen--- the whole town is going to be here!  Our place isn't big enough to accomodate the whole town!" Satoshi exclaimed.  "And not just that--- there's not enough of us employees who can accomodate that many people!"

Kippy grinned as his response.  "Satoshi--- I was also told that this should be a private matter between Norika Airen and the people of Bayside Shores, which also means, the whole town doesn't have to know about it.  The one who's going to see her jump off the plane would be the ones at the beach!  And those at the beach will be the ones who will know about her appearance here at Kippy's!"

"I see.. hidden marketing..."

"Well then," Kippy said.  "You better start now... we only got the daytime to get ready."

"Will do."  Satoshi was about to stand up when he noticed Kippy reaching for his phone again, dialing.  "Uncle, who are you calling now?"

"Mr. Shun Sakurai, who else," Kippy responded naturally.

"For what?"

"I'd like to see if I would be able to get some advice from him regarding paying off of our debts---"

Quickly Satoshi grabbed his cordless phone and turned it off.  "Uncle--- we don't want to do that..."

"Satoshi, what on earth are you doing?"

"Uncle Kippy--- we can't ask the Sakurais for help--- it's embarrassing!  I don't want those arrogant Skyliner Society to know that the 'little people' are desperate for money!"

Kippy shook his head and crossed his arms, resting himself against his chair.  "Satoshi, you're overdoing it.  What kind of family friends are we if we don't rely on them for the sake of friendship?"

"Uncle--- I don't want SHO to find out about us asking his family for money... you know we gotta keep the Yanehiro Pride with this!"

Kippy raised an eyebrow towards Satoshi.  He knew his nephew very well.  He is usually the type who would say what comes in his mind before contemplating about them.  "Yanehiro Pride... riiiight..."

"Come on now--- give tonight a chance--- if we're still short, then we can contact the Sakurais for money... if you want we can even sell Kippy's to the Conglomerate---"

"You idiot!" Kippy shrieked with a light slap on his nephew's forehead.  "I'm not selling out to nobody!  Besides, even if we were to sell it, the Sakurais are not interested in Kippy's."  He grabbed the phone from Satoshi and returned it to the receiver.  He opened one of his drawers and brought out an application packet.

"What's this...?" Satoshi asked curiously.

"This is the city landmark application," Kippy said.  "I'm thinking that if the city approves of Kippy's as a city landmark, then we are protected by the city and the local sponsors from becoming an item on sale by greedy developers!"

Satoshi scratched his head.  "Kippy's?  City landmark?  Now why on earth would they want a restaurant as a city landmark?"

"Because we are Bayside Shores natives and Kippy's has been around for over 20 years--- now don't tell me that does not qualify as a landmark!"

"The city has no interest in having beachside hangouts as a city landmark!  Only the people who live near the beach and Skyline Society snobs' kids hang out at Kippy's... Uncle, be more realistic..."

"Satoshi," Kippy called his name.  "I'm a lot more realistic than you.  I'm not taking any chances... never mind that 'Yanehiro Pride' bit you're raving about... I only care about Kippy's future, okay?  Now you'd better go, you're wasting your time!"

Satoshi scratched his head in confusion and left the office, following what his uncle asked him to do.
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