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Author Topic: [VOTE] Arashi's Best Concert Performance  (Read 2431 times)
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"It's Sho Time!"

« on: September 07, 2009, 12:01:45 AM »

The final list has been put together and now it's time to vote. The way to vote is slightly different from a normal poll but don't worry - it'll still only take a moment of your time.

For a song to count, it must have a DVD release (which may include LE releases like ONE.) Please feel free to correct any songs on the list you see that don't or have the wrong video. Yes, solos are fair game too!

Vote for your number favorite Arashi concert performance by commenting below with three song titles and their corresponding concerts. For example:

1) Anti Anti (Iza, Now! 2004 Tour)
2) Himitsu (AAA in DOME, Ninomiya Kazunari solo)
3) Kaze no mukou e (AAA 2008)

This may just be one of the toughest decisions ever, but if you're really stuck you'll just have to flip a coin! If a song you love isn't there, vote for that song in your three.

Which Arashi visual spectacular will make it to number one!? You be the judge!

A.RA.SHI (AAA 2006, in Korea)
A.RA.SHI (AAA 2006, in Taiwan)
A.RA.SHI (Time - Kotoba no Chikara 2007)
a Day in Our Life (AAA in DOME)
a Day in Our Life (Iza, Now! 2004 Tour)
Anti Anti (Iza, Now! 2004 Tour)
Arashi no Mae no Shizukesa (Iza, Now! 2004 Tour)
Be with you (Time - Kotoba no Chikara 2007)
Blue (AAA 2006, in Taiwan)
Blue (AAA in Dome)
COOL & SOUL (AAA 2006, in Taiwan)
COOL & SOUL (DOME '07 ver.) (AAA In Dome)
Cry For You (Time - Kotoba no Chikara 2007)
Everybody Zenshin (Time - Kotoba no Chikara 2007)
Eyes with delight (Iza, Now! 2004 Tour, Aiba's angle)
Fight Song (AAA 2006, in Taiwan)
Fight Song (AAA 2008)
Fight Song (Time - Kotoba no Chikara 2007)
Friendship (Time - Kotoba no Chikara 2007, Aiba Masaki solo)
Gori Muchu (AAA 2008)
Hadashi No Mirai (Time - Kotoba no Chikara 2007)
Happiness (Time - Kotoba no Chikara 2007)
Hello Goodbye (AAA 2008, Aiba Masaki solo)
Himitsu (AAA in DOME, Ninomiya Kazunari solo)
Hip Pop Boogie (AAA 2008, Sakurai Sho solo)
Ichioku no Hoshi (AAA 2008)
Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi (AAA 2006, in Taiwan)
Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi (AAA In Dome)
Kaze (Time - Kotoba no Chikara 2007)
Kaze no mukou e (AAA 2008)
Kimi wa Sukoshi mo Warukunai (Iza, Now! 2004 Tour)
La familia (Iza, Now! 2004 Tour, Matsumoto Jun solo)
La Tormenta 2004 (AAA in DOME)
La Tormenta 2004 (AAA 2008)
La Tormenta 2004 (Arashic - Live 2005 One Summer Tour)
La Tormenta Chapter II (How's It Going 2003)
Love Situation (Time - Kotoba no Chikara 2007)
NA! NA! NA! (Time - Kotoba no Chikara 2007)
Nemuranai Karada (Iza, Now! 2004 Tour)
Niji (Time - Kotoba no Chikara 2007, Ninomiya Kazunari solo)
Niji (AAA 2008, Ninomiya Kazunari solo)
Oh Yeah (Time - Kotoba no Chikara 2007)
One Love (AAA 2008)
PIKA*NCHI (AAA 2006, in Taiwan)
PIKA**NCHI Double (Iza, Now! 2004 Tour)
Rain (AAA in DOME, Ohno Satoshi solo)
Re(mark)able (AAA 2008)
Right Back to You (AAA 2006, in Taiwan)
Right Back to You (Iza, Now! 2004 Tour)
Sirius (AAA 2008)
Step and Go (AAA 2008)
Still... (AAA 2008)
Subarashiki Sekai (AAA 2008)
Take Me Far Away (AAA 2008, Ohno Satoshi solo)
Te Agero (How's It Going 2003)
Tell me what you wanna be? (AAA 2008, Matsumoto Jun solo)
Tochu Gesha (Iza, Now! 2004 Tour)
TOP SECRET (Iza, Now! 2004 Tour, Ohno Satoshi solo)
Touch Me Now (Summer Concert 2003 How's it going, Sakurai Sho solo)
Truth (AAA 2008)
Unti Unti (AAA 2006, in Taiwan, Sakurai Sho solo)
WAVE (Time - Kotoba no Chikara 2007)
We can make it! (Time - Kotoba no Chikara 2007)
Yabai-Yabai-Yabai (Time - Kotoba no Chikara 2007, Matsumoto Jun solo)
Yes? No? (Arashic - Live 2005 One Summer Tour)
Yes? No? (Time - Kotoba no Chikara 2007)
Yokaze (How's It Going 2003, Aiba Masaki solo)

The Top 10 performances will be presented in a compilation video in true count down style. I'm currently searching for an enthusiastic navigator/narrator for the videos. If you'd like to be considered, please direct me to a voice demo of you commenting on your favorite Arashi performance, either in a PM or in a comment here.

Thank you! Looking forward to everyone's votes! bow3
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